Gamer Couple Goals 2024 (Left 4 Dead 2 Funny Quotes & Jokes)

Left 4 Dead 2 “Gamer Couple Achievement” – Complete three or more of the following tasks and you have acquired the Left 4 Dead 2 “Gamer Couple’s Achievement!”


Can play on Realism and efficiently describe where the Smoker has dragged you to.

“Colder….Warmer… Waaaarmer…. HOT!”


Can plan out the final.

READY, but can I sing into the microphone just one more time!”

Roll Call:

Uses your name while directing a question towards you via headphones.

“You talk’n to me?”

It Takes Two:

Allows you to play your character and not treat you like another AI.

“One time, me and my friend, we was play’n L4D2… and…”

“Can you not be Ellis at the dinner table?”


Heals and protects you first. Yea, it might be a little duchy to some of your online pals, but if they aren’t in terrible need of healing – what ev’!

“I can haz your adrenalin?”


Let you use the big gun, even though they have to provide extra coverage while you reload, one round at a time. I can’t help it… the grenade launcher is fun, as long as you have the patience and quick legs to run away from the tank:



Let you carry the coke.

“Special delivery!”


Gives you the first pick.

“Puke, Granade, or Molotov?”

Fish Bait:

Allows you to experiment with your weapons.

“Ok – you go stand near the witch, and I’ll shoot her with the grenade launcher from up here. If it doesn’t kill her, shoot her in the head ^_^”


Dirty Work:

Kills your bitches… I mean witches.

“Look, I found the witch. Tag – you’re it!”

Boys and their toys:

Let’s you dick around with Mr. Mustachio and carry around the gnome.

“Hold on, I’m looking up how to do it now! The GNOME IS MINE!”

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