Lolita Mistakes & Fashion Tips (Outfit Beginner Guide)

Although Lolita fashion originated in Japan, the style is growing in popularity for everyone. It is no longer confined to the Asian world but has found its way into the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and so many other countries. Thanks to celebrities, clothing companies, and other methods of getting the word out, there is an increase in the interest that surrounds Lolita fashion.

Lolita fashion in Anime: If you are an Anime fan or you have seen it, you may notice that Lolita is a common dress amongst these animated characters. Because of this, the Western world tends to see girls dressing Lolita for anime conventions, concerts, and even Halloween. However, there is a sector of girls who see Lolita for what it is – A fashion that is serious. It is a fashion that focuses on high-quality materials and a plethora of strict guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, then the outfit being worn is not Lolita.

But what about areas that may have difficulty obtaining the elements necessary to create a pure Lolita outfit?

Well, with the rising popularity and the respect paid by celebrities to the fashion genre, materials are becoming more easily obtainable. It is even possible to make your own because the material itself is available for you to do so or have someone else make the outfit for you.

As there are singers and other celebrities recognizing Lolita fashion, there are more stores in Hollywood becoming interested in the fashion.

Why Is The Interest In Lolita Fashion Suddenly Increasing?

Well, Lolita has been around long enough in Japan to start drawing attention from other cultures. The cute, fun, and innocent style brings about a lot of curiosity and because some individuals look for innocent and fun fashions, Lolita simply appeals to their taste.

As more people adopt the fashion and display it in their own communities, the curiosity grows. What those observing find out is that Lolita is not a person dressing up to draw attention to themselves, but an actual fashion trend that is meticulous in how it is carried out. Those in Hollywood wearing Lolita are creating means of exposure that the world is noticing.

What Is The History Of Lolita Fashion?

To dabble in the world of Lolita fashion is to submerge oneself in a subculture that began in the 1980s on the streets of Harajuku, Japan. Since then, Lolita fashion has become a genre glamorized and popularized by most young people all over the world. For many in the Western world, the word ‘Lolita’ conjures up images of older men with fetishes for young girls; an ideal fostered by Vladimir Nabokov’s novel of the same name.

However, such theories are frowned upon by dedicated Lolita fashionistas who take their roles quite seriously. The art of Lolita fashion comes not just from wearing pretty doll-like clothes, but in expressing oneself in ways that promote and celebrate one’s beauty inside and out.

What Is The Lolita Culture?

Lolita is a traditional fashion culture. It originated in Japan and is now well known all over the world. Lolita fashion is a type that portrays a very cute and pretty look. It has quite a lot to do with porcelain dolls as well. The main theme of Lolita fashion is to make young girls look attractive and confident using a modest way rather than using a provocative and sexy way. Girls are required to look feminine in a very modest and decent manner.

The world consists of a large number of countries, each of which has its own traditions, customs, and cultures. The culture of every country defers and is unique in its own way. This applies to everything regarding what people in a particular country do, how they dress, and even what they eat. It is only some countries that have these things similar to each other but the majority differs.

Are Lolita Costumes For Plus Size Girls?

Lolita costumes can be worn by any girl despite her size. If you are able to pull off clothes with finesse and confidence, your size will never matter and you will always look your best. There are many people all over the world who are well known and famous despite being plus size. It does not matter what size you are, as long as you are happy with the way you look!

What most girls think is that they need to alter themselves in order to fit into the right clothes. In fact, it is the other way round. Girls should not alter their bodies, instead, they should buy those clothes which fit them properly and have the correct style. If both these things are present in the clothes you wear, believe me, you will always look your best and feel confident, no matter what you wear!

If you are a person who worries about her figure and gazes at all those celebrities with perfect figures, all you need to do to look good is dress properly. Lolita costumes are great as they come in all sizes and shapes and can easily fit girls of any size. Whether you are a girl with a petite and delicate figure, or you are a little plump, you will definitely be able to find a costume that fits your body well and accentuates all the right areas of your body. So never be ashamed of how you look and always feel proud of what you have!

How Do You Choose The Right Lolita Style?

So how do you decide on which kind of Lolita is right for you? You must first familiarize yourself with the different styles beneath its extensive umbrella. The most popular or common style is the Gothic Lolita – a trend that’s crossed into Western culture. If Goth is not your style, you can choose to be Punk, Sweet, Casual, Classic, Country, Sailor, Ero, Cosplay, Aristocrat, Guro (the broken doll look), Wa (kimono-themed), Kuro (all-black ensemble), Shiro (all-white ensemble), Hime (princess), or Kodona (boy style or masculine-themed clothing).

Start with selecting a theme that most fits your personality and work from there. Note that the key elements to a complete Lolita outfit involve either a knee-length dress or skirt, a headdress, blouse, petticoat, bloomers, socks, shoes, jacket, and other accessories like purses. If you decide to go with the ‘Sweet Lolita’ theme, choose colors that are bright and eye-catching. Most outfits can be seen in blue, pinks, whites, or even black. If you have purchased a pink Angelic skirt, you’ll most probably need pink and white accessories to go with it.

Being able to match items goes a long way in making your outfit unique. However, being unique does take some time, effort, and money.

How Do You Choose The Right Lolita Fashion Type?

Lolita has become an interesting fashion in the young group. With Lolita fashion’s population in the world, more and more Lolita types are accepted by lolis. But it is hard for newbies to choose their perfect Lolita clothing. I often heard the question goes like this: somebody help me to choose the right type of Lolita dress? Am I a “real” Lolita if I only like Punk Lolita? Do I have to choose only one style and stick with it forever? I am a little plump and is the sweet Lolita dress fit me? Is that OK for me to wear a gothic Lolita dress and the Lolita boots?

Here is some advice for you to choose the right type of Lolita clothing:

  1. There is no rules said you could not wear any or all of the styles to your heart content. It means that you could wear mash up for what you like. But do aware the basic color scheme. It goes like if you buy another pink skirt, you have all the same components to put into your outfit. You do not have to run out and get anything new to match it.
  2. For those girls that looks a little plump. If you are happy with your jugs and do not mind dressing up as an elegant doll, try the sweet Lolita dresses and gothic Lolita. They have the best curves to cover your redundant body. But when you choosing the Lolita dresses from the on line shops, do ask their customer service if you are not sure with measurement. One of the best on line shops like always has the customer service available in 24 hours.
  3. The mash up for Lolita is not popular now, but you could match each others with the color or lace type. For new comers of the loli style, no matter what kind, the biggest warning is also the most logical… It’s treated as any other subculture, weird. People will treat you differently than if you where dressed in a plain T & jeans, responses are good & bad; but remember to stay true to who you are & not give in to any pressure to change.

How To Save Money With Lolita Fashions?

Lolita fashions are usually expensive hobbies; however, you do not have to break the bank just to achieve your goal. Peruse the internet for websites or forums with helpful tips on where to find affordable Lolita costumes for sale. Visit vintage or second-hand stores in your community; as they are treasure troves for the beginner Lolita. Most importantly, remember that being a Lolita is a celebration of your inner beauty, so have fun with it.

Is Lolita A Form Of Cosplay?

Not cosplay! It is important to note that Lolita is not cosplay. As mentioned before, it is an actual fashion trend that is not a costume. It is a costume, however, if elements that fall outside of the Lolita guidelines are added to the outfit. Such elements include leg warmers or shoes such as stilettos.

It is just a matter of time before every community begins to see Lolita fashion personally rather than on a television screen or on the Internet. As the interest grows, so will the number of people of all ages wearing Lolita.

How To Tell A Proper Lolita Outfit From A Cosplay Lolita Outfit?

Lolita’s outfits are of high quality, thus making them difficult to create. Many girls, especially those who have just gotten started with the Lolita fashion, confuse it with “Cosplay Lolita.” Although the two may not seem so different, there are differences between the two.

First, Cosplay Lolita is worn by those who want to wear a costume, but also want to be Lolita. Such is true when attending a game of anime convention. This is an outfit that is put together in a way that can be considered crude. The satin fabric with the scratchy lace that Cosplay Lolita usually consists of does not fit Lolita fashion completely.

The proper Lolita outfit is both modest and elegant. Girls wearing Lolita fashion frequently resemble that of a porcelain doll. Basically, Lolita is a delicate style and a Lolita dress is normally created with cotton fabric and cotton lace. The fashion is also a representation of the Rococo and Victorian eras in regard to its elegance and beauty.

The following steps better explain the difference between a proper Lolita outfit and a Cosplay Lolita outfit:

  • Material:

The fabric that is used to make a Lolita outfit is a high-quality material. Cosplay Lolita, on the other hand, is frequently made from costume satin. If the outfit has any kind of shine to it, that is a telltale sign that what you are looking at is Cosplay Lolita. For true Lolita, you want a high-quality, lightweight cotton material. Lolita’s clothes also need to be cleaned carefully, don’t forget to read our guide on it!

  • Balance:

Although a proper Lolita outfit may have lace on it, it is not “drowning” in lace-like Cosplay Lolita. Proper Lolita has a proper balance between open space and lace. Many of the dresses don’t even have lace on them. It is up to you what you think looks best because it is your outfit.

  • Elegance:

The name for proper Lolita is “Elegant Gothic Lolita.” If you achieve elegance, you have solidified the outfits. You have to make sure you’re modest. If you are wearing a top with a low neckline, a blouse underneath can solve that problem. If you are wearing a short skirt, you can wear bloomers or another skirt underneath.

  • Undergarments:

A sign that Lolita is Cosplay Lolita is that the proper undergarments are not present. No petticoat, hoop skirt, or square-dance petticoat is present. Most Lolitas wear a petticoat style called a pannier. This is a petticoat style that gives the skirt portion of the outfit a cupcake-like shape. The next important aspect is the bloomers. These are short pants that are trimmed in lace and are worn for modesty, warmth, or both. Bloomers are not necessary, but they should be worn above the knee if you choose to wear them.

  • Shoes:

Cosplay Lolita usually consists of platform Mary-Janes, Stiletto heels, and sneakers. A proper Lolita will wear low heeled Mary-Janes or a platform that is not too high and matches the width of the natural heel. A cute pair of sandals may also be worn. On some occasions, Stilletos are acceptable if they are not too high and they go well with the outfit.

  • Hair:

There is really no particular hairstyle that is proper for Lolita, but what girls want to stay away from is the ponytail. Lolitas can wear pigtails, buns, curly, straight, puffy, and styles with or without bangs. Some styles are heavy on the curls and not cut any shorter or longer than the shoulders.

Hopefully, knowing the difference between proper Lolita and Cosplay Lolita will take you one step closer to achieving the outfit that you want to achieve. What you now have that you won’t find in a Cosplay Lolita is knowledge regarding the difference between them and the proper Lolita. Use this knowledge so that you can create the Lolita look that is right for you.

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