80s Bedroom Inspiration- 9 Best Tips from the Pop-Century

Being one of the greatest eras to shape trends today, the pop century of 80s distinguishes itself with unique characteristics: bold colors, unconventional shapes, neon lights, and music posters. If you consider your bedroom to be a personal one where you can freely express yourself and your interest, choosing a distinct theme for your bedroom that depicts your passion for the 80s style may be a brilliant idea. As a fascinating decade that saw many new trends emerge, the 80s style continuously offers references and inspiration to art lovers nowadays. If you decide to give your bedroom a makeover aligns with the 80s motif, here are 9 must-haves for the perfect 80s bedroom to get you started.

Color Scheme

Bright or neon color schemes are one of the most identifiable characteristics of 80s fashion. While a plash of neon here and there brings you back to the decade, full neon walls might be a bit too much. Painting the walls white or gray and adding a bright solid or splatter-painted accent wall is a great idea. If you are not a huge fan of bright colors, choose gray, mauve, dusty blue, peach, or teal, as they were also popular in the period. Choose two colors mentioned above and pair them together to innovate your wall that reflects your unique style!

Arts on Your Wall

A room featuring an 80s theme but missing arts on the wall is never going to work. Indeed, iconic arts from the 80s are one of the best ways to show your appreciation of the decade and also instantly bring the 80s vibe to your space. Look for posters of well-known 80s bands or celebrities. They can be pinned to the wall unframed or in simple frames with gleaming metallic finishes. You can also choose art pieces featuring the 80s style: wavy or graphic lines, neon colors, or geometric shapes. Prints from popular artists at the time can also be easily found in your local home decoration stores!

Furniture Design

During the 1980s, oak furniture was fashionable, especially in traditional or rural designs, with a lot of flowery upholstery and fabrics. Try leather or vinyl, as well as glass and metal embellishments, for a more glam take on the 1980s. While the 80s are all about load colors that scream one’s personality, you can also add your personal touch to your furniture by DIY it yourself. Hunting in flea markets may be a good choice for exploration. If you’re going for a bolder style, take a chance on acrylic furniture, as it features the art deco style in 80s design.

Statement Rugs

As the 80s style brings colors to interior design, it also encourages the showing off of your uniqueness. A statement rug is therefore an excellent choice to compliment the 80s design of your room. Remember to use the color blocking technique in choosing your statement rug, let the clash of colors bring out the best of the decade. You can choose to pay a visit to your local furniture store to find the right statement rug or a vintage store for a more retro vibe. Place it by the doorstep, in front of your bed, or even hang it on your wall to complete the decor!

Lighting Inspirations

Neon signs and LED lighting, which have been making a comeback in recent years, are inextricably linked to the 80s decor. Changing the light bubbles to the neon ones that you can find easily online will simply bring the 80s vibe to your room. You can also hang neon LED signs with your favorite quotes on your wall, for it to be either witty or quirky. Choosing a character lamp will further elevate the style of your room. Some of the original character lights from the 80s can still be found on online stores that specialize in selling retro antiques at affordable prices.

Wallpaper Makeover

Distinguished geometric lines and shapes were also unique features of the 80s that have made their way back into the realm of interior design. If it’s difficult to incorporate these elements into your furniture choices, the wallpaper will simply result in a similar effect. Choose those with the asymmetry checkerboard, color blocking, polka dots, or weaving patterns. If you decide to cover them on full walls, you will probably want to go for a simpler style, as the intensity may bring the sense of overwhelming.

Houseplants Decor

Houseplants were one of the most popular decorative elements in the 80s. Most households in the decade had houseplants in every room, even the bedroom. Being the easy and inexpensive method, adding houseplants to your bedroom helps to emphasize your 80s motif while also bringing a natural touch to the space. If you have a traveling habit and worry that you can’t take good care of your plants, try dried flowers for a more retro feeling. Place them on your windowsill, bedside cabinet, or drawer’s tops.

Vintage Toys from the Pop Century

Many legendary toys from the 1980s exist today, and many of them are still popular. The Rubik’s cube, Barbies, Transformers, Care Bears, and My Little Pony figures were also popular toys during this time period. Adding some of these toys to the room will perfectly represent the concept and bring a sense of fun to your 80s bedroom. If you don’t want your bedroom to look too childish, find a vintage vinyl or CD player in thrift stores to bring the decade’s retro ambiance to your room. More vintage inspirations are for you to find! To organize your figure display better, don’t forget to check out our guide!

Bedding Options

Being the centerpiece of your bedroom, it is important to have your bedding linens align with the theme of your room. Indeed, the popularity of themed bed linen began to rise in the 1980s. Care Bears, Star Wars, My Little Pony, and Transformers were among the most popular bed linen themes of the 1980s. Using themed bed linen to create a 1980s theme in a bedroom, especially in children’s rooms, is a fun method to do so.

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