7+ Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion Tips

Gothic Lolita, along with cosplay, is one of Japan’s hottest street fashions which is getting more and more popular in the Western world today. Aside from the purpose of making the wearer look sweet, elegant, and doll-like, the style means much more. It is a culture and a lifestyle. In this article, we will show you the tips of not only dressing but also being an Elegant Gothic Lolita.

What Is Gothic Lolita?

Gothic Lolita, in simple words, is the gen-next Lolita look. When sweet Lolita looks to go out of the way, modern-day Japanese women develop the Goth style in which they combine the Lolita fashion ethics to the Victorian and the Edwardian era and hence develop a new Gothic fashion. This style did not gain much popularity at the very instance of its launch but designer Moi-même-Moitié, popularized this style via the magazine gothic and Lolita Bible.

The gothic architecture, basically revolving around the things they use and the way they dress up is quite different than the normal Lolita style. Here the Lolita’s would dress up more in colors of black and white and will lay emphasis on the darker side of the Lolita fashion. However, some Lolita’s might also opt for other dark colors such a violet, purple, and grey for their outfits and make-up, many would still stick to the traditional colors.

For many, this may just be a style of dressing and for some, this reflects their lifestyle and way of thinking in the Victorian style.

Is Lolita Fashion A Sexual Style?

Some friends may take lolita fashion as a sexual style, which is totally incorrect. We should throw away the misconceptions as fast as we can. Gothic Lolita is not necessarily associated with what you think of as “Goth”, nor does it have anything to do with pedophilia. The fashion and the lifestyle don’t contain sexual connotations.  As an alternative, followers show themselves as young Victorian girls and count it essential to appear “cute,” “graceful,” or “elegant” instead of “sexy.”

You might want to buy one of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles from a Japanese bookshop, comic bookshop, or online bookstore. These books will be a great resource for anybody interested in fashion. If you do not have the cash in hand to spend 15 to 20 bucks on one of the Bibles, you can also search on the internet for more information on what exactly “Gothic Lolita” is. It is great to have a good understanding of what the style consists of before you try to dress in that way.

What Are The Necessary Items For Gothic Lolita Fashion?

Invest in a few necessary items. These include (but are not limited to) a white blouse and/or a black blouse (depending on what style your wardrobe is inclining towards), one or two full skirts, a good petticoat, bloomers, and knee-deep or over-the-knee socks. Blouses vary with style, for sweet lolita you may need a peter pan collar, for classic lolita you may want a high collar blouse.

Proper Gothic Lolita can be quite expensive, make sure you learn to clean them properly.


Get a good pair of shoes and/or boots to go with the lolita clothes. Suitable shoes should cover up your whole foot. The heels should be as wide as the natural heel itself. Spike heel is occasionally acceptable, if comfortable and not too high. Wedge heels might be acceptable as long as the shape of the shoe is appropriate.


A purse is generally a functional Lolita accessory to have. Bag options are endless as long as they match your outfit.


Try to match your makeup to the style. For Gothic Lolita, dramatic deep eyeshadow and a crimson lip work well. The make-up that this Gothic Lolita culture compels to carry is pretty loud and dark enough to keep someone staring at the overall look.


Hair is important for your Lolita look. Choose the right hairstyle to go with the outfit – and wigs are always an option! Bangs (fringe), ringlets, long hair, and pigtails are common. Wild, unnatural color is optional.


Headpieces are an important part of your outfit. Headdresses can be simple headbands or more elaborate pieces adorned with ribbons, lace, or flowers. The most common are the Alice Bow (one large on top of your head, or two smaller ones off to the side), the basic headdress (an oval or rectangle of material decorated with ribbon or lace), and mini-hats/crowns/flowers worn at an angle. Whatever you choose to go with, you must make sure that the headpiece goes well with your outfit. Attention to detail is very important. The fabric and lace or other ornaments on the headpiece must match those of your outfit, yet must not compete with everything else.


Additional elements to look for in a blouse are a nice, tailor-made appearance, puff or cap sleeves, a bib or yoke, pintucks, ruffles or a good amount of lace, and perhaps a neck bow if you wish.


The skirts must be around knee length and full enough to fit a petticoat underneath. Also, be sure that the skirt fits on your waist or a bit beneath it, but not at your hips. To get the appropriate silhouette, the skirt must sit at the natural waist. After you have these, expand into other colors than black and white. A good underskirt is NOTHING like a square dancing petticoat. A-Line or Bell-shaped is recommended. Hoop skirts and light slips will not fill out the skirt correctly.

One last tip, be confident! Don’t take anything from anyone; don’t let people make fun of you. If someone makes a rude comment, reply with a smile or ignore the person. Keep in mind, a cute happy smile is the best weapon over getting angry. Read more helpful guides like this by checking out StyleKawaii.com :3