Neko Maid Outfit

Catgirl Aesthetic

MeaningThe catgirl & catboy culture truly rose in popularity during the 2010s, when the trope became a huge part of the Japanese otaku culture. The cat person aesthetic is also called Neko aesthetic. It is related to the cat-people trope in Japanese anime and manga.
Key ColorsBaby pink, lilac, yellow, blue, etc
Key Motifs– cat ears
– fluffy cattails
– cat paw gloves
– bows & ribbons
– pink collar with heart decor or bells
Personality Match– Cuteness
– Childishness
– Innocence
– Feminity
– Felineness
– Mischievousness
Clothes Style– Frills
– Over-sized pom-pom hoodies and sweaters
– Woolen coats
– Cat maid dresses
– Long fluffy gloves
– Big fluffy mittens that resemble paws
– Long stockings with cat-like patterns or shapes
– Big earrings
Hairstyle– Cat ear headbands or clips with fluff in them
– Bows and ribbons (often attached to chokers or the cat-ears)
– Small bells (often attached to chokers or the cat-ears)
Room Decor Style– Light color round corner furniture and couch
– Soft stuff like sheepskin, terry cloth sheets, fluffy pillows
– Girly decoration with bells, bows and ribbons
Makeup Look– Cat eyeliner
– red nose
– heavy blush
Associated MusicSoft music
Associated Activities– watching anime
– reading manga
– drawing
– part-time at a cat maid cafe
What are the different types of Neko girls?– Neko ears aesthetic girl
– Chica anime neko aesthetic
– Dark neko aesthetic
– Japanese neko aesthetic
– Kawaii neko aesthetic
– Maid anime neko aesthetic
– Neko aesthetic
– Neko anime girl aesthetic
– Neko boy aesthetic
– Neko cafe aesthetic
– Neko cat girl aesthetic
– Neko kawaii aesthetic
– Neko maid aesthetic
– Neko pastel aesthetic
– Neko tyan aesthetic
– Nekoma aesthetic
– Red neko aesthetic
– Red neko girl aesthetic
– Soft neko aesthetic
– Todoroki neko aesthetic
– Vanilla neko aesthetic