15+ Cute Housewarming Gifts

Today I am sharing with you some cute housewarming gift ideas for your friends, but you could really get these gifts for anyone you wanted to. These are just some great gift ideas for the people in your life who desire a more cozy and cute home vibe.

Hopefully, this gives you a couple of ideas for what to give your friends or what to ask for when your friends ask you what you want. If you find nothing from this list, continue your research with this list of truly kawaii stuff from Amazon.

A book.

I know this may not sound like the most exciting thing ever, but you can make this as creative or as funny as you want. You can gift them your favorite self-help book or gift them a funny book. If you have a friend who loves reading or constantly looking for ways to better themselves, a book might be the perfect gift.

Cute pajamas.

I am one of those people who believes you can never have too many pajamas. So if you are searching for the perfect gift to get your friend, stop by a store and look at what kind of pajamas they have. Some fuzzy pajama pants or a super cute pajama set might be just what they are looking for.

A fleece throw blanket.

Going along with the theme of being warm and cozy, a nice throw blanket is a perfect gift for just about anybody in your life. There are so many sizes and designs to choose from that it’s easy to find something for anyone. A nice throw blanket is something that everyone could get some use out of.

A coffee mug.

And if all else fails, you can always go with a classic gift: a coffee mug. Even if your friend doesn’t drink a lot of coffee, they can always use it for something. They could keep pens or other things in it. Getting a cute coffee mug for your friend is a great way to personalize the gift.


A blender is something I would really like to have but I probably won’t buy it for myself. I don’t want a super fancy one, I just want something that is very basic.

Drinking glasses.

I have all kinds of mugs, but I don’t really have any drinking glasses. So I figured for Christmas I would ask for some.

Plates and bowls.

I have a few, but I would really like a matching set. I like the square ones more than the round ones. I figured this is another great gift idea.

Pots and pans.

I don’t have any pots or pans, so having some would really be nice. Of course, if I don’t get any I will buy them myself, but there’s no harm in asking.

Salt And Pepper Shakers.

This is an opportunity to get some really cute salt and pepper shakers. So why not put them on the list?


This is another thing that I don’t have, but would really like to have. I don’t need a fancy one, just something basic that does the job.


As much as I hate vacuuming, I know I really need one. And I don’t know what to get, so asking for one for Christmas can only help.


Being in college I wasn’t allowed to have candles. So now that I am leaving, getting some candles for Christmas would be really great.


I don’t have a vase for flowers, but I would really like at least one. They have some great ones at the Dollar Tree, so my expectations are very low.

TV Stand

Another thing that will be useful once I move into an apartment. In my dorm, it’s on my dresser, but it would be nice to have a TV stand.

Area Rug

I have always wanted one of those really fluffy rugs that are at Walmart and I finally got one today! It’s the perfect color too!

They have some really nice fuzzy ones at Walmart that I have always wanted. Getting one for Christmas would be sublime.

So here is the list of cute housewarming gift ideas for your family & friends!

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