Ultimate Guide to Having a Great Night Out in London 2024

During the day, London’s streets are bustling with sightseers and shoppers exploring the city’s many famous landmarks and shops; but, the city truly comes to life at night.

Have you ever been to London, or are you preparing for your trip at the moment? If so, you should know what is worth the hype, as well as worth checking out.

Some areas of London are home to some of the best clubs and pubs in the city (or even in the world), while other areas have recently become home to a plethora of unique and specialty bars that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. If you need a guide on how to have the time of your life – keep on reading!

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Great Night Out In London 2024: Top 8 Key Facts

1. When to party?

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A night out in London will probably last until the early hours of the morning. Regardless of the day of the week, pubs are normally busiest between 6 and 9 p.m.

If this is your first time visiting or going out, make sure that you’re well prepared, or possibly even book some things in advance. You don’t want to be left hanging, right?

London’s bars, clubs, and pubs often stay open until 3:30 a.m. on the weekends, although they close at about 1 a.m. on weekdays.

Expect most bars to open around 4 p.m. during the week.

2. Check out Clapham

If you want a specific recommendation, Clapham is worth mentioning. This is a wonderful neighborhood in London for visitors and residents alike.

Great tunes and refreshing drinks can be found at any of the neighborhood watering holes.

Infernos Nightclub, 64th and Social, and So. UK are just a few of the well-known nightlife establishments in the Clapham area.

Do you want to party, have a drink, or eat dinner? This place has it all! For instance, Be At One Clapham Common is one of the greatest cocktail bars in the region.

Visiting these places in London will unquestionably be some of the highlights of your trip.

3. Roxy is a common go-to

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Chances are that you’re going to hear a lot of great things about Roxy (mostly from locals). The Roxy is a New York-style tavern located in the heart of the West End that transforms into a club at night beneath the busy Fitzrovia streets.

The club hosts events every night and is open on Sundays during federal holidays, ensuring a variety of musical genres. It is an affordable (yet classy option).

For instance, students receive a good discount on their beverages. Two beers cost £3.90, and a double spirit and mixer cost £3.70.

4. Colors Hoxton for dancing

The new Hoxton Square bar and club Colours, which feature a variety of artistic expressions, strive to be an inclusive space.

Do you want to dance your heart out and listen to some good music? If so, just know that Colours’ has a 300-person capacity live music venue!

It continues to invite artists from all around the world, playing everything from hip-hop to electro-pop in its gorgeous space.

Every night something else may be playing, so book the night that you fancy and look forward to the most.

5. Try out a night bus tour

night bus tour
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A wonderful way to see London at night is to take this 90-minute double-decker bus tour of the city. Since it is at night, you can have the time of your life and explore the other touristy side of London.

You may view attractions like the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament from one of London’s most well-known modes of transportation.

Once you hop off the bus, you can go have a drink with other tourists from the bus, or ask your guide for a solid nearby recommendation!

6. See a comedy show

Almost every night of the week, London hosts a variety of comedy shows. Are you looking for a good laugh instead of a party night out?

If so, just know that amazing comedians perform in a variety of local clubs and theaters, and their shows never fail to leave audiences in tears.

As one of London’s longest-running stores, the Comedy Store has an unparalleled variety of comedic goods that will suit everyone’s personal preference. It is a staple of the London comedy scene, playing host to between six and seven acts per week!

7. Visit a casino

Visit a casino

The most well-known and substantial casino in the United Kingdom is The Hippodrome. Some of you may want to test your luck, right?

If so, just know that the Hippodrome has six pubs, a steakhouse, a cabaret theater, and three floors of gaming inside for you to explore!

NFL games serve as a representation of American culture while adhering to Las Vegas-style rules, allowing foreigners to truly feel like they’re at home.

Due to the casino’s popularity, A-list performers frequently appear there, and you might run into some of them.

Fun fact: Prince had his last show in the UK in 2014 at this exact place.

8. Have someone to go out with

No one wants to feel alone, right? We all like to enjoy someone’s company when traveling, and having good companionship next to you is a vital step.

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