Small Aesthetic Bedroom – Best DIY Tips on Trend [2023]

Aesthetic bedrooms have become a popular decor trend in recent years when it comes to building the right ambiance for your most intimate space. A modern boho-style design combined with trendy furniture, as well as the presence of cool lights, and neutral or subdued hues, define an aesthetic room. These adorable bedrooms, which are popular on TikTok, also include various personal touches that allow you to express your creativity. Even if you live in a small place, like a student dorm, there’re some tips to help you make the most out of it!

Storage Furniture

When you have a small but want to use the space efficiently, well-planned, versatile furniture that helps you to space is essential. Your furniture can’t only match the aesthetic you chose, but it also needs to be functional. Choose simple furniture with plenty of storage. It’s also a smart idea to make use of the empty wall space by hanging cabinets or shelves where you may store your books, stationery, or accessories. You can easily find this furniture at IKEA or other furniture stores you go to. Here we have more room organizing tips.

Aesthetic Wall

Keep your walls white as bright color can visually expand the space and make it feel more open and spacious. If you are not a fan of white, other light colors like beige, powder pink, or pastel blue can also work. It is also important to put your stamp on it! Posters that capture your interest, wall collages that reflect your personality, and photo displays that give you a chance to express your creativity can also make your space look more attractive and inviting! Leave them unframed and just simply pin them or stick them onto your wall to make your intimate place cozier. We have more wall decor inspirations here!

A Full-Length Mirror

Natural light is frequently highlighted in aesthetic bedrooms to play with the room’s dimension and mood. Full-length mirrors can be positioned opposite a window to redirect light and make a room appear larger. It also serves practical functions as it allows you to adjust your outfit perfectly before going out. Simply prop a simple wood-framed mirror against the wall for a more casual look. For a more somber and dramatic vibe, use a large mirror with an intricate metal frame. 

Bed for A Tiny Room

For a small room, the bed is for sure going to be the centerpiece of it. Therefore it is important to choose your bed wisely as you can maximize the coziness as well as the function. Pick a comfortable single bed that features a simplistic style, so it will not be too noisy. Take those with drawers so it enlarges the storage space for your room. If it’s a tall bed, remember to use the space underneath wisely, as you don’t want to waste one single corner for storage!

Small Accessories

Room accessories that compliment your room may bring surprising effects in elevating your room’s aesthetics. If you own numerous pieces of jewelry, have an open jewelry box to organize your little treasures. If you are a music lover, put a cute-looking speaker or even a CD player on the top of your drawers. If you are a little bookworm, pick some vintage books or those with aesthetic covers and place them over the room as decoration. If you live in a dorm, check out our college dorm essential list!

Home Plants

Small home plants that don’t take large space can add a feeling of nature to your room. Choose those with cute-looking pots to elevate the aesthetics of your room. If you are not home so often and worry that you can’t take good care of your plants, picking some dried flowers will result in the same effect. Place your plants near the window or on your nightstand will be ideal. Check our guide for plant decor for more ideas.

Cozy Bedding

As we mentioned before, the bed is the most important piece in your room, what covers the bed also becomes a necessary element for your room’s aesthetics. It will be better to choose simplified bedding linens if you have a small room, as delicate patterns usually make the room look more packed visually. Those with unified colors that can complement your room would be a good idea, or the simple lines, waves, and checked patterns can also be a good option. If it’s winter, having a throw on your bed can warm up the room and make it cozier.

Work Corner Makeover

If you’re a studious person, or if you live in a school dorm, then a work corner is also a much-have element to be considered in your makeover. Remember to choose the desks with additional drawers and a cupboard where you can put your working supplies or books. For a small room, the color or material of the desk is expected to align with those of your bed, to give a simpler and neat aesthetics. 

Lighting Inspirations

To create a cozy ambiance for your room, it is better to pick warm yellow lights to bring a sense of home. You can have multiple lamps – on your nightstand or on your desk to serve the functions that appear more practical for you. Another trendy lighting option is to use string fairy lights to decorate your room. They won’t take up much space – as you can simply stick them on your wall. LED lighting with cute graphics or your inspirational quote can also be an excellent accessory on your wall to give the room a more aesthetic touch.

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