Gtechniq- Understanding Ceramic Coating: What Is It And What Are The Advantages?

When you want to provide your car with an extra layer of protection, ceramic coating can be an effective way of preventing superficial damage from harming your car’s body.

But what is ceramic coating and how does it work? This article will look at the benefits that can be brought from having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle and other important information you might want to know.

What is Ceramic Coating?


Ceramic Coating is essentially a sheath that goes over your vehicle’s exterior to further protect it against the elements it faces daily. When you drive, the weather, debris on the road, or freezing temperatures, for example, can all affect your car’s appearance if enough care hasn’t been given to it – this is also true if you park your vehicle outside and not in a garage.

The advanced technology behind the development and application of the ceramic coating means you needn’t fret over the state of your paint underneath. It will remain perfectly intact so your vehicle’s aesthetics aren’t jeopardised.

Ceramic coating will need to be reapplied eventually as, while it’s considered a long-term protector, it isn’t permanent. The coating lasts much longer than sealants or waxes do, however, making it decent value for money in comparison.

It’s always best to have professionals apply your ceramic coating because, if you’re inexperienced or unsure, you could make a mistake that won’t look so good and could result in less protection for your vehicle. The team at Gtechniq are adept at handling Ceramic Coating and can do so for your car, just get in touch today.

What advantages can ceramic coating offer you?


The aforementioned environmental factors that our car is likely to face mean that a layer of protection will do no harm. Large stones can still cause damage to your vehicle, however, but you should achieve greater protection with the coating applied.

Firstly, a ceramic coating makes it easier to wash your vehicle. None of the dirt that happens to make its way onto your vehicle will remain stubbornly on the surface thanks to the hydrophobic makeup of ceramic coating, which makes liquid easier to slide off your car because it has been repelled.

UV rays can ruin the paintwork of our cars by causing fading. Your car won’t look as bright and new as it once did, but you can prevent this from happening by applying a ceramic coating. You can maintain your car’s original vibrancy and glossy look with this sheath.

The value of your car can be kept for longer than usual. It’s no secret that the value of cars declines steadily over time, but you can keep the value of your car higher for longer with a good ceramic coating product.

For more information on ceramic coating or products for your car, explore the Gtechniq website today.