Aesthetic Princess Bedroom: 27+ Design & Decor Ideas For 2024)

Do you have a princess fan at home?

A princess aesthetic is a great bedroom design option for anyone who loves Disney princess characters, castles, and royalty.

I spent a lot of effort finding a full spectrum of decoration ideas to cover the needs of different types of princesses.

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✅ Best Disney Princess Castle Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal

A must for every princess – Great castle, nice size, easy to apply in sections, well adhered to the wall thus far and Yours is painted slightly textured lining paper on that wall.

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✅ Best Mengersi Pirncess Bed Canopy for Girls

Large and very nice – This is well worth the buy but it was very annoying to assemble and hang up also the lights aren’t white like shown in the photo the ribbons at the top to hang it with are coral instead of white and only have 2 instead of 3 ribbons to hang it with.

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✅ Best One Pair Crown Curtain Holdbacks Inlay

Simple installation beautiful results. – These are a beautiful addition to Your guest bedroom curtains. Very easy to install, taking about 10 minutes to complete.

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✅ Best Heart Shaped Vanity Makeup Mirror

Simple and pretty mirror ♡ – Heart Shaped Mirror With 3 times magnified in mirror for makeup and shaving good partner. Creative detachable and rotatable design Makeup mirror, easy to pack up and assemble.

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✅ Best Disney Princess 6-Image LED Night Light Projector

Would be perfect with addition of battery pack – This is so cute and perfect for a nightlight! Everyone is saying you can’t make the picture out, well there is a focuser dial near the top you can use to dial the picture in like a scope for better resolution.

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✅ Best Disney Princess Dress Wearable Blanket

👸 PREMIUM QUALITY – Each plush blanket is constructed of high quality, premium, fabric, making it the perfect snuggle blanket even after the stroke of midnight!💖 The Blankie Tails Cinderella kids dress doubles as both the perfect bedtime plush throw blanket and daytime dress-up blanket. The Disney wearable blanket sparkles and shimmers in the light while still being soft to the touch, adding that special touch of magic. Great for staying cozy, birthdays, sleepovers, travel, or movie night.

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✅ Best Duplex Wall Outlet Plate Decor Wallplate

Very sturdy met expectations and on time – The outlets look beautiful and they matched the princess concept we did in Your daughters room.

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✅ Best Kids Warehouse Rugs Princess Royal

Super adorable – This rug is adorable, did a princess theme for your daughters and it was the perfect addition to the bathroom. Doesn’t shed and is of good quality. Have washed it multiple times and it still looks brand new.

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✅ Best Bedroom Kids Hollow-Out Star Window Nursery Curtain

UNIQUE DESIGN – Curtains constructed with 2 layers, with Star Cut-Outs the inner layer and tulle lace outer layer. Use high-tech hollow technology cut edges and corners, leaving the star shape intact and clearer. When the sun shines in, stars will emit light, through the screen, forming a dream starry sky.

Ready? Time to take some inspiration. Let’s start with…

What Are The Most Popular PrincessBedroom Styles?

Amazing Real Royal Princess Bedroom

A royal princess’s interior style always reminds you about the mansions, castles, and royal families.

The bedroom should be filled with nicely painted cabinet doors and crowns, golden details, curvy trims, oversized wall art, thick traditional large carpets, chandeliers, glowing candle holders, luxury drapes and curtains, a tall bed frame with a canopy, soft velvets, etc. You should spend time collecting vintage furniture and art pieces of amazing details to create an authentic royal design style.

Modern Princess Room

A princess-themed room comes in different aesthetics but there are always girly and royalty hints you can see in each one of them. It is just amazing that every bedroom looks different while still giving that princess feel to anyone who sees it.

FairytalePincess Room Aesthetic

There is a princess in every girl and we cannot do away with the fairy moments when we dream to be wearing that long lovely princess ball gown and sleeping in a very beautiful pink princess bedroom.

Beautiful LuxuryPincess Room

This is every girl’s fantasy but not everyone is able to earn the bedroom of their dreams. But then, there are some lucky little ladies who were able to have their own princess bedrooms and we are going to show you that today.

SimplePincess Room For Girls

I know you envy the owner of this simple princess room because I feel the same way too. 

ElegantPincess Room

I hope you got really inspired with this design and I also hope that you have a lot of time to decorate so you can give your princesses their dream room. A bedroom with a princess theme could fit infants, little girls, teens, and even adults. Yes, even adults could still feel like a princess if you live in a nicely staged room like this one!

Cute Unicorn ThemedPincess Room

Not all people would love this as it looks a little crowded but this would appeal to girls who want to get that princess space in a tiny corner.

MedievalPincess Room

I love the vintage feel of this cute bedroom as well as all the other details from the mirror to the walls.

GirlyPincess Room

Don’t expect a kid princess will not destroy the perfectly designed princess room. If you’ll be painting the princess room for a toddler or kid, it’s important to make sure the paint you’re using is washable. Investing in washable paint will ensure you don’t need to repaint the walls again in a year when your current paint job is dirty or damaged.

Baby Princess Castle Room Design

Another cute princess bedroom with wall and ceiling murals that instantly transformed the nursery into your girl’s own kingdom.

FrozenPincess Room

FantasyPincess Room

For a teenager or even for an adult, this bedroom aesthetic would be great as it still makes one feel like a princess.

Princess Pink Room

The pink room for the princess sure looks classy especially with that unique lighting design and the cute wall murals.

Anime GirlPincess Room

If you are into manga and animation aesthetics, consider setting up a kawaii anime-inspired wall in your room for your favorite anime princess.

Princess Room Ideas For A Toddler

The intricate details of this bedroom make it a perfect bedroom for an imaginative young princess. The color is not pink but very lovely too.

Princess And The Frog Room Decor

Your petite princess will enjoy this one with a nature theme added to it too.

DisneyPincess Bedroom

Whether your princess is a Disney lover or just likes to dress up, decorating the room with royal style is sure to be a popular choice.

So, if your child is a Disney Princess avid fan, this is the cute bedroom she would want to have for sure.

Trending Princess Room Accessories (Good Gifts For Princesses!)

  • Canopy Bed
  • Castle Headboard
  • Crystal Chandeliar
  • Vanity Table
  • Princess Wall Decor
  • Royal Bedroom Set
  • Queen Bed Frame
  • Princess House Or Castle
  • Princess Bedroom Furniture
  • Princess Room Cartoon Sticker Or Mural

The best color for the princess bedroom will vary depending on the personality of the princess living in it and the vibe you want to achieve.

Purple The color purple is often associated with creativity, pride, mystery, independence, magic, royalty, nobility, luxury, power, rebel, and ambition. Purple is the right color for an indie aesthetic princess room for teenagers and adults. Purple makes for a decadent decor aesthetic with its rich depth of color, and this collection of purple-themed rooms is the stuff sweet dreams of princesses are made of. 
White Simple, modern, neat, and easy to maintain. White is the go-to color scheme for a princess living in a small apartment needing more natural light. White bedrooms do not need to be boring, esp if you have a princess theme with them. HERE you can find 17+ cute white aesthetic rooms that prove just how adorable this color can be.
Pink The pink princess bedroom looks dreamy, cute, soft, relaxing, and comforting. This color pick is very good for relaxing and is loved by all little girls. Pair it with earth tones, gray or white colors if you want the room to look less girly.
Black The black princess bedroom is unique, mysterious, and creepily cute. You can pair a pastel color with it to have a kawaii pastel gothic aesthetic. This color combination is going to give strong contrast and a lot of personality to your princess room.
Blue The blue color is the most popular gender-neutral bedroom color for toddlers and nurseries. Dark blue beddings and wall paint look elegant, while light blue blankets remind you of a relaxing holiday on the beach. Blue provides a powerful pop of color you need right now for the pink dominating world of princesses.
Pastel Pastel colors give a soft aesthetic to your princess-themed room. Shades of pastel colors look cozy and healing, they will make you wanna dance with joy and excitement in your room! The color scheme is not only for babies but also for princesses of any age. Read this for more kawaii pastel decor ideas to steal for your home staging project.
Gold A gold princess room is what you want to get if you are looking for a real classy royal vibe. Other than gold color, you can also consider rose gold as it is more glam and less mainstream.Gold princess bedrooms have a lot to copy from expensive glam hotel rooms. This type of luxury decor style focuses on top-of-the-line products such as expensive furniture, glamorous antiques, chandelier lighting, crystal beads, and opulent artwork.

How To Design A Princess Room On A Budget?

A lot of the princess aesthetic room makeover projects can be done in a DIY and fun way over a weekend.

  • Paint those old furniture, bed frame, desk etc.
  • Display collection of princess prints, mangas, cartoons, posters, art etc.
  • Paint the wall, trims, crowns of the room into different pastel colors.
  • Draw a wall mural of the sweetest princess life motto or use a siletto sticker.
  • Upcycle some nice old objects then display them.
  • Put old fabric swatches to use for chair cover, rug, curtain, table cloth…
  • Pull a new layer of soft aesthetic linens to be on top for your bed.
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales & Craigslist.
  • Get princess themed goodies from friends through exchanging of things you do not want any more.

How To Make A Small Princess Room Look Bigger?

Small princess bedrooms need to incorporate functional furniture that can double as storage for space-saving. The key to managing a tiny space is decluttering. You can also open up the room by using mirrors and more neutral colors that make the room feel bigger.

Here are some popular tricks to make any princess-themed bedroom appear to be more spacious.

  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. Luckily with a princess theme you probably have a lot of crystals, crowns, jewelry, candle holder and other reflective elements in your room.
  • Use of soft, pastel and light colors can refresh any room.
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling can help to create the illusion of taller and large windows. (Yes, exactly like what you see in those real castle or mansions)
  • Anchor the bedroom with several visual focus, so the room look more organised and themed.
  • Allow more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep consistent aesthetic and choice of decoration style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines, simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.
  • Have a high princess bed frame, then make use of the storage space under the bed.
  • Create ambiance with lighting that will give depth and organise visual focus.

What Should Princesses Put On Their Bedroom Walls?

Decorating a princess’s bedroom offers a rare ability to blend all aspects of life and fantasies.

  • A huge mirror.
  • Protraits of the princess.
  • Hangers for princess dresses & crowns.
  • Drapes of fabrics with matching aesthetics.
  • Collage of your favourite royal lifestyles.
  • Vintage books
  • Romantic fairy Led lighting.
  • Themed cute wall decor such as a princess crown.
  • Indoor plants & florals
  • Plushies of skull mount.
  • Plenty of shelving.
  • Loverly wall murals of a castle, the prince, the forest and the dreamy princess life.
  • Stickers of your favourite anime princess & life motto
  • Oversized vintage art prints.

How To Have A Nice Smelling Princess Bedroom?

  • Identify the odor.
  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Open your windows.
  • Bathe your pets.
  • Wash your sheets and laundry.
  • Clean all upholstery.
  • Turn on a dehumidifier.
  • Spray room refreshers.
  • Use room deodorizers
  • Grow beautiful indoor plants such as jasmine or lavender for natural fragrance.

Do you know what is gender-neutral education?

It is HUGE now and I personally know several girls and boys who enjoy dressing like princesses in a princess aesthetic room. So yes please do not limit your imagination by saying this guide is only for girls or kids.

Convinced right?

Continue to read more about cute styles or kawaii home design.