Sons – Is Continuous Treatment Necessary for Maintaining a Strong Beard?

Struggling to grow or maintain a full beard can be frustrating for men who are keen on the look. It’s not always straightforward to grow thick facial hair.

You’re probably aware of the hair loss treatments we have on offer, but is there anything that can be done specifically for beards? And is it a quick fix?

Let’s look at your options for facial hair treatment and what is required to maintain your new look once you achieve it.

Treatment for beard growth


Thankfully, there is a clinically-tested solution to patchy beards or ones that won’t grow at all. Similarly to hair growth on your scalp, the answer lies in aiming to increase the blood flow in the affected area.

Our 3% Minoxidil solution helps instigate growth in the desired areas so that you can have a fuller and complete beard. The treatment comes as a serum called Sons Beard Booster, 1g of which is to be applied daily.

Slightly different to hair on your scalp, the timeline for beard growth with our Beard Booster can potentially be shorter. You can normally see signs of significant improvement from around 4 months onwards. Every person is different, of course, so don’t be disheartened if you reach 4 months and don’t notice the changes yet.

The treatment is designed for men between the ages of 18 and 65 who want to do something about their beards. We wouldn’t suggest that anybody outside of this age range apply this treatment.

Expectations and reality when it comes to your beard


While a thick beard is desired, sometimes you need to assess the likelihood of this happening. For example, if you struggle to grow a beard at all, it seems unlikely that any serum will transform your facial hair into a thick and bushy beard. Therefore, being satisfied with filled gaps and fewer patches is a good target.

Sometimes home remedies are bandied around online, with people praising their effectiveness, but the research behind these measures is lacking and should be viewed with some skepticism.

Genetics, your diet, the quality of sleep you get, and how much care you take of your skin and facial hair play consequential roles in the chances of you growing a full beard. In fact, hormones passed down your lineage can determine the sensitivity your hair follicles possess to testosterone, a determining factor in beard growth.



Taking supplements, like Biotin available from Sons, will not harm your efforts to grow a beard. This vitamin is linked to an increase in keratin, which is an important protein that contributes towards hair growth.

If you have gaps in your beard and want to address the problem, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about hair growth on Sons’ website today.