Anime Cosplay: Sexy Costumes Of Morrigan Aenslaed From Darkstalkers

Going batty for anime cosplay: Sexy is soaring to new heights with succubus cosplay! Embrace your inner seductress with Morrigan Aenslaed from Darkstalkers brought to real life.

Welcome to cosplay fun! Cosplay is the art of costume play and it goes far beyond Halloween shenanigans.

Although I myself do not possess the talent to create beautiful cosplay outfits, I absolutely adore skillfully crafted cosplay. I often scour the convention pictures I find posted on the Internet for the best costumes just to see how well people were able to recreate their icons.

To kick off the cosplay section of my blog I thought I would use Morrigan Aenslaed from the video game franchise Darkstalkers. I spent hours searching for a classy rendition of this super sexy video game vixen and it was on DeviantArt where I found it. The user 0oMrsHydeo0 shows herself modeling a stunning Morrigan costume, and she even took professional photos! Here is a link to her profile so you can see all of her well-done photos 0omrshydeo0’s DeviantArt Profile/.

All games have stories and bios for the characters involved, and I feel that everyone should know a little about that. Here is a little history behind the character for those not yet familiar with Darkstalkers. Morrigan is a succubus (yeah that’s a type of demon) and she’s adopted.

Overflowing with power, her adoptive parent (Belial) decided to split her power in three and seal away two parts of it. One part became another character in the series known as Lilith, I may write an article on her later with some awesome cosplay to coincide if it is requested! Finding her life rather dull, Morrigan likes to visit the realm of humans for fun and although she is the ruler of her realm (now that Belial has died) she doesn’t want the responsibility and tries to live her life carefreely.

Fun fact: Morrigan was initially meant to be the sweet and cute character, but during development, she became the sexy seductress that she is.

All in all, there have been 5 video games, a comic series, and also animated series all based on Darkstalkers so it makes sense that it is such a fantastic cosplay source!

Follow this link to see more of the artwork by DeviantArt user Artgerm. This user is behind the featured piece of artwork for this article. ArtGerm’s DeviantArt Profile.

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Have a request for a cosplay article? Let me know! I would love to continue the cosplay section based on what you, my readers, want to see.