Gamer Boyfriend Problems – How To Deal With Them?

‘My boyfriend is a gamer and I’m not.’ – Are you also facing the Gamer’s “Widow” problem with your boyfriend?

Sometimes I say “babe, do you want to go get dinner?”

5 minutes later I hear “Sure”


“OK let’s go”

1 hour later he has found his “save spot” and I have low blood sugar and am crabby.

If that is your story then you need to work on this gamer boyfriend problem.

That’s right Gamer’s Girls, there’s a whole other type of fem dating gamers. They are called Gamer’s “Widow.” No, it’s not a cool title with an awesome, badass spider reference. Unfortunately, it’s not a title girls hope to have, yet there are a lot of Gamer’s Widows (GW) out there. A GW is a product of a broken relationship brought on, in one way or another, by a game. Gamer’s Girls (GG) know all too well how their relationship sometimes teeters and are at risk of becoming a GW.

Why you shouldn’t date a gamer?

The overwhelming hours on a game can cause strain in any relationship, no matter how strong. A successful relationship with a gamer takes balance, respect, and understanding by both parties involved. Sometimes, however, even the best GG can’t break the spell it has on some gamers. And I’m not just talking about the infamous widower, World of Warcraft. Consul games and tabletop games can be just as addicting and cause just as many problems. They’re simply a different poison.

For those who need more help with (potential) gaming addiction:

What are the signs of agamer widow?

How do you know a widowing is on the horizon? It’s different in every relationship and often times it’s unique to that couple’s personal history and personality. So it’s impossible to generalize all of the signs. There are, however, some repeat behaviors that you can use as a compass to gauge if you heading in that direction.

Again these are just a few recurring problems found in gamer relationships on the verge of ending.

  • Tedious gameplay with no time spent with your partner,
  • constant arguing overtime management and lifestyle choices,
  • resentment towards the game he is playing,
  • gamer isolation from non “in-game” friends and family,
  • bickering over finance issues stemming from purchases made to play the game,
  • sacrificing job security in order to play the game,
  • avoidance of the other person due to an impending argument regarding gameplay.

How to avoid becoming a gamer widow?

Or is it inevitable in certain gamer relationships?

  • Don’t blame the game

First of all, we can’t blame the game itself for widowing. After all, they’re just pixels being pushed across a screen. In order to prevent or recognize an inevitable widowing, it’s important to know the signs of it taking place in a gamer relationship and know who in the relationship is causing the widowing (SURPRISE – it’s not always the gamer).

  • Evaluate yourself

There are only two people who can cause gamer widowing. The Gamer and the Gamer’s Girl. As much as we want to blame a hunk of electronics on a desk, it is in fact based on the individuals. And as much as we want to blame the Gamer, oftentimes it’s the Gamer’s Girl! I see it all the time. A girl will enter into a relationship with a gamer not knowing what they’re getting themselves into or the commitment they’re making (or lack thereof). Their mind is set on being able to change him to fit their needs. After all “it’s just a game, right?”

Wrong. It is true that gamers will adapt to their partner so both parties are happy, however, gaming is a huge part of a gamer’s character and personality – to try and remove it or alter it to make only you happy is just silly and a setup for a relationship failure.

These future GW stay in a doomed relationship only to constantly nag their gamer in a relentless battle of lifestyle choices. They’re not looking to compromise, they’re looking to be right. To them they view the game as “non-productive time,” thus they consider it “free time.” When they don’t see their gamer willing to spend all their “free time” with them, they figure there’s something wrong with the guy. They don’t see it as a hobby. This is understandable b/c they can’t physically touch the end result.

  • Understand what gaming is to your gamer

It’s not like building model airplanes or going fishing. Those tangible hobbies are easier to digest. As a GG, we realize that gaming is a hobby, a time for him to relax, or simply put: his “me” time. Most future GW tries to “be right” by pointing out the hours spent on a game. They see him spending 2-4 hours on a game they don’t see the point too. Well, if you want to be technical and go by hours, how about all the “me” time we spend on ourselves? The gamer never questions us when we need a 4-hour salon/spa day, or spend 6 hours at the mall window shopping, or the desire to have a Sex in the City marathon with the girls all day on Sunday. Gaming for gamers fulfills for them what all those “girly” things fulfill for us.

  • Help the gamer to identify the differencebetween “relationship” and “hobby” time

Sorry Gamers, sometimes gamer widowing comes from your end too. Your Gamer Girl DOES deserve your time and attention! She is not a lower-level character you can set aside and choose when and for how long you want to level her up. Gamers, oftentimes, play a leading role in creating a GW. This usually comes from them not being about to identify the difference between “relationship time” and “hobby time.”

The GG being in the same room as their Gamer while he plays a game and she piddles around waiting IS NOT relationship time. “Relationship time” should be spent engaged in each other. Whether that’s having a discussion over dinner or reading comics together at Barnes and Noble – the time spent is focused on each other and not outside sources. Relationships are about balance and give and take.

A Gamer can’t take away all “relationship time” and substitute it for “hobby time.” Just like a GG can’t take away all “hobby” time for “relationship” time. Most Gamers that cause gamer widowing overlook this simple formula.

How to deal with a gamer boyfriend?

Small tips to help gently resolve or prevent gamer widowing:

  • Set a date night!

It’s much easier to be engaged with only each other when you’re out of the house. Having a simple date night at least once a week makes a big difference. You can take turns deciding on what you will do on your date night so both parties participate in meaningful activities for the other person. (remember, she did learn to play Halo for you… I think you can manage a pottery class or a museum every once and a while)

  • Be honest about your timing.

There are times where GG does need their gamer’s attention for a moment and has to interrupt their gameplay. Most of the time the Gamer will either completely ignore them without making a sound or give a negative response to show their annoyance. GGs deserve more than that. They make your food, keep things tight, give you love, and sometimes do your laundry. If you can’t pause the game right then and there, at least give her a real-time estimate of when you can be mentally available – and then STICK TO IT.

Don’t say “in a minute” if you don’t mean “in a minute.” It’s ok to say “I’ll have this boss beat in approx 12 minutes and then we can chat.” Be respectful. Formulate full sentences and look her in the eye, when you can. GGs know all too well that infamous “gamer minute.” One minute can mean fifteen. GGs appreciate when their Gamer politely gives them an honest estimate they stick to. That way they don’t feel like you think of them as a pest.

  • Prioritize your arrival from work.

GGs know you’ve had a long day and you want to hop on your game right away. Try to resist that urge and give her at least 30 minutes. Have a seat, relax, chit chat. It won’t hurt. She’ll be more willing to let you be if you do.

  • Play some games together.

It’s a great bonding experience. Mutual communication is more important than forced time together. Read this guide is to learn how to get a girlfriend/wife into gaming (by a gamer’s gamer girl who did not game in the past, aka me).

Do gamers make good boyfriends?

They can be. If the gamer guy knows how to do a lot of the nifty complicated controls and timings, it should be the same with life. Time management becomes very much essential. The best gamer guys can do is set a “base” schedule of what to do for the rest of the week or month. Yes, things get changed along the way, but time & priority management becomes crucial, both at home and in professional life.

Do not start to book date night and set couple goals only at near-breakup moments.

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