Starcraft Joke

Ah, Starcraft. It brings back so many memories from when my Gamer and I first started dating, several years ago. In the early months of our new relationship, my Gamer wasn’t all balls-to-the-walls nerdy in front of me. I knew he was into video games – but it wasn’t until that fateful night, maybe two months into our relationship, that I really knew what I was in for.

It was a cold and rainy night… My Gamer had told me he was going to his friend’s house to hang out. I had already made plans, so it worked out perfectly. When my plans got canceled, I tried calling him to see if I could tag along, but his phone kept going to voice mail. You know that no reception-double ring to voicemail call. I thought it was odd but thought nothing of it.

I became utterly bored sitting in front of the TV and decided to drop by, unannounced. He always invited me to hang out with his friends so I didn’t think it would be a problem.

When I got to his friend’s house, his mom answered the door (we were all 18 so it wasn’t weird that his friend still lived with his mom).

“Oh! They’re all out in the garage,” she said.

The garage? That’s kinda weird – especially since it was such a cold night. She led me to the door, I turned the knob, and there they all were. I don’t remember exactly how many desktop computers they had strung together with old tables and rickety chairs. It had to have been between 6-9 computers.

They were shouting at each other. “Zerg” this and “Terran” that. I stood there for a few minutes not knowing exactly what to do. I’d never seen this before. Then I noticed my Gamer’s computer – the desktop he used at home. He looks over and does a double-take at me standing in the doorway. He looked very surprised to see me. Like I walked in on him naked for the first time.

“oh… hey… um hi… uh…” he choked.

“Did you bring your entire computer here to play a game?”

“Yea. We LAN up our computers to play Starcraft.”

He and his friends would cart their entire desktop computer from home to their friend’s garage to LAN. We’re talk’n before flat screen monitors! Internet was so shitty that it was worth lugging all that equipment around.

He stared at me and I stared at him. I gave the garage a good look over to find a chair.

“Can I play?”

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