Emo Bedroom Makeover – 9 Best Affordable Tips

For teenagers and young adults who are drawn to the emo culture, having a room that embraces your emo aesthetic helps to better express your feelings. Stemmed from punk rock in the 1980s, emo culture has key elements that you must incorporate in your emo room decor. But it still leaves plenty of room for your creative ideas. Here are some decor tips to elevate your room to make it better resemble the emo style – and they won’t cost you much money!

Color Scheme

The room’s color scheme should correspond to the concept you’re going for. Black is certainly the most popular color for goth and emo styles and a darker color palette will be a necessary element for your room’s emo aesthetic. However, a full black room might give the sense of being claustrophobic and will also heat up your room faster since it absorbs light. Try to add other colors like hot pink or neon green that can balance the black while also serving the emo style.

Wall Hangings

For music to be such an important part of the emo culture, use your favorite bands to decorate your walls. There’s no need to buy extra decorations or frames for your wall hangings. Collect band posters and album covers, or you can even download them online and simply just print them out. A few posters of your favorite films can also be an added touch. If you are a passionate art-lover, it’ll be a great idea to hang up some artwork that features skulls or other emo motifs, even your own artwork can be cool too!

Furniture Choice

To make your room better reflects your individuality, try to avoid having matching furniture sets. Hunt for vintage furnishings in flea markets that offer your room a more authentic retro feeling. A thrift store find like a funky’80s lamp or bedside table are inexpensive furniture choices to reflect your emo style – it’ll even work better if they’re spray-painted! Another strategy is to go for a minimalist style to demonstrate your lack of commitment to material possessions. Many furniture companies have a variety of desks and chairs with simple designs that can work well with any bedroom theme and have affordable prices!


The emo style may be elevated to the next level with the right lighting strategy in your space. To avoid washing out the emo ambiance, choose a main light that can be dimmed or is not overly bright. String multi-colored Christmas or Halloween lights along the walls to highlight the dark lighting and bring a mystical touch. Novelty lights, like lava lamps, are also ideal, as many of them can easily be found in neon colors to complement your room’s emo theme.

Emo Items

Emo decor should include one or more primary motifs. Skulls are a mainstay of the emo culture, for it to be either creepy or cutesy. Stars and crosses are both fantastic unisex emo motifs that convey your romantic and sensitive character. To express your dedication to emo style on details in your life, it is also a smart idea to replace your daily essentials, like mugs, with ones that can reflect your emo style. While these emo items can be easily found online at cheap prices, you can also display mementos that have unique meanings to you, such as a letter from the person who broke your heart.


The appropriate bedding is essential for making the bed the center point of an emo bedroom. And the bedding that aligns with your emo style can surely enhance the ambiance of your room’s ensemble. You can coordinate the duvet, sheets, and pillows, or choose bedding with varied designs to complement the color scheme. Stripes, checks, and plaids in bright colors are all excellent ideas for bedding. But you can be more creative with animal designs, camouflage, and skull-printed fabrics. These styles are easy to find in any textile company or even IKEA. For a more edgy style, combine leather, faux fur, and velvet elements that you can find in vintage shops!

Emo Literature

Your bookshelf should reflect your unique personality. Showcase literature that reflects your angst, such as poetry and philosophy. Place a couple on your bookshelf and leave a few lying around the room, open to pages that are meaningful to you. Go to your local second-hand book stores to dig up some names that interest you, as second-hand books that appear to be a bit teared up can add retro and edgy vibes to your room. It’s also a great idea to take down some of your favorite quotes from emo literature and display them on your wall.

Emo Music

As mentioned before, the emo culture roots itself in punk rock in the 1980s. Any emo culture lovers like you are sure to be drawn to music as well. Therefore, an emo room can’t be complete without a constant stream of emo music. Allow it to play for the whole day to ensure that you are in the right emo mood once you enter your room. Make a few playlists and play them on repeat to provide you with some background noise at all times. For a truly immersive experience, purchase a speaker that covers your entire room. If your budget is tight, a second-hand speaker that still functions well is not hard to find online or in your local thrift stores.

Candles & LED Candles

A little fire touch can light up your room and create a unique vibe. Choose scented candles with your preferred flavor that you can find in supermarkets, as scents can trigger some memory flashbacks and bring nostalgic feelings. To avoid any drips or flame contact with any other surface in the room, find candles within the glass jars or set candles in tall holders (you can even choose a skull candle holder to fit with your emo style!). If a live fire may appear dangerous to initiate any fire hazard, fun and spooky LED candles can also create a similar effect.

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