11+ E-girl Aesthetic For Bedroom & Gaming Setup

eGirl is a term used to describe someone who identifies with the electronic girl subculture. This subculture emerged in 2010 and has become more popular with the help of social media platforms like Tumblr, TikTok and Instagram. eGirl and eBoy are terms used to describe both genders within this subculture, which has an aesthetic that is a mix of emo, skater, goth, grunge, and anime.

Kawaii eGirl Gaming Setup

There’s no mistaking the appeal of a kawaii aesthetic when it comes to gaming setups. So, if you’re looking to up your gaming game for your eGirl gaming room, why not add in a little eGirl flair? Get ready for your streaming by using stickers to dress up your gaming PC or laptop, get a kawaii gaming chair, add cute bunny or cat ears to your gamer girl headset, then decorate the wall behind you for your Livestream fans.

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eGirl Wall Decor Ideas

eGirl wall decorations can be as unique as you want them to be. You could go with something traditional, like a poster of your favorite singer or an iconic movie scene, or you could go with chic eGirl items that are more modern and abstract. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in line with your personal style and reflects your personality.

eGirl Aesthetic Furniture

Some popular furniture styles that may befit an eGirl aesthetic include sleek, modern furniture with a touch of geekiness, as well as comfortable and stylish couches and cute kawaii gaming chairs that can be used for long gaming sessions.

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Cute eGirl Aesthetic Bedroom

You can find a lot of aesthetic bedroom accessories that can help eGirl to create a beautiful sleeping area without having to break the bank. Start your shopping list with cute anime beddings, a kawaii vanity for eGirl makeup, a bunk bed for maximizing your small studio or apartment room, cozy patterned blankets and boho area rugs.

Aesthetic eGirl Lighting

For designing a room to be comfortable and inviting, it is important to use light fixtures that emit the soft light. Some good options for light fixtures in an eGirl bedroom are sconces or chandeliers, complemented with beautiful LED fairy string lights and neon wall signs for a mood-setting.

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Here is an overview of how to be an eGirl – the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the eGirl subculture.

OriginJapan, in the 2010s
MeaningThe eGirl aesthetic means electronic girl. “E-girl” was first used, in the late-2000s, as an objectifying pejorative against women perceived to be seeking out male attention online.
Key ColorsPinks, blues, purples, greens and gold.
Key Motifs– Skirt
– T-shirt
Personality Match– Sensitive
– Introvert
– Shyness 
– A childlike quality
– Emotional vulnerability
Clothes Style– Miniskirt
– Fishnet stockings 
– Striped long-sleeve shirt
– T-shirt over the top
– Crop top
Hairstyle– Collared hair
– Pigtails
– Space buns
– Bob
– Bleached front locks
– Dyed bright shades like pink or blue
Room Decor StyleE-Girl aesthetic rooms are characterized by anything relating to gaming as well as anime and manga.

– Anime shelves
– Creative wall art
– Anime & manga posters
– LED string lights + neon wall lights
Makeup Look– Winged eyeliner
– Glitter
– Heart stamps
– Heavy eye makeup
– Anime-inspired blush on the apple of the cheeks
eGirl Music Taste“Sad Boy” music, is a broadly defined grouping of musicians, who similarly write music influenced by sadness and mental illness that often overlaps with emo rap.
Associated Activities– Upload selfies to the internet from their bedrooms
– Make TikTok dance videos
– Spend time editing their pics in a photo-editing app
– Enjoy experimenting with different hair, makeup, and clothing styles
– Decorating study desk/home office area for streaming
What are the different types of eGirl?Soft eGirl aesthetic
– Dark eGirl aesthetic
– Grunge eGirl aesthetic
– Goth eGirl
eGirl Hello Kitty aesthetic
Pink eGirl aesthetic
– Kawaii eGirl aesthetic
Pastel eGirl aesthetic
Pastel goth eGirl aesthetic
– Royale high eGirl aesthetic
Purple eGirl aesthetic
– Vintage eGirl aesthetic

Where do eGirls shop?

You can find a lot of eGirl accessory websites. In fact, most items can be purchased at a cheaper price on Amazon or eBay. If you want to buy cute kawaii eGirl things at the lowest sale price (and do not care about copyright issues) then you can even explore sources like Shein, AliExpress or Wish.

Another good idea to support small businesses is to shop from your local game shop and anime stores. Or travel to Japan to buy the latest Japanese room decor from the famous Harajuku area of Tokyo.

If you are into handmade crafting, zero waste and indie ideas, you can spend some hours in our DIY session or shop from Etsy to get inspiration.

Delivery time is usually the fastest when ordering from Amazon or local stores.

How to decorate your eGirl room without money?

A lot of the eGirl room makeover ideas were done without much money. Here are several ways to copy

  • Paint your furniture pink or pastel. This will also help to make your small room looks bigger.
  • Draw kawaii patterns or details to the trims and doors.
  • DIY kawaii decorations then display them.
  • Put old bright color fabric swatches to use for a couch cover, cushion, rug, curtain, or tablecloth.
  • Display your cartoon cover, magazine prints, art pieces and collections.
  • Hang your kawaii tapestry, anime images, and T-shirt on the wall as a visual focus.
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales and Craigslist.
  • Get goodies from friends by exchanging cute kinds of stuff you do not want anymore.

How to make a small eGirl bedroom look bigger?

Small bedrooms for eGirls need to incorporate functional furniture that can double as storage. The key to managing a small space is decluttering. You can also open the room by using mirrors and making more light colors that make the room feel bigger. Or set the room to be very dark, so all clutter fades out in the darkness when the light is off.

Here are some popular tricks to make any small bedroom of an eGirl appear to be more spacious:

  • Consider a bunk bed to get more floor area
  • Using soft and light colors can refresh any room
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling that helps to create the illusion of taller and larger windows.
  • Anchor the bedroom with several visual focal points so the room looks more organized and themed.
  • Allow for more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep a consistent aesthetic and choice of style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines and simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.
  • Make plenty of storage under the bed.
  • Create ambiance with lighting to give depth and a visual focus.
  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. For example, you can position a mirror across from a window to reflect light into the space. Then use a series of small reflective items instead of one large mirror to bring light to every corner of the room.
  • For edgy vaporwave room aesthetics, please check out our guide!

How can you decorate your bed in your eGirl bedroom?

  • Choose soft and calming colors for bedding (or those with your favorite anime characters).
  • Design the ceiling so as to see the decor when you lay in bed. Glowing star is a trending idea on social media.
  • Add a canopy for creating a calm private zone that is the best for sleeping.
  • Choose the right size mattress.
  • Indulge in layers of linens of different textures.
  • Have layers of plush pillows and blankets to add depth.
  • Let vines and ivy climb on your bed frame.
  • Throw an area rug at the side of the bed.
  • Get a consistent color theme and decorating style for the bed and the room.
  • Adjust your settings to shut out tech when it is time to rest.

What should eGirl put on the bedroom walls?

Decorating an eGirl’s bedroom offers a rare ability to blend all aspects of life. The expression of a unique personality is very important especially if you are planning your dorm room. You should pay extra attention to decorating the walls so that they will be seen from your streaming camera, and the wall in front of your eyes will be seen by you most of the time.

  • Anime and manga shelves
  • Anime & manga posters
  • LED string lights + neon wall lights
  • Unicorn decor
  • Oversized wall art
  • Figurines & action figures
  • Prints of life motto
  • Memo board with clips
  • Whiteboard
  • Blackboard
  • Magnetic board

If you or your loved ones have a game addiction problem, don’t forget to check out our guide on stopping game addiction, thank you for spending time with stylekawaii!!