8+ Soft Girl Room Decor Ideas For Girly Aesthetic

The soft-girl aesthetic means a sort of deliberate cutesy, girl-next-door kind of vibe. It is a perfect girly style for the bedroom of any young female – toddlers, twins, little girls, tweens, teenage girls or even adults.

Here is a quick overview of everything you need to know about the soft girl aesthetic:

OriginJapan, from the late 2010s
MeaningSoft girl aesthetic means having a girly sensitive look and being deliberately cutesy. It is an aesthetic from the late 2010s kawaii-centric Japanese softie group of aesthetics.
Key ColorsSoft & pastel pink, white, baby blue, cream, and cyan colors.
Key Motifs– Warm tints
– Fluffy animals and plush
– Clouds
– Hair clips
– Gingham
– Heart patterns
– Soft color flowers
Personality MatchBeing sweet, feminine, kind, happy, chill, cute and kawaii.
Clothes Style– Floral, butterfly, or heart patterns
– Oversized sweaters/hoodies
– Cozy light color clothing
– Plaid skirt
– Pleated skirt
– Pinafores
– Plaid skirts
– Gold jewelry
– Light wash jeans
– Crop tops
– Tied up cardigans
– Fillas
– Heart themed belt
– Baguette bag
– Mom jeans
– White air forces
– Teddy Bears
– Kawaii accessories
Hairstyle– Giant hair clips
– Tinted light color hair
– Braids
– Scrunchie
– A lot of bows
– Playful colors
Room Decor Style– Light color round corner furniture and couch
– Soft stuff like sheepskin, terrycloth sheets
– Girly toys such as teddy bears and plushies
Makeup Look– Heavy ear to ear across the nose blush makeup
– Faux freckles
– Red lip gloss
– Eyeliners
– Fake eyelashes
Associated Music– Piano music
Associated Activities– Stay in a soft aesthetic home and chill
– Reading and studying
– Watching anime
– Listening to/making soft music
– Baking bread and pastries
– Drawing
– Staying up late talking to friends
What are the different types of soft girl aesthetics?– Soft eGirl aesthetic
– Indie soft girl aesthetic
– Soft anime girl aesthetic
– Soft skater girl aesthetic
– Dark soft girl aesthetic
– Soft Asian girl aesthetic
– Soft baddie aesthetic
– Soft kawaii aesthetic
– Soft Korean aesthetic
– Soft grunge aesthetic
– Cute soft girl aesthetic
– Soft VSCO girl aesthetic
– Soft vintage aesthetic
– Soft goth aesthetic aesthetic
– Soft gamer girl aesthetic

After collecting ideas from Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, Tumblr, Discord, Pinterest for hundreds of aesthetic videos and room tours, now is the time to take action and start the soft girl aesthetic room makeover. Let’s start with these essential steps for your girly home transformation!

Make a list of functions needed in your soft girl room.

If you are working on a whole soft girl aesthetic home remodeling, consider how to carry the aesthetic to these rooms during the makeover:

  • soft girl bedroom
  • soft living room
  • soft baby girl nursery room
  • soft dining room
  • soft meeting room
  • soft tv room
  • soft lounge room
  • soft play room
  • soft family room
  • soft interview room
  • soft kitchen
  • soft office room
  • soft music room

Read more tips about the aesthetic design for each room of the home.

Pick a soft girl room theme.

There are so many different ways to design a soft girl’s room to match your soft girl outfit styles. You can go with a soft and feminine look, a boho chill look or a more modern and edgy look. Here is a list of different types of soft girl aesthetics for interior design:

==> Check out this guide for a complete room aesthetic list and this link for all trending girl aesthetics.

Select a soft room color scheme.

A soft girl room is a room that is decorated with soft colors and materials. Soft girl rooms are typically decorated with shades of pink, purple, blue and pastel colors (You can find many shades of pale color wall paints from Sherwin Williams). The walls, furniture, and bedding in these rooms are often made from soft materials such as cotton, fleece, and velvet.

  • soft blue room
  • soft black room
  • soft green room
  • soft gray room
  • soft pink room
  • soft mint room
  • soft fern room
  • soft orange room
  • soft yellow room
  • soft pastel yellow room
  • soft truffle room
  • soft stone room
  • soft white room
  • soft pastel room
  • soft teal room
  • soft peach room
  • soft purple room
  • soft pink and gray room

Plan the layout, walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

When designing the layout of your Soft Girl aesthetic room, consider where you want your bed to be. Place your bed against a wall to create a sense of privacy and security. If you have the space, place a comfortable chair or couch in the room to create a relaxing reading nook. Decorate the walls with soft fabrics, pretty artwork, and hanging plants to create a cozy and inviting space. Consider installing a soft rug on the floor to add comfort underfoot, and hang a chandelier or string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Design the lighting of the soft girl room.

There are a few things you need to take into account when designing the lighting of the soft girl room. You want to make sure that the light is soft and not too bright, as this can be overwhelming and harsh for the eyes. You also want to make sure that the light is warm and cozy, as this will help to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

There are a few different ways that you can achieve this effect. You can use floor lamps with soft, diffused light, or you can hang light fixtures from the ceiling.

Plan your storage, organization & shelving.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to organize and de-clutter your soft girl aesthetic room, consider investing in some soft room storage. You can find a variety of solutions including bags, soft partitions and baskets of different designs, that will help to keep everything neat and tidy. Be sure to choose colors and designs that you love, so you will be more likely to keep your room clean and organized in the future.

Choose furniture and decor that reflect your personal taste.

Soft girl aesthetic furniture and decor are often pastel in color, with delicate lines and curves. They might include a lot of pink and other light colors, with floral patterns or designs. They are often quite pretty and can add a touch of femininity to a room. If you are drawn to soft girl aesthetics, consider looking for furniture and decor that reflect this style. You might be surprised at how much difference this can make to the vibe of the space.

Display your soft room decor and collections.

One way to show your unique personality through your home decor is to display your soft room decor and collections. This might include displaying your favorite plush animals, dolls, or other stuffed animals. You could also showcase your collection of colorful blankets, quilts, or other textiles. If you have a lot of pillows, put them on display in a creative way. You could also use a display shelf, table, or other pieces of furniture to show off your collections.

Soft girl aesthetic room decor list

  • soft area rugs
  • soft room slippers
  • soft room lighting
  • soft room carpet
  • soft room chair
  • soft room dividers
  • soft room darkening curtains
  • soft dining room chairs
  • soft dorm room rugs
  • soft dining room lighting
  • soft room mat
  • soft linen room spray
  • soft room shoes

Where to buy soft girl aesthetic room decor?

You can find a lot of soft girl furnishings and accessory websites. In fact, most items can be purchased at a cheaper price on Amazon or eBay. If you want to buy soft girl items at the lowest sale price then you can even explore sources like Shein, AliExpress or Wish.

Another good idea to support small businesses is to shop from your local shop and thrift stores.

If you are into handmade crafting, indie products, personalization and the concept of upcycling and zero waste home improvement, you can spend some hours in our DIY session or visit Etsy to get inspiration for decoration inspo on a budget.

Delivery time is usually the fastest when ordering from Amazon or local stores. However, you should also care about whether the product or cotton is done by Uyghurs from the concentration camps (You can check out THIS LINK, click “Call to action” then select the category to see brands to avoid), child labor, or anyone working under unfair terms.

How can I make my soft girl room look girly without money?

There are many genius ways to make a soft girl room look girly without spending money. Here are several ways to copy

  • Paint your furniture pink or pastel. This will also help to make your small room looks bigger.
  • Draw girly patterns or details to the trims and doors.
  • DIY cute decorations then display them.
  • Put old bright color fabric swatches from old jeans or clothes to use for a couch cover, cushion, rug, curtain, or tablecloth.
  • Display your feminine cartoon cover, magazine prints, art pieces and collections.
  • Hang your soft girl aesthetic tapestry, anime images, T-shirt on the wall as a visual focus.
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales and Craigslist.
  • Get cute kawaii goodies from friends by exchanging of stuffs you do not want anymore.

How to make a small soft girl bedroom look bigger?

Small bedrooms for soft girls need to incorporate functional furniture that can double as storage. The key to managing a small space is decluttering. You can also open the room by using mirrors and making more light colors that make the room feel bigger. Or set the room to be very dark, so all clutter fades out in the darkness when the light is off.

Here are some popular tricks to make any small soft girl aesthetic bedroom appears to be more spacious:

  • Consider bunk bed to get more floor area
  • Using soft and light colors can refresh any room
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling that helps to create the illusion of taller and larger windows.
  • Use flexible seating such as bean bag rather than a couch.
  • Anchor the bedroom with several visual focal points so the room look more organised and themed.
  • Allow for more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep a consistent aesthetic and choice of style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines and simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.
  • Make plenty of storage under the bed.
  • Create ambiance with lighting to give depth and a visual focus.
  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. For example, you can position a mirror across from a window to reflect light into the space. Then use a series of small reflective items instead of one large mirror to bring light to every corner of the room.

How can you decorate your bed in your soft girl bedroom?

A soft girl aesthetic room is a unique and interesting way to decorate a room. It features light, pastel colors and delicate designs. You should opt for light color round corner furniture and couch in your bedroom, then complete the look with soft stuff like sheepskin and terrycloth sheets. Of course, you also will give your bed a girly special touch by filling it with soft toys such as teddy bears and animal plushies. Try also these steps:

  • Choose soft and calming colors for bedding.
  • Design the ceiling so to see decor when you lay in bed. Glowing stars is a trending idea on social media.
  • Add a canopy for creating a calm private zone that is the best for sleeping.
  • Choose the right size mattress.
  • Indulge in layers of linens of different textures.
  • Have layers of plush pillows and blankets to add depth.
  • Let fairy light string, vines and ivy climb on your bed frame.
  • Throw an area rug at the side of the bed.
  • Get consistent color theme and decorating style for the bed and the room.
  • Adjust your settings to shut out tech when it is time to rest.

What should soft girls put on the bedroom walls?

Decorating a soft girl’s bedroom offers a rare ability to blend all aspects of life. The expression of a unique personality is very important. Here you have a wide range of options:

  • Plenty of shelving
  • Bold contemporary geometric prints
  • Soft girl themed mirror
  • Jewelry racks
  • Oversized wall décor
  • Poster wall of clouds and hearts patterns, and typographic prints
  • Postcard wall
  • Photo wall of travelling with friends and family
  • Figurines & action figures
  • Vines and Ivy, with fairy string lighting
  • Neon signs
  • LED lighting
  • Prints of life motto
  • Memo board with clips or ribbon
  • Whiteboard
  • Blackboard
  • Magnetic board

How should a soft girl organize the bedroom?

No matter what look you choose and how big is your soft girl aesthetic bedroom, there are some basic elements that every girl’s bedroom should have. A comfortable place to sleep, storage for all of her belongings, and a place to study/work/game or do crafts/makeup are all essential. You can also add in some fun accessories, like a canopy bed or a vanity table, to make the room feel more special.

A soft girl bedroom should be organized to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. The bed should be placed against a wall and preferably near a window to allow for natural light. Nightstands should be placed on either side of the bed and should be stocked with reading materials, a lamp, and necessary medications. A dresser or chest of drawers should be used to store clothing and other belongings. A closet should be utilized to hang clothing and store shoes and other accessories. Follow these steps to keep your soft girl bedroom organized:

  • Ask yourself about each item, what to keep and what to toss.
  • Donate any good items you do not need in the next three months.
  • Stack storage containers.
  • Dust your room regularly.
  • Clean often.
  • Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls.
  • Clip binder clips onto your desk and store cords in them.
  • Hang a clothes rack in the corner to display your baguette bag, heart themed belt, soft cardigan, plaid skirt and other pretty fashion items.
  • Opt for a headboard with storage.
  • Hang your laundry hamper on the back of your bedroom door.
  • Use your radiator for shelf space.
  • Optimise under-bed space.
  • Go vertical and put shelves, collections and artworks on walls.
  • Organize the room in sections, and target one section a day.
  • Declutter closets.
  • Create a functional, clutter-free area for reading/study/work/online learning area.
  • Organizing with shopping bags.

How to have a nice smelling soft girl bedroom?

To have a nice smelling soft girl bedroom, you should start by decluttering your room and getting rid of any unnecessary items. Once your room is clean, you can start by adding some soft furnishings, like a rug or a blanket. Next, add some plants or flowers (dried or fresh, like lavender) to your room to give it a fresh smell. Finally, add some scented candles or air fresheners to your room to give it a relaxing smell.

To keep your soft girl room smelling fresh, you should follow these easy steps regularly:

  • Open the windows to let fresh air in
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor
  • Dust the furniture and surfaces
  • Wipe down the windows and mirrors
  • Spray air freshener or use a diffuser