Angel Aesthetic Bed Room: 11+ Easy Decor Ideas

Angel aesthetic, also known as angelcore or angelic aesthetic, is about reproducing the ethereal, natural, and perfect symbology of angels from Renaissance and Neoclassical art in modern images and mood boards.

Flowers in your hair, enchant everyone around you with your ethereal presence and sassy attitude, decorating your personal space, such as your bedroom, with classic, girly, and antique decor, wearing a flowy white dress while planning your next trip to Versailles.

And why not wear wings to the street to let everyone know you identify as a renaissance angel today? Simply accept yourself for who you are.

The aesthetic trend is fantastic for interior design because it allows us to visually create our own worlds of possibilities in your room while also having a strong symbolic appeal.

Here are the steps of how to decorate any room for the angel aesthetic:

Select A Soft Pale Color Scheme.

Angels are all about purity and love in paradise. Cupid, the most famous angel loved by everyone, is the son of Aphrodite and the God of Love in mythology, that is why colors like pink (the color of love), light blue, transparent, and white (color of the sky, spirit, and paradise, home of the angels) predominate in this aesthetic, indicating that this is an aesthetic with an extremely girly visual mood.

However, you must be careful while choosing the color combination as too many colors can make the room look gaudy.

Decide On An Angel Aesthetic Theme.

The best way to design your room is by choosing a theme first. There are many angelcore aesthetic subcategories to choose from, you can get more inspo and the full list HERE.

From there, selecting furniture and decor will become easier. You can also choose to do the opposite — start decorating with furniture that catches your eye and then pull a theme from there by consistent decoration style.

Decorate The Walls With Angelcore Art & Painting.

One of the most important key components of the angelcore aesthetic is the iconic image of Venus. The best idea to decorate your angelcore aesthetic room is to frame your Renaissance-style art in gold frames then hang them on your wall.

If you want to make a statement, you can even have a wall mural of the angel wing. Angels are always shown with wings. After all, it is their wings that transport them to the skies and set them free as divine beings from the heavens. It can also be an important symbol for you to gain strength and feel protected every day.

Paint An Angel Aesthetic Ceiling.

If you want to feel like you’re in a history book, go to Austria, Italy, or France. The Louvre and Versailles in Paris-France and Austria are the most iconic architecture with this angel aesthetic, and their stunning look cannot be so successful without an angelcore aesthetic ceiling describing the beauty of heaven.

You can also use cotton balls as clouds and hang them from the ceiling with wire, twine, and tape. You can take it a step further by putting fairy lights or any type of light inside for a soft, heavenly look and dim lighting for your night vibe and streaming needs.

Display Your Angelcore Room Decor.

This aesthetic is heavily influenced by classic Greek statues and floral gardens, in addition to angel sculptures. Full height mirrors decorated with fake roses and vinyl, candles of angel shape, angelcore books and small statues of matching vibe can also be used to dress up your room.

Use Soft Aesthetic Fabric Such As Silk, Chiffon And Lace.

Fabric is an inexpensive way to add color, pattern, and charm to a room. Flowy fabric, silk, chiffon and lace of pale colors can be used to soften your bedroom, add romance, and give it a finished soft angel aesthetic look.

You can collect pretty vintage fabric of matching theme, then hang it on the wall for quick and inexpensive wall art, or wrap canvases in fabric to make them take up more wall space. You can also decorate your curtain, tablecloth, bed curtain and bedding with lace or silk at the edge. Also, chiffon will look good not only on your angel aesthetic dress, but it is also amazing for any drapes, curtains, backdrops, rug, decor and room divider.

Fill The Room With Patterns Of Cherubs, Angel Wings, Stars, Hearts And Cupid.

Angel aesthetic frequently use patterns of blue and pink sky, clouds, wings, clumsy cupid of naughty attitude, serenity colors, vintage pastel color palette, romantic flowers petals, cute angels, hearts, glitter, butterflies, roses, harps, cherubs, halos, tears, reflections, highlights & shadows, gold columns with small ornate patterns, soft rays of light and stars drawn in a childlike style. The most popular colors for the aesthetic are soft pink, blue, sometimes bright, but always warm.

Add A Luxurious Touch Using Items Of Gold And Pearl Material.

You can use gold and pearl items for adding a luxurious touch to the room. You could do this by buying a few pieces of angel-themed jewelry such as gold chains, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets etc and hanging them up in your room on hooks or pegs so they are kept safe from dust and dirt but still visible enough to brighten up any room! You can also use gold-colored bedsheets and draperies in combination with pearl sew-on.

Brighten The Room With Renaissance Style Chandelier.

Another way of making your angelcore room look attractive is by using Renaissance-style chandeliers or candles in vintage-looking candle stands as an item of décor. These would give off just enough soft light at night time when needed but also add beauty during daytime hours.

You should also add mirrors and reflective glass items so that the light from the chandelier and candles can reflect off them and brighten up your room in the most desirable manner possible. If you prefer a more kawaii modern vibe then you can also opt for a cute angel night light.

Dress Your Bed So You Can Sleep Like An Angel.

If you want to change the look of your bedroom then start with the bed. A bed should look like an angel’s dream, so dress it up. If you have plain white sheets and pillowcases, add some colorful material or piping around the edges.

You could also change your sheets by using satin or silk material which will instantly make your room more luxurious and pleasant to sleep in.

Ruffles, a chandelier, floral wreaths, soft-color bedding and wall paints, lace ornaments, fine materials of a lot of details, vintage decor in white, pink, and gold, and silk pillowcases are examples of angelcore bedroom design style.

Apart from these, you can also dress up your bed by placing an angelcore aesthetic print comforter on top of it and decorating it with as many pillows as possible. This will make your bedroom appear beautiful and will also be comfortable for you to sleep in when tired after a long day at work or school.

Declutter Your Room Because Angels Are Not Messy.

Not every angel lives in a big angelcore house or an open space like heaven, many of us live in a small bedroom or studio in an average apartment. The bedroom is the one place in the house where you can truly relax and be yourself. When designing your small space around the bed, it’s important to keep several things in mind.

First and foremost, you want your angel aesthetic bedroom to be comfortable and reflect your personality. Next, you want it to be functional so that it serves all of your needs. And lastly, you want it to feel like a sanctuary — a place where you can retreat after a long day of work and relax with friends or family.

Bring Natural Scent To Your Room With Angelcore Flowers, Candles And Scents.