Cottagecore Outfits

OriginThe 2010s
MeaningCottagecore aesthetic is for teenagers and young adults to celebrate their idealized rural life on social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr.
Themes associated with Cottagecore include self-sufficiency, baking, and caring for people.
Key ColorsGreen, Brown, Yellow, Cream/Off-White
Key MotifsCottages, farm animals, wildflowers, pies, crops, gingham
Personality Match– Rejection of modernity
– Agrarianism
– Femininity
– Serenity
– Anti-capitalism
– Queerness
– Tradition
– European heritage
Clothes StyleCottagecore clothing on Etsy
HairstyleHair that is kept long is associated with tradition and femininity. Long hair that is loose tends to be in waves.
Room Decor Style– botanical art prints
– open shelves
– rocking chairs & quilt rack
– countertop & dining table made of reclaimed and recycled materials

==> Read the full Cottagecore room design guide HERE.
Makeup LookThe make-up of Cottagecore is either naturalistic or in more fantastical interpretations, with fairy-like motifs.
Associated MusicThe music associated with Cottagecore evokes comfort and gentleness through low and soft vocals and acoustic mid-tempo instrumentation.

In lyrics, there would be references to either gentle love and/or nature.

The de facto genre is indie-folk, with the musicians tending to be contemporary artists.
Associated Activities– Picking flowers
– Sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery
– Gardening
– Writing a handwritten letter to family (or your lover)
– Writing poems
Picking fruits from your garden then make jam from them
– Weaving flower crowns
– Picnics
– Baking
– Painting and drawing
– Building a birdhouse
– Reading
– Swimming
– Walking in the woods
– Making food preserves
– Catching bugs
What are the different types of Cottagecore aesthetics?– grunge Cottagecore aesthetic
– Cottagecore dark academia aesthetic
– Cottagecore fairy aesthetic
– Cottagecore forest aesthetic
– Cottagecore vintage aesthetic
– Cottagecore witch aesthetic
– indie Cottagecore aesthetic
– kawaii Cottagecore aesthetic
– soft Cottagecore aesthetic
– dark Cottagecore aesthetic
– boho cottage aesthetic