How To Dress Lolita Cosplay?

A perfect Lolita outfit is an extremely tough quest undertaken by many girls.  Often, the actual outfit worn is a far cry from the attempted or the desired one. Many girls, especially the newcomers in Lolita fashion, confuse the term ‘cosplay Lolita’ with Lolita. There are numerous clear-cut differences between the two.

Cosplay Lolita is sported by those desirous to dress up in a Lolita costume, often for an anime or game convention. The outfit is usually put together crudely and is created from a type of satin, decorated with loads of scratchy lace, and not befitting for the Lolita fashion as a whole. Many of these dresses are often too short and flaunt too much skin, or possess an uncanny resemblance to a maid or a nurse. The latter is due to the common misconception that associates the Lolita style with maid or nurse characters in anime.

An appropriate Lolita outfit, on the other hand, represents elegance and modesty. It is as delicate as a porcelain doll. Quality Lolita dresses are normally made up of cotton fabrics and cotton laces. Lolita accessories can also add a more appealing touch. The Lolita fashion style bears a stark resemblance to the Victorian and Rococo eras in terms of beauty and sophistication. One must apply the following tips to transform into an elegant and classy Lolita.


Cosplay Lolita is known for its fabric made of satin, therefore, any kind of shine on the material must be avoided. Instead, lightweight cotton of superior quality must be preferred.


Sophistication is a must, so in case, your neckline is too revealing, one must wear a blouse beneath, or in case the skirt is too short, make another or wear bloomers.


Cosplay Lolita usually overdo the lace, and this is a ‘must avoid’ in order to provide a classy look. Instead, a judicious balance between lace and open space has to be made, or else avoid lace completely!


A fashionable Lolita will normally be found sporting a low heel or platform mary-janes, or maybe even a cute pair of sandals. Sneakers and stiletto platforms are strict no-no’s.


As such, there is no specific style of hair for an elegant Lolita, though a ponytail is usually avoided. Pigtails, straight, curly, puffy, buns, or with bangs are usually the preferred alternatives.


A cosplay Lolita usually wears no petticoat, a hoop skirt, or a square dance petticoat. The latter gives an unwanted outward flare shape, whereas the hoop skirt is rarely worn well. Generally, proper Lolita’s wear a petticoat style called a pannier, which enhances the skirt portion and creates a cupcake-like shape. They are created from two or three layers of crinoline netting. To identify a pannier, wear it under a skirt, it should provide a cup-cake-like appearance to the outfit. Bloomers, if worn, must be above the knee and hidden from plain sight.


One of the most underrated steps in obtaining the Lolita look is scanning through magazines or internet sites for examples of the styles to be replicated. Lolita’s clothes also need to be cleaned carefully, don’t forget to read our guide on it!

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