Bleach Cosplay: Abarai Renji Anime Costumes

Here we have a head-to-head match of Bleach’s Abarai Renji. Just thought that I needed to show that guys can successfully cosplay too!

It’s been a little while but I am finally presenting a comparison cosplay once more! This time around we have Abarai Renji from the anime Bleach. A little back-story to the character; Renji is a Shinigami Vice-Captain in Soul Society.

I’m not sure if there is anyone left out there who hasn’t seen at least a little bit of Bleach, but I highly recommend it! Renji varies from smug to cocky and can get a bit depressed after defeats in battles. He is hardworking, serious, highly skilled, and determined. His determination comes from growing up as an orphan in Rukongai with Kuchiki Rukia (who gained her last name from being adopted by the noble family of Kuchiki). Renji protects Rukia as if she was a sister and he cares deeply for her.

Renji tends to crack me up with his sarcastic humor and friendly rivalry with Ichigo in the anime, so of course, I had to pick him as a cosplay subject. Most often when I see cosplay, I see women doing it… but guys can do it too! I think that Renji is technically challenging cosplay, but rewarding when done right as it proves just how good a guy can look in cosplay. On the left, I found a pic of a more serious Renji who is calm and collected. On the right I found a pic depicting what Renji tends to look like after a long battle where his clothes have been ripped down to reveal his extensive tattoos.

Each costume has some really amazing features. Left: the wig (if it actually is one) is incredibly done and the sword looks realistic with a wonderful paint job. Right: those body tattoos are amazing! Also, when I read all about the guy wearing the costume I found out he placed second in a competition and that the sword actually comes apart just like the real Zabimaru. Personally, the things I dislike about each are fairly minor. Left: That the sword does not seem to come apart and that the body tattoos aren’t visible. Right: that the wig isn’t well done.
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Left: No Name Available for Credit | Right: Johnson-Norsouvanh

I have a hard time deciding which costume is the best, so let me know what you think in the comments!