How To Do Cosplay Makeup For Beginners? (7 Tips)

Close to the skin’s foundation

Close to the skin’s foundation can make a more perfect good, very simple, you just slightly damp makeup sponge first place in the refrigerator a few minutes later, the cold sponge making a good foundation in the wiping of the skin, you Extra skin will feel fresh, make-up also seems to be particularly refreshing.

The cool eye drops

Drinking or lack of sleep will make your eyes look very tired and bloodshot. You can drop a drop or two on the fatigue effects of eye drops with ease, making eye capillary congestion, rupture of the symptoms are slow, but eye drops are not possible, but maybe too many adverse effects.

Effective the eyebrow

If you always feel that holding a pencil in hand refuses to write, not draw a satisfactory eyebrow. Might be a new attempt: in the arm with colored pencil, with the eyebrow brush dipped in color, evenly brush the eyebrows, you will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural soft makeup effect.

Cold towels

Redness of the eyes, bulging bags under the eyes make you look listless, not panic, cold towels and hot towels to turn deposited in the eyes of the more than 10 minutes, then ice towel for a while, tired of the eyes will look back.

A small mirror flat on the table

You draw detailed liner may be a major problem, in fact, not difficult, you have to do is to first elbow in a fixed place, such as your dressing table, a small mirror flat on the table, so eyes down Look in the mirror, you can rest assured eyeliner out.

White eyeliner

The eyes are the window of the heart, eyes large and bright people are often impressed, you can try a white eyeliner pencil to draw next, so a pair of eyes appear larger more vivid.

Spray moisturizer

Make-up completed, from the left face to face for a distance arm spray moisturizer, makeup can be more lasting.

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