How to Start a Poster Business with Print on Demand – 2024 Guide

Have you ever said “This would be a great poster idea!”? If so, you have already taken one step closer to becoming a poster shop owner. Posters have become a fun room decor for lots of people and there is definitely a good amount of demand for interesting and new designs. To learn more about poster business with print on demand, keep reading!

What Is Print on Demand Dropshipping


Print on demand (or POD for short) is an e-commerce business model where a business owner works with a print on demand supplier and sells items with prints. The prints are custom-made by the business owner, while the items are “blank” items the print on demand supplier offers. The business owner doesn’t need to keep an inventory of products – when they get an order in their e-shop they pass the order over to the print on demand supplier who then prints the item and ships it out.

For Who Poster Business Is Perfect?

If you are passionate about posters but don’t fall into any of the categories below, don’t worry! Passion is very important and if you have amazing ideas and you are ready to learn, you can start a poster business no matter your background.



Artists can create whatever they have in mind and then make it into a poster. It can be a drawing, art collage, maybe even sculpture and knits. Everything you can physically make, you can make into a visual representation in 2D.


Digital designers have an edge when talking about poster creation because they often are already familiar with such programs as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign that are used to creating digital designs. Designers can use their ideas and easily make them into art pieces that later on someone can use as a home decor.



Writers have a way with words, so quotes, affirmations, and inspirational posters are just right down their alley. If a writer is not particularly familiar with digital design tools, they just need to find someone who will make their written word ideas into reality.


Photographers do amazing work that they are happy to share. You can always post your pictures or even sell them online, but nothing looks as good as freshly printed high-quality photographs. For a photographer poster business is perfect. You can sell your photo print untouched or add some text or design to them, such as a frame or inspirational quote.



Are you a teacher or lecturer? Why not find fun in selling posters for educational purposes? You know the study material, so you can create amazing visual materials that will be useful for the teacher as well as the students. It can be a print that you can hang on the wall or something smaller that students can use in the classroom themselves.

Influencers/Content Creators

If you are an influencer or content creator (blogger, Youtuber, etc) you have definitely already thought about creating merch for your brand. While hoodies, t-shirts, and phone cases are fine ideas for merch, why not add posters to the mix? It can be your favorite saying, your motto, or anything else that resonates with your brand and your audience.

Print on Demand Business Owners


Posters are quite an easy position to add to your print on demand business if you are thinking of expanding. Just ask your print on demand supplier, do they print posters. If yes, then you just need to find a designer who will create breathtaking artwork for your shop.


Are you someone who is just starting out as an entrepreneur or already has a business in a different field? Maybe you can add print on demand posters to your product range! For example, if you have an online tea shop, why not add cute posters of tea as one of your products? If you use print on demand services, you just need to create a design as a one-time thing and if someone is interested, you get extra profit!

Finding a Print on Demand Supplier


A very important step in starting a print on demand poster business is finding your print on demand supplier. We recommend checking out . They have worked with canvas and poster prints for years now and have perfected the technique. The customer service and shipping rates are also superb. When you start working with, you will be assigned your personal manager, so you will always receive undivided attention and uninterrupted, fluid cooperation.

Avoid Copyright Issues – Use Original Artwork

It is very important that you use original artwork or if you want to use something created by someone else, make sure you have the right documentation to avoid copyright issues. Copyright laws are different in different countries and even states, so definitely consult someone with extended knowledge in the field.

It is also notable, that even if you create something original, it is best to check if there isn’t a copyright on something similar. Unfortunately, sometimes our mind piles up things in our subconsciousness we have seen and then presents them as new to our consciousness, so we can unwillingly create copyright material.

Make Sure the Designs Are in the Correct Size


If you are selling posters in page formats like A5, A4, A3, etc, check if the dimension for your photoshop file and later the print file is correct. It will allow the print on demand supplier to print the best quality photo, which is something you obviously want.

Selling Platform

To sell your posters you will need a webpage or a Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy shop. You can create a webpage with ease if you use platforms that are already built for it, for example, Shopify or WordPress with Woocomerce. If you are not technically savvy, you can always hire a programmer to help you with the technical stuff. However, maintaining the website and managing products and orders usually doesn’t require any technical skills and is doable by anyone who is ready to learn something new.

Marketing on Social Media – Pinterest and Instagram


Pinterest is perfect for acquiring potential buyers’ attention. People often browse Pinterest to find inspiration for anything – from lifestyle to home decor. These are the good categories where you can shine and show off your product.

Instagram as well as Pinterest is a very visual platform. Inspiration, cute photos, and gift ideas – are some of the things Instagram users are looking for when attending the platform. By taking good pictures of your product and creating a story, Instagram can become a very strong selling platform for you.

In Conclusion

A poster business starts with an idea. Look around and find something you can create a poster about. The rest is working with a designer (if you are not a designer yourself), creating a business plan and webpage, and putting to work your marketing skills. Good luck!