Celebrating Christmas With Cute Kawaii Aesthetic (2024) – 15+ Steps

Today I wanted to share with you the cute kawaii things I love about Christmas. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you love about Christmas and how are you celebrating it. I hope this helps you get in the Christmas spirit!

cute christmas decor for festive vibe
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Cleaning up after Christmas is a bit of a hassle. Especially after unwrapping all of those gifts.

We all have those days where it is so cold outside that we don’t want to leave. We just want to stay inside. However, just sitting inside can get a little boring or stuffy if you don’t know what to do.

This may not seem fun to some, but I love cleaning. It is so relaxing and really helps me feel like I have a fresh start. Doing it on a day when I’m stuck inside just seems even more perfect.

Fill The Rooms With Christmas Scents.

I love holiday scents. Freshly-baked cookies, peppermint, vanilla, gingerbread, and all the other scents really help me feel warm and cozy.

DIY Cute Arts and Crafts. 

I love making things and doing DIY projects. There are so many fun ones to do around the holidays. In the age of Pinterest, the possibilities are literally endless. You could make DIY gifts, decorations, tree ornaments, and many other things!

Bake Cute Stuffs.

The food around the holidays just gets 100 times better. I love all of it.

I love baking, but there is something really great about doing it on a cold winter day. It’s such a fun and creative thing to do with some yummy desserts to eat at the end. Baking is my favorite winter activity. It’s something you can share with other people and really brighten up their day.

Watch Christmas Animes & Movies. 

I love Hallmark movies, even though they are so cheesy and corny. I love having them on because they just make me feel happy.

Christmas animes are fun and there is no better way to spend a cold, winter night. Curl up with your favorite classic or a new find! Also, many of you may know I am a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies. I know they’re cheesy, but I just can’t help myself. I love sitting down with my desserts and watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

Put Up An Aesthetic Christmas tree. 

There is nothing quite like putting the Christmas tree up. It truly begins the Christmas season and it’s just fun to decorate and enjoy.

Get Your Cozy Christmas Essentials.

Christmas has a lot of moving parts and it is such a busy holiday season. So I wanted to share a list of things that I consider to be Christmas essentials. These items include everything from skincare to lifestyle items. These are my Christmas essentials for a cozy vibe!

  • Fuzzy Socks. 

I’m not really a sock kind of person, but when winter rolls around I love some fuzzy socks. They just scream Christmas and they are so cute.

  • A fuzzy blanket. 

Blankets are also really nice to wrap around you while you are working on something or watching a movie.

  • Hot chocolate. 

When it comes to the colder months, nothing beats hot chocolate. Whether you have a busy day or a cozy night in, hot chocolate makes it so much better. I don’t know what it is about hot chocolate, but drinking it around the Christmas season is one of my absolute favorite things. You can drink it while you are doing anything else.

  • Cookie dough. 

Baking cookies around Christmas time is just so much fun. It’s a great way to relax and spend time with some people.

  • Moisturizer. 

The cold air that comes with Christmas can leave you feeling extra dry. So having a good moisturizer is key.

  • Nail Polish. 

Blue, white, silver, red, green. All the Christmas colors.

  • Christmas candles. 

Christmas is always better when it smells like Christmas. So pick out your favorite scent and burn a candle!

  • Bubble Bath. 

I love taking bubble baths on cold winter nights. They are so relaxing and refreshing. I like to just sit and think or even plan ahead. Baths are one of my favorite activities for the winter.

I compiled this list of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside and I just want to stay in. These are some of my favorite indoor winter activities. Feel free to leave your favorite activities to do when it’s too cold to leave your home. I would love to see what all of you do! Here are my favorites!

Decorate With Cute Xmas Decor. 

From the Christmas tree to all the lights, I love looking at Christmas decorations. They are so fun and festive.

I absolutely love Christmas decorations. The flashier the better. I love all the lights and the trees. It just really helps bring things together and give that magical look that we all love. It really helps get into the Christmas spirit.

Decorating the rest of your house or dorm can also be fun! It’s fun to hang up lights and decorate your room. It helps bring out the Christmas cheer. You can even invite people to help you!

Shop Cute Fluffy Christmas Gifts. 

All the shopping is fun. Sometimes it’s a little crowded, but it’s still really fun.

I love giving cute kawaii things to people and Christmas is a perfect opportunity to do that. It’s so fun to give someone something they want or need. I love it.

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to get people. But it can also be fun! It’s nice to shop for the people you love. It is also nice if you can buy a couple and donate them to a couple of shelters for people who can’t afford Christmas.

Wrap Christmas Presents The Cute Way.

I love giving gifts to other people, so wrapping presents is a great way to put me in the Christmas spirit and get prepared.

Start Christmas Traditions.

These are Christmas traditions I want to have. What are some of yours?

  • Baking cookies. This was never a major deal in my house growing up, but I really want to do this every year. I think it’s fun and they make great gifts for the people around you. It would just be a fun and creative tradition to start.
  • Christmas movie marathon. I don’t really like watching movies all that much, but that all changes during Christmas. I love watching all of the Christmas movies (with the exception of a few). I love Hallmark especially. It’s on all the time when I’m home alone.
  • Decorating!!! This is another thing that was never a big deal, but I also low-key wanted. I just want to decorate. Like going to the Dollar Tree, getting a bunch of decorations, and just going all out. It would be so fun.
  • Sending Christmas Cards. I could have been doing this already, but just never have. So when I finally start all of my traditions I want to send Christmas cards. Especially to the people, I won’t see as much anymore.
  • Santa Paws!!!! I did start this one this year, so it’s kind of cheating, but I definitely want to continue in the future. It’s such a cute idea and so fun.
  • Have a special Christmas breakfast. I would like to have something that I don’t have any other time, like French Toast or something like that. Something unique to Christmas.
  • Christmas Countdown Calendar. I tried to find one for this year, but I couldn’t find one that I liked that wasn’t super expensive, so I decided to wait.

Loop A Cute Christmas Song Playlist.

This is probably the biggest one. I love Christmas music and I only listen to it this time of year because it is so special and magical.

This is one of the most obvious. It is nearly impossible to listen to Christmas music and not get into the holiday spirit at least a little. Spotify has some great playlists and searching on YouTube will pull up some great songs.

This is my personal Christmas playlist. Now I only listen to Christmas music when it’s actually Christmas most of the time, so it’s a very special thing. This playlist is something I listen to in December. So I hope you enjoy this!

  • “Do You Hear What I Hear” – Carrie Underwood
  • “Where Are You Christmas” – Faith Hill
  • “Go Tell It On The Mountain” – Jennifer Nettles
  • “Joy To The World” – Rascal Flatts
  • “Little Drummer Boy” – Jennifer Nettles
  • “Winter Wonderland” – Brad Paisley
  • “My Favorite Things” – Kelsea Ballerini, Joey Alexander
  • “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” – George Strait
  • “Let It Snow” – Kacey Musgraves
  • “Christmas Don’t Be Late” – Kacey Musgraves
  • “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” – Sara Evans
  • “Santa Baby” – Kellie Pickler
  • “Let It Be Christmas” – Alan Jackson
  • “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy” – Brad Paisley
  • “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Dan and Shay
  • “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” – Rascal Flatts
  • “O Holy Night” – Martina McBride
  • “Last Christmas” – Taylor Swift
  • “Christmas Must Be Something More” – Taylor Swift

Get Your Pet Some Cute Gifts

For all of my pet parents out there, one of my favorite things about Christmas this year is that I get to do Santa Paws. Santa Paws is like Santa Clause for your pet. So you get them some gifts, wrap them or put them in a stocking, and then they get them on Christmas morning. It’s super fun and a super cute idea. So if you are looking for some ideas on what to get your pet, here are some ideas that I came up with for any pet.

  • New Toys. If your pet is anything like my cat, they probably drag their toys all over the place and they end up lost. So getting some new toys that they will love is a great idea. Just like kids, pets love getting new toys.
  • “Toy Box”. With all of their new toys, they will need somewhere to store them. So buying (or building) a new toy bow for their toys could be fun.
  • Their favorite treats. There is no better time than Christmas to stock up on their favorite treats, or buy them some new ones!
  • Fancy Food. Wet food is great, but they usually don’t always get any. If you typically get them dry food, buy a box of wet food for special occasions or holidays.
  • A New Collar. If they wear a collar, it might be time for a new one. You can buy them a new one and then they have something new to wear on Christmas.

Learn The Meaning Of Christmas.

Christmas to me is just a magical time of year. I have always been so in love with this time of year. Things just seem different to me. I know some people find it stressful and annoying and that is very sad for me to hear. But I personally love it. The gifts I get generally aren’t very good anymore, so that’s not really a big thing. But I love the atmosphere and the way Christmas feels.

  • The Meaning. The meaning of Christmas and the story of the birth of Jesus is so special. He is my protector so this time of year means so much to me. It reminds me that I am never alone and always safe.
  • The lights. I love Christmas lights and decorations in general. It’s just a really magical experience and helps light everything up.
  • The music. I love Christmas music, but I only listen to it at Christmas time. I think it’s very special and should be specific to this time of year. Let me know your favorite Christmas song in the comments!
  • The movies! From the Grinch to Hallmark Christmas movies, I love holiday movies. They are so classic and just bring all the best parts of Christmas together.

Learn What Christmas Means To You.

I know that Christmas means different things to different people so I wanted to share my thoughts. I wanted to share with you that I do celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. That’s what it is to me and that is how I will always celebrate it.

Christmas to me also means spending time with those you care about. That doesn’t necessarily mean parents & family. It means all of the people in your life who mean something to you. The people who are always there for you. Your friends, your coworkers, and yes, even your pets. They need love too. Christmas is a great way to show how much you appreciate and care about someone and that can be done in several different ways. Whether it’s buying them a gift or baking them a special treat, find ways to show your appreciation and how much you care this holiday season.

I used to love all of our Christmas traditions, mostly because they were what I was used to, but I also grew to really enjoy and appreciate them. However, in the past couple of years, our traditions have been lost. This year is kind of a dead year for me because I am kind of in transition between all of the old traditions and the new ones I will have starting next year. But to me, Christmas is all about having certain traditions and just enjoying those things. They are so important. (Come back tomorrow for what I hope my future traditions will be.)

As I said before the most important part of Christmas is about God. It means so much to me because I truly would be lost without Him. I put all of my focus on Him and He guides me through the best times and the worst times. For that I am thankful.

Avoid Grinches.

We all have those people in our lives who refuse to get into the Christmas spirit. They bring everyone down. Those people suck.

Be Grateful For This Holiday Season.

I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in the things that don’t matter as much and forget about the amazing things that are happening in our lives. So I want to take a few minutes to talk about the things that I am grateful for and look forward to enjoying more in the coming year.

  • Love.

Sometimes we don’t always get the love we deserve from the people we think we should, but we are loved. It’s important to not lose sight of the people who do care and do love you because you are too busy focused on those who don’t. Give the people who love you the attention they deserve this Holiday Season.

  • Your support system.

Your support system may not look like everyone else’s, but we all have one no matter how big or small. So it’s important to keep them in mind this month and remind them of how much you appreciate them. Life is not as great if you don’t have a support system, so remember to appreciate them.

  • Being alive. 

This one is so simple, but it is so important. When you are thinking of all the things you have to do this Holiday Season, remember to be thankful that you get to do these things. This time of year can be really difficult when we start thinking of those we have lost. So be thankful that you are alive.

  • Having food to eat.

There are so many who don’t have food or can only afford one meal a day. So if you have more, remember to be thankful for that. With so many starving people it is important to remember how fortunate we are to have what we have. Be thankful that you get to eat and spend time with people you love.

  • Education.

Being in college is difficult. So if you are in college and you are struggling, be grateful that you have the opportunity to do so. There are so many people who would love to be in your position, but can’t. So take some time to be grateful that you get to get higher education and get a degree.

The Holiday Season can be stressful for a lot of reasons, but it is also a wonderful time of year. There are many things that we should be grateful for.

Today I wanted to share with you some fun ways that you can get into the Christmas spirit if you are not already. If you are, these are some fun ways to show your Christmas spirit. Enjoy this time because it only comes once a year and it’s a very special time! Spend it doing all of the holiday things!