A Real River Stone Bathtub in the Bedroom? Why Not.

How About a Real River Stone Bathtub in the Bedroom?

Natural stone has been used in interior decoration and furnishings for years. Once employed on floors, walls, or stairs, it remained a permanent feature. Natural stone has always been resistant to the passage of time and trends, captivating users with its naturalness, durability, and uniqueness.

Over the years, trends have evolved to expand the use of natural stone products in interiors. Moving beyond the idea of installing a bathtub solely in the bathroom, interior designs are boldly evolving towards comfort and the introduction of natural stone products in new areas of the home.

Real River Stone Bathtub in the Bedroom

In bold interior designs, a freestanding bathtub is increasingly being designed for the garden, terrace, or bedroom. Why? Because clients desire it; they want to feel like they’re in a hotel, they want the luxury of a spa, and they want their interiors to be comfortable and interesting, enhancing the ambiance of their bedrooms.

Manufacturers of stone bathtubs and stone sinks also confirm that the trends of installing river stone bathtubs only in bathrooms, spas, or gardens are shifting. Interior designers are now seeking solutions for bedrooms, where a stone bathtub serves as an additional element of relaxation, comfort, and design (as no two bathtubs made from such stone are the same). It’s something that is meant to relax, provide a sense of comfort, and bring a natural element to our bodies.

This trend in interior furnishings began to change after the COVID pandemic. People started craving comfort for themselves, appreciating relaxation and their own living spaces, designed according to their needs and standards. The lack of access to hotels and spas led them to create their own private spas. Others discovered that natural stone bathtubs are not as expensive as they once thought, especially when ordered directly from the manufacturer.

How to Create Your Own Home Spa?

Real River Stone Bathtub in the Bedroom

Bring nature indoors. Natural stone relaxes, soothes, and catches the eye. Always, and even more so when combined with water. Simply use more or less natural river stone bathtubs and stone sinks (countertop or freestanding) to realize that the rest of the interior will be mere accessories. The desire to touch or experience relaxation will be focused solely on these interior elements. Moreover, they will never become boring, will never wear out, and will stay with you for many years.

Perhaps your idea of using a natural stone bathtub in your interior is even more intriguing and unconventional?

When you decide to buy a stone bathtub or stone wash basins for yourself, you can adjust the shape, color of the stone and size to your expectations. Therefore, the possibilities you get in creating your space are much greater than in the case of any other products made of other materials. No matter where you are in the world, importing these products with the right manufacturer is very simple and your role is limited to collecting your goods at your local port or the seaport closest to your country.

Inspired by the stone bathtub and stone sink manufacturer – Lux4home™.