How To Be In A Relationship With A Gamer?

Finally Unlock the Mystery to the GG’s and Gamer’s Brain!

Oh boy do I have a treat for you! My stepdad actually showed me this over the weekend and I think it is hilarious. I encourage you to watch this video with your Gamer or GG with an open mind. You can take it as literally as you want – if anything it’s just a good laugh. The comedian describes how a man’s brain works differently than a woman’s brain in a very colorful analogy.

Men have boxes with one topic per box and they are very careful not to let the boxes touch. Women, on the other hand, have a ball of wire that connects everything with everything and it’s powered by emotion. It really is a hilarious analogy and I do believe there is some amazing truth in it. The comedian is actually a scientist, and his humor is based on research on the human brain. After watching the video, the next time you discuss with your Gamer about the drama between your girlfriends – see if you can hear the lid slide off the “nothing box.” Check out our gamer couple goals if you’re interested!

Want more fun ideas?

Here is the “Toilet Seat Pet Peeve” rehashed in gamer terms.

How to be in a relationship with a gamer girlfriend vs boyfriend?

Gamer’s Girls Pet Peeve

1. Leaving multiple, wireless game controllers on the couch or coffee table.

There’s a reason we have an entertainment cabinet.

2. Leaving the TV input on the console setting.

Going through the universal remote settings to watch 15 minutes of the morning news is not a way to start the day.

3. Having to reset everything to watch a Blu-ray on the PS3.

See above.

4. Having the computer on (including the monitor) to download torrents when you’re not home. 

Do you really need ALL the episodes of Venture Brothers waiting for you when you get back?

5. Not charging the wireless game controllers.

Guys should open doors, pull out chairs, and charge the 360 controllers.

Gamer’s Pet Peeves

1. Adjust the mouse sensitivity without setting it back.

It’s not my fault your hand-eye coordination is weak.

2. Brushing your hair, right next to the computer desk, and getting wisps all over the mouse pad. 

Do I shed all over your stuff?

3. Doing your nails at his computer desk while searching the internet or playing a game.

How can I play Champions Online like a man with pink streaks on my keyboard?

4. Asking, “Are you trying to kill that guy?” while he’s playing a first-person shooter.

* Sigh *

5. Cracking open a new game box, removing the game disc, and then replacing it with the game resting the console… and then repeating it through about 10 different games.

I’m going to start hiding your shoes until you understand.

Feel free to post your Pet Peeves in the comment section!

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