Bunny Girl Outfits

MeaningThe bunny girl aesthetic is associated with a club hostess or other female entertainer wearing a sexually provocative outfit suggestive of a rabbit. The aesthetic originated from the founding of the Playboy Clubs in 1960, in which Hefner the owner recognized the need to create a one-of-a-kind experience through a showgirl-esque uniform for his waitresses.
Key Colors– red
– black
– pink
– pastel, white & other soft colors
Key Motifs– bunny ear & tail
Personality MatchSexy yet innocent in heart
Clothes Style– Bunny hat
– Bunny hoodies
– Lolita dresses with bunny motifs
– Bunny cosplay items
Hairstyle– colorful streaks
– a pink wig or hair dye
– fluffy floppy hair or long straight hair
Room Decor StyleSoft aesthetic decor with bunny themes
Makeup Look– Heavy makeup
– Blush on the nose
– Clear lip glosses
Associated Music
Associated Activities– Parties
– Cosplay
– Shopping
What are the different types of bunny girls?– Snow bunny aesthetic
– Bunnycore aesthetic
– Beach bunny aesthetic