Kawaii Aesthetic Houses: How To Design A Real Cute Home Exterior? (24+ Themes)

Yes, we are not talking about a cute kawaii house theme of Minecraft, pixel art, Sims 4, Animal Crossing, Acnl, Bloxburg, Roblox Adopt Me, Stardew Valley, Toca Boca, or any of those cartoon/animated/miniature houses.

We are talking about a REAL physical cute aesthetic house that is as kawaii as you can imagine in your sweetest dream! So here we are, 24+ real cute house aesthetic types to inspire you for your home makeover!

Kawaii Pink House

This is the cutest and the most adorable color for both house’s interior and exterior.

Hello Kitty Themed House

Hello all the Hello Kitty fans in the world, YES, you can have a Hello Kitty aesthetic house (outside & inside)! Read this to steal ALL the adorable ideas.

Japanese Kawaii House

Aesthetic Cute House

Cute Victorian House

Cottagecore Aesthetic House

Two Story Kawaii House

Simple Cute Kawaii House

Tiny Kawaii House

Big Kawaii House

Beautiful Kawaii House

Modern Cute Kawaii House

Cute Country House

Cute Bungalow House

Dream Cute Kawaii House

Cute House With Pool

Cute House With Kawaii Garden

The kawaii garden aesthetic, during the years, has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture and lifestyle – lately, it has made a leap into the world and is spreading everywhere. 

Kawaii Sweet House

Cute Yellow House

Cute Vintage House

Kawaii Green House

Fairy Aesthetic House

Kawaii Tea House

Kawaii Tree House

House Near The Sea Aesthetic

Aesthetic Farmhouse

Cute Aesthetic House Exterior 1 Story

House Near Beach Aesthetic

What is a kawaii house style?

A real house is with kawaii style is beyond a place built for people to live in or provide shelter. It is also designed to look youthful, adorable/cute, and childlike. House designers can make anything kawaii by taking on human features to make them appear more lifelike.

Common features that can be often seen in kawaii manga, anime, and cartoons are big heads, small, compact bodies, wide eyes, a tiny nose, and little or no facial expression, these features can be illustrated in kawaii house design through windows and door designs, and the overall simplified circular form of the house.

Choosing pastel or pink hues as the main exterior color scheme is a must. One can even draw murals to the house outside walls to illustrate any cute image.

What does the kawaii house look like?

A kawaii house usually looks lifelike. The aesthetic is based on the sweet physical features of a small child or an adorable animal. Kawaii house exterior paint color usually comes from the pink color family. You can also complement it with a pastel color palette.

If you cannot afford to rebuild or repaint the house, you can also dress up your kawaii house with a lot of cute decorations, such as fairy exterior lighting, kawaii door signs, doormats, stairs decor, balcony railing decor, and cute themed gardens with flowers, etc.

Also, a kawaii house should not look cluttered, haunted, or messy. Some effort should be given to maintain the house to keep it clean, bright, and cute as always.

How to build a kawaii house?

You can design and build a pretty kawaii aesthetic house in the following simplified steps:

  • Pick an ideal location for your house. – It can be on the beach, in the forest, on the tree, next to a lake etc.
  • Design the cute kawaii style of your house. – You can have the house constructed in a lifelike kawaii way with cute window and door shapes to mimick a cute face.
  • Prepare construction site and pour foundation.
  • Complete rough framing.
  • Complete rough plumbing, electrical & HVAC.
  • Install insulation.
  • Complete drywall and interior fixtures, start exterior finishes. – Make sure to choose a cute color scheme for the house oustide.
  • Finish interior trim. – Make sure you have a consistent kawaii style for house interior and exterior.
  • Install exterior walkways and driveway.
  • Install hard surface flooring, countertops.
  • Complete exterior grading.
  • Finish mechanical trims.
  • Install bathroom fixtures. – Bathrooms can look very cute and kawaii, check out this guide to be inspired.
  • Install mirrors, shower doors.
  • Finish flooring, exterior landscaping. – Other than your house exterior paint, kawaii garden design is the other best way to show off your personalities and differentiate your house from the other houses in your neighbourhood.
  • Final walk-through to add cute kawaii decors and details. – Learn more about aesthetic room decoration HERE.

Now you have a lot of new ideas for designing the exterior of your next cute house aesthetic, what is next?

Get more inspiration on how the kawaii house interiors and layout can be designed ==> Read this now.