Christmas Gift Recommendation: Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum, No Need for a Mobile App

Christmas is the best time for gift-giving, taking advantage of the Christmas to prepare gifts for parents or loved ones is also a great way to express gratitude. With a multitude of gift options, it can be overwhelming. What’s the best gift for parents?  Pad Robot Vacuum, which doesn’t require a mobile app for operation, is a great choice. Redroad G20 base station features a 10.1-inch smart screen, replacing mobile app operation and making it easy for users to enjoy all the smart features, addressing the challenge faced by the middle-aged and elderly who may not be familiar with smartphone app operations

Christmas Event

Christmas Event

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Traditional robot vacuum cleaners can only be operated through a smartphone app, which poses a challenge for many older individuals who may not be familiar with or comfortable using smartphones. As a result, they miss out on the convenience brought by ‘smart’ vacuum cleaners. In contrast, the Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum station comes equipped with a user-friendly 10.1-inch smart screen. This makes connectivity and feature usage straightforward and easy, providing a more relaxed and convenient experience for parents.

Through the Pad, you can achieve intelligent functions such as scheduled cleaning, room settings, cleaning modes, and virtual wall setup without the need for a separate app. Once connected to the Pad, the robot vacuum is ready for use. After establishing a WiFi connection, the station proactively transmits the password to the robot vacuum, creating a connection in just 3 seconds, making the start of cleaning effortless and quick. The Pad’s stable network connection avoids the common issue of app disconnections, ensuring uninterrupted use of the robot vacuum. Additionally, the large screen of the Pad offers a more intuitive interface, with a 10.1-inch display making operations even more user-friendly, especially for parents. Through the Pad, every family member can conveniently ‘command’ the Redroad G20 for cleaning anytime, anywhere, without being limited to a smartphone app.

Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum

Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum

Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum is equipped with a multi-functional base station, which is capable of automatic dust collection, automatic mop cleaning, hot air drying, electrolysis water sterilization, and automatic replenishment of the host water tank function. Parents don’t need to manually clean the dustbin or mop, and they don’t have to worry about not knowing how to operate it—it’s easy and convenient. Redroad G20 station’s cleaning status is visualized, allowing parents to monitor it in real-time through the screen, providing a more comfortable user experience.

Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum features an automatic 20mm lift for the mop, which is 60% higher than regular robot vacuums. This effectively cleans dust on carpets below 20mm, leaving the carpet cleaner. Parents no longer need to worry about wet mopping cloths getting the carpet wet.


Additionally, Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum boasts powerful cleaning capabilities, and advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance technology, making the room cleaner. With 4000Pa suction power and a rotating mop, it can handle various cleaning challenges. The combination of LDS navigation, dual-line laser obstacle avoidance, and TOF wall-following technology ensures that the robot vacuum always cleans in the optimal route while effectively avoiding various obstacles and achieving efficient cleaning

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