Light Academia Aesthetic Guide (2024)

You might have heard of Light Academia and wonder to yourself what it is, what it means, and how to get into that aesthetic.

Light Academia is an aesthetic that focuses on the softer and gentler side of dark academia. It still embodies the love of reading, literature, writing, art, music, history and higher education, but with a lighter, less doom-focused feel that shows that knowledge brings light and happiness outside rather than a gothic darkness seen curled up in a corner. Both subcultures draw inspo from established schools and universities such as Oxbridge and Ivy League schools, as well as the environments in which they are located.

The light academia is a beautiful concept that makes you feel like you’re back in the old days when things were just more beautiful, romantic, mysterious and elegant. It’s a style that has become extremely popular with TikTok and Instagram users over the last few months because of its calm nature and classic feel. Many people are trying to get into this trend by having a light academia lifestyle and I want to help you achieve that!

What is light academia aesthetic?

Light Academia aesthetic revolves around the essence of classic academia, mystery, positive energy and romance. It takes inspiration from traditional universities, libraries, castles, galleries, museums and boarding schools of the Victorian era and some elements from the Medieval era. If you like light neutral pale colors and think that your style is somewhere around ‘preppy’, ‘vintage’ and ‘academic’, then this aesthetic is for you.

What are light academia aesthetic colors?

The light academia aesthetic is designed to be scholarly, magical, romantic, balanced, neutral, elegant and classy. Its color palette primarily consisting of beige, camel, copper, champaign, blush, tan, gold, light brown, light gray, light olive, slate and sapphire colors.

Light Academia Aesthetic Clothing

Light academia clothing is not only for women but also for men. It is the most popular for summer but looks refreshing for fall and winter outfits too. The light academic outfit style should look clever, classically beautiful but largely withdrawn. You should always have classic books in hand to look romantic, scholarly and elegant.

Light Academia Aesthetic Room

A light academia room can feel welcoming and woodsy, it is a more modern version of the traditional academia style. From muted neutrals to timeless pale color schemes, there are plenty of aesthetic room decor to choose from – whatever your taste. If you’re looking for ways to transform your home into a light academia paradise, here are some tips to help you get started.

Light Academia Aesthetic Places

Light academia is an aesthetic based on a love of knowledge and scholarly pursuits. Oxbridge, Durham University, the University of Edinburgh, Yale, Harvard and other Ivy League universities are frequently featured in light academia collages and mood boards.

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