The Top Differences Between Live and Online Poker in 2024

Poker is a card game that is incredibly popular around the world. It has been played for numerous decades by players from every corner of the earth. It’s fairly safe to say millions of players have enjoyed the game to date.

As technology has advanced, the ability to play poker has no longer been subject to only casino floors. Instead, it has allowed poker to flourish in an online space. This has given rise to hundreds (if not thousands!) of online casinos and poker havens. The numerous playing options have led to many players having a preference; either for enjoying only land-based, IRL poker games or preferring their online counterparts.

While the rules and regulations of poker haven’t changed, there are some very notable differences between the two. Some common differences include body language reading ability and the chance to play fast hands of poker. Other differences include:

Online vs In Person Presence


One of the most obvious differences between online and live poker is the player’s physical presence. Online poker happens over the internet, which means that players can participate in the game from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they have internet access. Live poker, on the other hand, happens in a physical location, such as a casino or card room. Here, players must be present to fully participate in poker.

This difference can drastically change how the poker game happens.

Land-based casino poker players rely on real life physical cues and body language signals to play well. They also need to appear presentable and spend time conversing with others. In online poker, however, this is not an option. Online poker players can play from wherever they are most comfortable, from their office to their couches.

Poker Game Speed

While waiting on players in a physical poker game is usually a way to either practice bluffing, or learn some body language cues, this also translates to a poker game going on for a longer time. This is why online poker games are usually played much faster than live poker games. By not relying on the other players physical cues as much, online poker players are able to make faster decisions. Another reason online games go faster is that the game often deals out cards instantaneously to all players, unlike a live or traditional dealer. These two differences have a greater effect on the game as faster gameplay can also lead to more mistakes.

Game Choice


Online poker usually has a far greater selection of games available to play, compared to in-person poker. This is due to the fact that live poker games have limited play space available on casino floors. For those who enjoy a wide variety of poker options, online gaming provides that convenience, where games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, and many others are available.


A distinct online advantage given to online poker players is their ability to play poker at multiple tables. This is when a poker player simultaneously plays poker games at different online poker tables, which directly increases their profit potential. In contrast, live poker players can only play at one table at a time. This results in live poker players having less chance to make as much money as online poker players can.

Playing Time and Availability


Online poker can be played at any time. In contrast, live poker games are far more limited in their availability. This is because live poker games rely on the casino’s opening and closing hours. The unlimited availability offered by online poker or any other gambling games offered at sites like Lake Palace casino is a large draw for players who can continue to play at the times that suit them best.

Player Behavior

Player behavior is another telling difference between online and live poker. In land-based casinos, poker players can interact freely with whomever they want, leading to lively discussions, banter, and chitchat.

These social interactions help to boost the overall mood for all involved. Online poker, however, does not offer this, unless you are playing against a live dealer in a live-dealer casino. It leads to more players bluffing since there are no physical cues to go by which may give these bluffs away.

Introverted poker players often prefer online poker, since they can avoid having to engage in pre-game banter and get straight into the card playing.

Poker Stakes


Normally, you’ll find that online poker offers lower stakes compared to live poker games. This makes the game more accessible to poker players and allows them the chance to bet more often. Land-based casinos, however, offer higher stakes, usually because live casinos must cover costs such as electricity and dealer salaries.

Skill Set

The skill level of online poker players is often said to be higher than the skills of land-based casino poker players. This is due to the fact that online poker players usually spend time learning on poker training forums and websites.

These sites are ones which help them to improve their skills and help them to gain confidence when it comes to basic and advanced poker strategies. In contrast, live poker players often don’t access these same resources, and as such, won’t progress as fast as online poker players. Live poker players tend to fare far better than their online poker counterparts when it comes to reading facial cues and body language signs from other players.



As both poker types offer players a chance to learn more about the different styles and options of poker, there is no ultimate winner as to which is better. Rather, it’s up to each person to decide which perks or draws offered are a better fit for their personality and overall poker-playing style. Before choosing one, decide if it’s easier for you to learn the basic game online first, before heading into a casino.

Alternatively, head to the casino first to learn all about body language and facial cues first, to figure out some common ‘tells’. This will stand you in good stead before you begin to play a few hands of poker yourself.