Pastel Goth Outfits For Cute & Soft Aesthetic

OriginJapan, Early 2010
MeaningPastel goth girl style is a mix of goth and kawaii (cute) elements, usually involving light colors and sweet designs. The trend is first emerged from groups on and later spread to Tumblr in early 2010. 
Key ColorsBlend of pink & pastel shades contrasting with dark colors like black or burgundy.
Key Motifs– Bats
– eyeballs
– bones
– pastel crosses
– pentagrams
– drippy texts
– kawaii skull and skeletons
– gothic tattoos
Personality MatchEdgy on the outside but soft-hearted
Clothes Style– Black velvet gothic dress
– Corset overdress/shirt
– Goth chain or lace choker
– Fishnets under jeans
– Round sunglasses
– Chunky cross necklaces
– Peter pan collars
– Dyed denim vests
– Oversize sweaters or tees
– Leather garters
– Tattoo print tights
– Lace ankle socks
– Creepers (the shoes)
– Bulk chains & chockers
– Platform boots
Hairstyle– black goth wig
– pastel flower crowns
– Pastel or dip-dye hair
– Studded hairbands
– curly or teased bun, 
– long & loose braid, 
– black lace, dark-colored flowers, or a black veil
Room Decor Style– Antiques creepy cute decoration pieces
– Tarot, skull, death-themed paintings
– Dark theme
– Black & pastel color combination furniture
– Goth plushies
– Goth ornaments

Here is a detailed guide to pastel goth interior design.
Makeup Look– Unusual color lipstick
– Matte
– shimmer shades
– Dark lipsticks
– Black, purple, blue, or even glitter eyeliner
– Dark circles under eyes
Associated Music
Associated Activities– Watch Japanese anime or gothic movies
– Reading gothic horror or romance novels
– Shopping
– Studying tarot, black magic or witchcraft
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– 50s Pastel Goth Aesthetic
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– Fairy Goth Aesthetic
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– Girly Goth Aesthetic
– Goth 90s Aesthetic
– Goth Dollcore Aesthetic
– Goth Forest Aesthetic
– Goth Harajuku Aesthetic
– Goth Hello Kitty Aesthetic
– Goth Kawaii Aesthetic
– Goth Orange Aesthetic
– Goth Vampire Aesthetic
– Goth Victorian Aesthetic
– Goth VSCO Girl Aesthetic
– Harajuku Pastel Goth Aesthetic
– Hello Kitty Emo Goth Aesthetic
– Harley Williams Goth Aesthetic
– Japanese Pastel Goth Aesthetic
– Light Goth Aesthetic
– Yume Kawaii Pastel Goth Aesthetic
– Wholesome Goth Aesthetic
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