Why Do You Need a Smart Water Filter at Home?

If you are a health freak then a life without a water filter is like living in the wilderness and drinking right from the pond.  It is no hidden secret that water plays a very important role in our life. The fact that the entire human body is 60% percent water is enough to tell you that what you drink will eventually go down your belly and become an immersive part of your body.

Sadly, most of us rely on tap water which contains a number of harmful contaminants that are very difficult to remove and eliminate by simply boiling the water. These include chlorine, lead, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals that have long-term adverse effects on our health.  From drinking water and taking a shower to washing dishes and clothes, we use water in a myriad of different ways to complete our daily requirements. So, imagining a life without water would be tantamount to questioning existence itself. There is simply no way around it and clean water is an essential need of living and breathing human beings. Period!

One solution that is quite popular today is the frequent use of bottled water in public, private, and home settings. This is the reason why many of our finicky friends usually rely on expensive branded bottled water for drinking, which is usually quite expensive and just unsustainable in the long term unless your name is Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, or Mr. Gazillionaire.  For all your water troubles we have a simple yet effective solution in the form of smart filters that are readily available in the market today, wherein instead of drinking unsanitary tap water or carrying huge water bottles, you can simply satisfy your thirst by simply pressing a button.

Therefore, installing a smart water filter would not only save a lot of time that can be utilized productively but also help you maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

What is a Water Filter?

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In simple words, water filters are devices designed to clean water. It is the additional line of defense that makes water safe for consumption and another household uses.

Municipal authorities do clean water before routing them your way. However, many residual contaminants are usually left behind as their process is not as rigorous and meticulous as it should be.

Here, a water filter is a convenient way double clean that same water to make sure that it is safe for your daily usage. Some general benefits of using home water filtration for high-quality water include:

  • Cost-Effective (You save money on bottled water)
  • Environment Friendly (You are playing a major role in making the environment more sustainable)
  • Convenience (You are making your life easier and no longer have to worry about clean water)
  • Appliance Longevity (You save your appliances from corrosion causing water)
  • Healthier Skin & Hair (You get an added benefit as clean water begets clearer skin and hair)

Why Do You Need a Smart Water Filter?

A smart home water filter is a great way to not only eliminate all the damaging impurities but also an expedient tool that is equipped with real-time monitoring, smart indicators, and advanced IoT technology that simply makes your life a little easier.

Sure, boiling water is a cost-effective way of cleaning the water that has been used for ages, however, even that won’t be enough to remove microscopic entities and especially the strange taste and odor of tap water. So, after trying out every method in the book and other expensive unsustainable options, you will ultimately end up with a smart water filtration system.

What Makes a Smart Water Filter Different from a Regular Water Filter?

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What makes a smart water filter stand out from the rest of the options in the market is its seamless range of conveniences, making it a more efficient machine than the rest of the competition combined.

Most of the smart water purifiers today come with a mobile app that not only tells you when the filtration system needs a service, regular maintenance, or a filter change but also allows you to control the device remotely. Here are two big reasons why a smart water filter system should be your next big investment:

  • IoT Enabled:

As already mentioned smart water filters can now be controlled from the palm of your hand through mobile apps that are connected with the system and notify you if any change or maintenance is required. Some even allow you to contact customer services for swift action in case of a major fault.

  • Advance Technology:

Unlike traditional water purifiers, smart water filters use advanced technology to purify water. They use a combination of Reverse Osmosis, ultraviolet, and activated carbon-based filters to remove even the faintest trace of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Some Limitations

Like any smart device, to get the best out of these smart water purifying systems a fast-speed internet is a necessary requirement for the optimum functioning of its IoT-based software and hardware.

Here, a great option would be Xfinity Internet which is already quite popular as the go-to American internet service provider. For more information, their team is available 24/7 at the Xfinity phone number.

High-Tech Options Available in the Market

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There are many hi-tech options available in the market. The key here is to keep things simple so that operating the water filter doesn’t become a hassle in itself. For your convenience, we compiled a list of user-friendly smart home water filters that will change your life for the better. These include:

  1. GE Smart Whole House Water Filtration System
  2. PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth
  3. The LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advanced Filter
  4. Bevi 2.0
  5. Cloud Water Filters

Wrapping Up

Like air, water is another essential need of the human body that does not have trees to purify it. Thus, as sophisticated and perceptive citizens of the world, we should go for smart and quality purification systems for a healthier and more convenient lifestyle.