Gamer Themed Wedding – 11+ Cute Ideas For Teammates For Life

“I now pronounce you… teammates for life.”

Women are always trying to get their future husbands interested in making wedding arrangements. It’s true; there are a lucky few whose spouse participates from start to finish, but most of the time, they’re being held against their will. For Gamer’s Girls (GGs) and their Gamers, one sure way to get him to volunteer is to make the wedding theme gamer related.

Don’t freak out GGs! You don’t have to take a “video game” theme literally. You don’t have to dress up as Link and Zelda to pull it off. While I have seen some pretty extreme gamer-themed weddings that are wicked cool – if the literal theme isn’t for you, that’s OK. There are still plenty of things you can “game up” in a tasteful way and ask your Gamer to help out. Check out our gamer couple goals if you’re interested!

Gamer Themed Wedding Invitations

You can take any classically designed wedding invitation and put a silver or gold Zelda Triforce symbol on it. Even a small, embossed Mario Brother’s mushroom in the bottom corner would suffice. If you want them to be more literal, you can always go extreme and mock-up a video game cover to represent your invite.

Gamer Wedding Name Tags

Who says you can’t have calligraphy next to a video game icon? Do it in full color, black and white, or embossed.

Gamer Wedding Table Cards

Instead of doing table numbers, I’ve seen many couples use names of cities, countries, and even Ireland castles. With hundreds of cities hidden within video games, the sky is the limit. Will your guest be sitting at the Hyrulian Table or at Midgar City? Is naming the kids’ table Little Lamplight Town from FallOut 3 going too far?

Gamer Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes can be a work of art, even when it’s video game-themed. You don’t have to have Mario jumping out of the cake for it to be special, classy, and all about the game.

Gamer Wedding Favors

You could really go anywhere with this. One of my personal favorite party favors is jazzing up some M&Ms and putting them in a cute wedding favor box. You can go to the M&M website and upload words or pictures to personalize your M&Ms. Stamping a Pac-Man or Halo helmet would definitely create some delightful buzz.

Gamer Wedding Music

You can find almost any classic video game score redone in a ton of different ways. A classically orchestrated Castlevania score would probably go unnoticed by your parents, but your peeps will be humming along with glee. An easy score to go with would be the music from the radio station in FallOut 3. They’re actual songs from the 50’s, so you, your friends, and grandma can all sing along with the gamer wedding bands!

Gamer Wedding Cake Topper

PC gamer wedding cake topper
gamer couple wedding cake topper

Gamer Wedding Rings

Gamer Wedding Vows

Gamer Wedding Gifts

Gamer Wedding Dress

This one will probably be the most fun for you the gamer’s gamer girl and your Gamer. From neckties to cufflinks, you can’t go wrong! (They also make great groomsmen gifts!) – 11+ Key Wedding Elements, Gamed Out!

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