Lolita Dresses: Sweet, Punk, Rococo, Victoria Styles Explained

The so-called Lolita dress is actually a simplified version of the West 17th and 18th-century court dress, similar to a doll-like dress. The design inspiration is mainly from the French Rococo (Rococo) period and the United Kingdom Victoria (Victorian) period.

Rococo Lolita Dresses

“Rococo (Rococo)” is a word from French “rocaille”. It contains the meaning of ” spiral shell”. the spiral shell is used to describe the kind of plastic art in the use of curve lines and complicated decorative style. Rococo is mainly used in the style of interior decoration, which is also a baroque building developed on the basis of architectural styles,

Rococo style is characterized by indoor applications with bright colors and delicate decoration, furniture is very delicate and somewhat cumbersome. In order to imitate the natural shape, interior architectural components are often made of asymmetric type with the shape-changing, but sometimes it tends to be a little artificial. The favorite color of Rococo-style interior walls are vivid green, pink, rose red, and other bright warm light colors. Indoor baseboard sometimes is wood, sometimes it was made into exquisite boxes that surrounded by a circle of lace, and in the middle often lined light-colored oriental brocade.

The rococo style reflects the era of Louis XV of France that court aristocracy life interesting. this style has swept Europe for a long time. The typical one is the salon of the Paris prince and the queen’s living room of Versailles
Rococo style is mainly emphasis women’s slender, beautiful, slim, and fragile women.  It is good for showing the women’s shoulders and collarbone in particular. The woman who put on the dress can show us their beautiful body figure.

Victoria (Victorian) Lolita Dresses

Victoria’s (Victorian) style originated from the 18th-century style and was led by Britain’s Queen Victoria. Alessandra Victoria succeeded to the throne in 1837 (she is only 18 years old), she ruled the United Kingdom until she passed away in 1901. she is the monarch exist for the longest time in history. They call that period the “Victorian era.” At the same time, the Victorian era is the most glorious in British history, it is a time of prosperity.

The victorian era is not only the culmination of the British Industrial Revolution period but also a period of great prosperity of economic, cultural, scientific, and industry. At that time people are all advocating moral integrity and modesty polite. At the time the society are also formed with the progress of gender equality and racial equality, the concept of gender and racial equality are also a good speeder for the abolitionist movement for the United States thought liberation.
There are lots of schools of literature in the Victorian Era and art movement, including classical, neo-classical, Romantic, Impressionist art, and post-impressionist. The arts community has witnessed a spectacular sparkling Star. The Lolita dresses are influenced a lot by the Victoria culture.

Sweet Lolita Dresses

There are more than nine varied styles of Lolita dressing however the most childlike look can be clearly stated as the sweet Lolita look. This look is however liked by many females as it gives an opportunity to escape from the matured side that a female has to sport every day and go into the childlike look and explore the lost child in yourself.

The sweet lolita dress style usually includes a lot of bows, frills, nets, ruffles, etc. basically all the things that fit in a child’s wardrobe. Colors as you would have guessed would be predominantly pink! However, the babyish pastels are also given a chance but just the absence of matured hues is all that matters.

The makeup for this style is usually kept low and very minimal. However, as the sweet Lolita means portraying a child, you have to make amendments to your skin. It should look like smooth babyish skin and hence applying a thick layer of toner is quite important. Later on, pinkish cheeks and eye shadows would complete the look as far as make-up is concerned. However, the hairs are also given due importance and pigtails with curls giving good bouncy volume are always welcomed!

Punk Lolita Dresses

The dressing is becoming an important criterion in the modern world of fashion and designing. It adds the factor of charm and grace to the personality of a person. Due to the ever-increasing demand for fashion and design, different designs and styles of dresses have been introduced. These have been given different names on the basis of the source of their origin. Like Lolita fashion has also given name on the basis of its origin.

The punk dress has some additional accessories and things that have made it unique from other dresses and clothing. Some of them are:

  • Tattered fabrics
  • Safety pins
  • Chains
  • Screen printed fabrics

Some other factors and styles you will see in Punk Lolita fashion maybe

Classification of Punk Lolita dresses:

The punk Lolita dresses are further divided into two classes or designs. Both of these designs have little variation in the style of skirts and some other factors. One design has a skirt having a length almost reachable to the knees. The selection and choice of the deconstructed fibers or studs are very important in increasing the glamour and beauty of this design. Moreover, the use of different types of layering on the skirt is the main key in creating the impressiveness of this dress.

Punk Lolita dresses and their demand:

The style and quality of the dresses of punk Lolita have been improved with the modern techniques and advancement in science and technology. Moreover, Punk Lolita fashion is becoming world famous with enormous speed and pace. In order to have a dressing that completely fulfills the standards and demands of Punk Lolita fashion, one must have complete knowledge about Lolita fashion. In short Punk Lolita dresses are some of the best Japanese street dresses.

Why People Love Lolita Dresses?

Lolita dresses are assoсiated with Vladimir Nabokov’s ground-breaking novel “Lοlita,” about a 12-year-old temptress. However, one of the most impoгtant reasons that girls are crazy about Lolіta dress сlaim tһat there is nο conneсtion between the dreѕs and the namesĸae. So these dresses сan be woгn many times and soмe cheap lolita dresses are іn low price. The line iѕ made from sophisticated materials that arө often more than а single piece.

Lοlita dreѕses are а һit among fans of the Lolita culture and don’t like the idea οf it bөing called a costumө. There are many dіfferent kinds stylөs of lolita dresseѕ іn today’s shοp, it containѕ wholesale lolita dresses, sweet lolita dresses, and sο on. If yoυ want to maĸe yourself looĸ sweety and young, you cаn chοose the sweet lolita dresses. Of course, it is my own idea, you can try others.

What Is The Best Color For Lolita Dresses?

Besides, the сolor of lοlita dresseѕ is also various. When going to special shops for lolita dresses, you will find many beautiful colors. Among аll color dresses, the black lolita dresses and pink lolita dresses aгe tһe most popυlar іn today’s lolita markets. The color of black іs always in fashion, so you do nοt worгy about that the dresѕes of blаck will bө out the fashion world. What’s more, every үear іt wіll put on tһe new stylөs аnd you can һave more choices.

No onө wіll knοw whаt will hapрen οn thө designer οf lolita dresses at next second? But we all know he аlways gives us tһe biggest surрrise өvery year. Eаch of the lolita dresses cаn bring perѕon cοme into his peгsonal magiс wοrld іn details.

How To Wear Lolita Dresses For Girls Of Different Body Sizes?

  • Slim girls can adopt short Victorian-style skirts and stockings while slightly plump girls can wear knee-length Lolita skirts. Since Lolita’s style aims to give a pretty and cute look it is best to underplay any sexy look.
  • Skinny girls can wear all dark colors while if the body size is slightly on the plus size you can use some light, pastel colors which will make them look slimmer and skinnier.

What To Wear With Lolita Dresses?

You may want to purchase one of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles from a Japanese bookstore, comic book store, or online. These magazines are a great resource for anyone interested in the style. If you don’t have the funds to spend 15 to 20 dollars on one of the Bibles, visit one or more of the listed External Links for more information on what exactly “Gothic Lolita” is. It’s good to have a strong foundation regarding what the style consists of before you attempt to dress in that way.

Invest in a few essential items. These include a white blouse and/or a black blouse cosplay, one or two full skirts, a good petticoat, bloomers, and knee-high or over-the-knee socks.

  • Blouses

Blouses vary with style, for sweet you may want a peter pan collar, for classic you may want a high collar. Other elements to look for in a blouse are a nice, tailored look, puff or cap sleeves, a bib or yoke, pintucks, ruffles or a decent amount of lace, and perhaps a neck bow if you wish.

  • Skirts

The skirts must be around knee length and full enough to fit a petticoat underneath. Also, make sure that the skirt fits on your waist or a little below it, but not at your hips. In order to get the right silhouette, the skirt must sit at the natural waist. After you have these, expand into other colors than black and white. Red, pink, light and dark blue, brown, and floral patterns are common. A good petticoat is NOTHING like a square dancing petticoat. A-Line or Bell-shaped is recommended. Hoop skirts and light slips will not fill out the skirt correctly.

  • Footwear

Get a good pair of shoes and/or boots. Appropriate shoes include the classic Mary-Janes and Mary-Jane-inspired shoes, platforms, chunky heels, or espadrilles that cover your whole foot. Ballet flats are generally not like as they do not look quite “right” with knee socks, though you may wear them if you wish. If you’re a beginner, you should invest in a good pair of Mary-Janes, as they will always be acceptable.

The heels should be as wide as the natural heel itself. Stiletto heels are sometimes acceptable, if comfortable and not too high. Wedge heels might be acceptable as long as the shape of the shoe is appropriate. If possible, you may go for these kinds of shoes on platforms, as long as they are not meant to be fetish shoes.

Lolita culture has been quite popular not just in Japan but across the world. This 18th-century Victorian culture has been quite admired among teens, especially in the east. The culture tends towards making a girl look innocent and cute rather than sexy and sultry. This can be easily seen in the kind of clothing adopted which comprises girly colors soaked in pink or red. With clothing comes another pair of accessories, Lolita footwear. Just like the clothes, the shoes too are mostly in the shades of pink and decorated with bows and flowery patterns.

Lolita boots are usually quite high, near to the knees and mostly made out of leather. Some also prefer a lower version of the boots that only cover the shin area or are just below it. Apart from the usage of bows, faux fur and pom-poms are also quite common. Since Lolita culture does not allow any “skin show” the taller boots do exactly the same and hence are more preferred during winters. The boots usually have a high heel for support and are available in black and white colors too. Some used multiple color patterns but always with a shade of red and can they usually start at $70.

  • Makeup

Try to look as natural as possible. Anyone can wear lolita, but having raccoon eyes or hot pink eyeshadow does not look good with your classic style Innocent World jumper skirt. Try to match your makeup to the style. Gothic? Dramatic deep eyeshadow and a crimson lip work well. Country? Natural, light makeup and pink cheeks do the trick. But no matter what, do not use whiteface makeup. It looks very costume-like and horrible, and only 80′s era goths are known and should be known for doing that.

  • Winter Lolita Coats

Yes, Winter is just around the corner, and with the arrival of cold, late mornings and nights you’ll need a warm comfortable winter jacket! There are as usual hundreds of different brand names and jacket styles to choose from. Here we are going to select a few that we think are the most stylish and best value for money come this winter.

What Is The History Of Lolita Dress?

Lolita fashion gained popularity in the latter half of the 1970s when popular brands like Milk, Angleic Pretty, and Pink House designed and advertised clothes that closely resemble today’s Lolita. This trend is mainly influenced by the Victorian and Rococo periods’ clothing styles and has evolved over the years to become widely famous in Japan. The dress comprises of a headdress, dress or a skirt cut till the knee, petticoat, stockings or knee-high socks, high heels, platform shoes, or stockings. This style is closer to giving a ‘cute’ look rather than a ‘sexy’ look. It is an expression of etiquette, historic and periodic eras, and a strong statement of humility and modesty.

Lolita costumes can be bought in any designer clothing shop or also through many websites on the Internet. The first-class materials used and multiple designs make Lolita costumes pretty expensive. For this reason, many girls design their own clothes and accessories according to their choice and affordability. Lolita’s clothes also need to be cleaned carefully, don’t forget to read our guide on it!

Lolita fashion is a beautiful cult and is becoming very popular not only in Japan but in all parts of the world making those who wear look cute and pretty.

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