Dark Academia Guide For The Philosophy Scholar Aesthetic Style (2024)

You might have heard of Dark Academia and wonder to yourself what it is, what it means, and how to get into that aesthetic. Dark academia is a subculture that is based on literature, writing, art, music, history, etc. Dark academia is heavily influenced by the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, John Keats, and other Romantic poets. It’s a beautiful concept that makes you feel like you’re back in the old days when things were just more beautiful, romantic, mysterious and elegant.

It’s a style that has become extremely popular with TikTok and Instagram users over the last few months because of its calm nature and classic feel. Many people are trying to get into this trend by having a dark academia lifestyle and I want to help you achieve that!

What is dark academia aesthetic?

Dark Academia means an aesthetic that revolves around the essence of classic academia, mystery and romance. It takes inspiration from traditional universities, libraries, castles, galleries, museums and boarding schools of the Victorian era, the Gothic era and some elements from the Medieval era. If you think that your style is somewhere around ‘dark core’, ‘vintage’ and ‘academic’, then you’ve come to the right place!

What are dark academia aesthetic colors?

The Dark Academia color scheme is black, dark navy, burgundy, forest green, brown, olive, dark orange and gray. It was designed to be scholarly, magical, romantic, mysterious and intimidating.

What is the different between dark academia vs light academia?

Light and dark academia are both subcultures of the “academia” aesthetic that draw inspiration from established schools and universities such as Oxbridge and Ivy League schools, as well as the environments in which they are located. To name a few, both aesthetics are interested in museums, art galleries, British moors, boarding schools, and vintage books. However, the difference is light academia uses bright and light colors to show a positive attitude towards life, while dark academia uses dark shades to show appreciation for the beauty of death, tragedy and doomed destiny.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Clothing

Dark academia clothing is not only for women but also for guys. It is the most popular for fall and winter but looks uniquely academic for summer too. The dark academic outfit style should look clever but unsmiling, classically beautiful but largely withdrawn. You should always have classic books in hand, and a dark secret in mind to look romantic, scholarly, elegant yet mysterious.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Room

We spend so much time in our bedrooms that they should be a sanctuary of comfort. But when you look around your room and realize that you’re surrounded by clutter and boring decor, it’s time for an overhaul. If you’re looking for bedroom decorating ideas, take inspiration from these dark academia beautifully decorated rooms. From muted neutrals to bold color schemes, there are plenty of aesthetic room decor to choose from – whatever your taste.

Dark Academia Genre Definition

The Secret History, a novel by Donna Tartt published in 1992 that tells the story of a murder that occurs among a group of classics students at an elite New England college, has been credited as the origin for the dark academia literary genre.

Dark academic books can be psychological thrillers, mysteries, horror, speculative fiction, coming-of-age novels, or a combination of the above. Unhealthy relationships and creepy old buildings are both common in dark academia books. The genre may also include secret societies and ancient rituals.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Places

Dark academia is an aesthetic based on a love of knowledge and scholarly pursuits. Oxbridge, Durham University, the University of Edinburgh, Yale, Harvard and other Ivy League universities are frequently featured in dark academia collages and mood boards.

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What do dark academia fans like?

Fans of dark academia aesthetics tend to appreciate the gritty, gothic feel of classic literature. They may also enjoy the complex and intricate worldbuilding, as well as the strong characterization. People who love the style frequently engaged in activities such as practicing calligraphy, visits to museums, libraries, and coffee shops, as well as all-night studying sessions.

What are the different types of dark academia aesthetics?

Here is a list of aesthetics sharing similar characteristics as dark academia:

  • Harry Potter Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Love Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia x Royal Core Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia x Cottagecore Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Kpop Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Rain Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia Relationship Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia School Aesthetic
  • Gothic Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Brown Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Grunge Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Boarding School Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Darkest Academia Aesthetic
  • Light Academia Aesthetic
  • Romantic Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Vintage Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Witchy Dark Academia Aesthetic
  • Dark Academia x Art Hoe Aesthetic
  • Gray Academia Aesthetic