How To Meet A Gamer Girl?

This one is for the fellas.

A Gamer recently emailed me inquiring as to where I met my Gamer. I was surprised by the question; not ever thinking it would come up, but replied nonetheless.

It was a typical “girl meets boy” scenario at the end of my senior year of high school.
And, so, began the awkward romance between a couple of 18 years olds which blossomed into a long-lasting gamer couple relationship.

After reciting my story, I asked the Gamer who emailed me – “Out of curiosity…why do you ask?” He was curious to see how I met my Gamer in hopes to gain insight. He, himself, wanted to find a Gamer’s Girl (GG) of his own with a common understanding and observation that I focus on in my blog.

Having received other emails quizzing me with similar questions, I thought I’d share my viewpoint in the hopes to open a dialog between current GGs, Gamers, and Gamers searching for a GG. So how does a Gamer meet a GG?

First off, I want to expose how I gained my insight, so that you may understand where the answer to this question comes from. I am really humbled by the appreciation and comments thrown my way in regards to advice, insight, and inspiration. My goal has always been to share my experiences and views to inspire Gamers and their GGs to discuss their relationship. Granted, I am a self-proclaimed NON-expert, I have always valued shared advice through experiences. That’s the power of hindsight, my friends. I have made mistakes, lived and learned, and compromised for the past years.

Once upon a time – I was NOT a GG. In fact, I was very far from the Gamer’s world (We didn’t have youtube, Reddit, WoW, or Facebook, and Gaming was just beginning to ramp up to dominate pop culture).

Before I met my Gamer, I enjoyed games, but mostly stuck to the action-adventure games and only played them casually. When we first started dating, I, too, struggled with accepting my Gamer’s hobby. We would bicker and I would pout for his attention. It took time to create a balance through experience. Now, I’m happy as a clam in the Gaming world. I even work in the field and have a blog dedicated to it!

So, for those of you searching for a pre-programmed GG among the ranks of GGs, you might be looking in the wrong place. Girls aren’t just walking around beaming with relationship insight and fully knowledgeable about games and the Gamer’s world. What you should be looking for is a girl with the basic, potential GG skill set to build your relationship with and have your own experiences.

What are the qualities of a good gamer girlfriend?

Open minded.

She will need to be open to accepting a new world.

A little on the goofy side with some quirks.

You’ll want her to have a sense of humor, of course, but you’ll also want her to giggle and shout “The Cat is MINE!” when she plays Katamari for the first time.

Can entertain herself.

She’ll need to be self-reliant and not solely depend on you to entertain her.

Understands the power of compromise.

This is the most important. She’ll have to have a grasp on the value of compromise and understanding vs passing judgment and being right.

An understanding and need to plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

*Optional, but a huge plus.

Of course, you can meet a potential GG with an even higher skill set, but the basics tend to be more available.

Where can you meet a potential gamer girlfriend?

Well anywhere really. My Gamer met his GG at Walgreens for cry’n out loud. And I was shy and awkward as all hell. So, always keep your eyes open. Some hot spots would be bookstores and coffee shops over clubs and bars. Somewhere you can casually socialize without expectations and awkwardness. Everyone knows why you’re chatting up a girl at a bar. Including the girl. So remove yourself from that pressure.

How do you attract a potential gamer girlfriend?

Opening a door, pulling out a chair, commenting on a book, giving cuts in a coffee line because you don’t know what you want and ask for a suggestion, saying “please”, “excuse me”, and “thank you” – all of these things are casual and generally not creepy. It’s just manners and polite chitchat. You’d be surprised how far basic manners will get you. In Generation Me, chivalry is hard to find and very appreciated. Each gesture offered might not land you a number, but the more you do it – the more comfortable you’ll feel interacting with a girl you don’t know. So, when you do feel ready to make your move after a friendly gesture – you’ll increase your chances with confidence.

The added benefit of meeting in a bookstore or coffee shop is that you are already in a setting to chitchat. So, you have plenty of time to work your way up to “meet again sometime.” Maybe at the same place, next week, around 2 pm. You don’t even need her number for that one. People frequent book stores and coffee shops – especially book stores with coffee shops!

There are a million scenarios and opportunities to meet a gamer girl. So, don’t limit yourself to these few tips. But it’s a great start!

Ok GGs and Gamers, it’s time to offer up some stories and tips. Please share in the comments section.THANKS!

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P.S. GG stands for Gamer’s Girl, not Gamer Girl. ‘GG’ is NOT ‘a girl that plays games.’ A lot of GGs don’t play games – at all. While Gamer Girls are part of the Gamer’s Girl community, a GG is someone who has dated, fallen in love with, or married to a Gamer. GGs have different levels of gaming experience. It ranges from being a full-time Gamer to having no interest in playing.