37+ Vintage Room Aesthetic & Decor Ideas

The vintage aesthetic comes with a variety of styles and pieces from various eras.

Mid-century furniture brands such as G-plan, Ercol, and Eames are always popular. Another favorite era of mine is the Georgian era, which features elegantly designed symmetrical antiques. I also like vintage industrial items made of concrete, exposed materials and unpolished weathered elements. Mixing unique vintage items of different eras in one interior creates an impressive one-of-a-kind look for your home.

Maybe you want to buy every bargain you come across, but find it hard to determine which pieces are worth buying vintage. This blog is for you if you’re that vintage store enthusiast!

đź’› Aesthetic Things To Buy For Vintage Room ==> Home decor, lamps, lighting, chandeliers, desk lamps, swag lights, paintings, artwork, oil paintings, pictures, mirrors, etchings, statues, garden, books, records, rugs, carpets, vinyl records, clothing, vintage dresses, signs, lockers, medical instruments, jewelry, room dividers and screens, watches, clocks, collectibles – You vintage room cannot look complete without these cool essentials, check it out!

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Industrial Vintage Living Room

The eclectic mix of vintage furniture, decorative antiques and accessories will add charm and character to any living room. Popular vintage aesthetics for living room includes rustic, industrial, art deco, chic and modern. Vintage couches and upholstery pieces have a unique charm and personality that is often not found in wood or metal pieces. They are well-crafted and can withstand use, but can also be easily redecorated with new upholstery if desired.

Pastel Vintage Dining Room

Do you think vintage furniture will be too much work to care for? Vintage furniture construction is usually more sturdy, but it’s important to be aware of the fragility of the old thread.

If the vintage dining room chair hasn’t been regularly sat in for decades, you may find small splits in seams within the first few months of use. These can usually be easily repaired with a thick needle and strong thread. Plus, buying mismatched chairs creates a fun look. And if you’re not a fan of the dull color fabric, just switch it out to shades of pastel!

Orange Vintage Kitchen Aesthetic

Shopping at your favorite stores like Ikea and Anthropologie can be comforting, but you haven’t really experienced shopping until you’ve gone to a vintage store or flea market and found a unique statement piece for your kitchen that you know none of your friends will have. There’s something really satisfying about finding an item that is unique and knowing that you got it for a good price.

Indie Vintage Room Lights

Lighting can be a great buy on the consignment market since you can often find standout fixtures that no one else will have. However, when buying vintage lighting, be aware of the voltage of the bulbs you will be using. Things were a lot different back in the day! You should avoid using 100-watt or above light bulbs in vintage lamps, as they may short or start to burn.

Retro Vintage Aesthetic Furniture

A variety of beautiful vintage and antique furniture awaits, including chest of drawers, coffee table, sideboards, mirrors, desks and bureaus, tables and chairs, trunks, garden furniture, mid-century modern furniture, midcentury vintage furniture, dining room sets, credenzas, side tables, sofas, couches, settee, wall units, bookshelf, kitchen items, bar sets, barware and accessories for the home. However, be sure to measure your space before you buy any vintage aesthetic furniture. All too often, people buy a vintage piece they love, only to realize it doesn’t fit in their space. For more vintage items, find your inspiration in our guide!

Vintage Angels Aesthetic Room

There are many interesting and fun vintage angel-themed items to collect. Not only do they provide a unique way to understand the past, but they also help preserve history for future generations.

Art Deco Vintage Art Room

Vintage art in an art room can be a good investment: not only will you not have the same print that everyone on Instagram has, but that painting of a random woman might just be worth a pretty penny someday.

However, many people shy away from buying oil paintings that aren’t in great condition. But part of the joy of buying vintage is that pieces have been used and have lived prior lives. A few small scratches or chips to a piece usually add to its charm.

Cute Vintage Family Room

For added warmth and personalities, choose vintage family room furniture made of materials like teak, rosewood, oak, walnut, mahogany, pine, glass, acrylic, lucite, brass, silver, bronze, steel, metal etc.

Pink Vintage Reading Room

Although it won’t have that new leather smell, a high-quality reading sofa from a vintage store is a much better value than buying a brand new one. Research and staying open-minded will save you time than focusing on getting a specific style, brand, material, or aesthetic.

Modern Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom

Antique rugs are a great find for your bedroom because their value tends to appreciate over time. Modern rugs don’t have the same resale value. The old rug may be worn, but if they are worn evenly, they will still make an incredible statement in your home.

Some things to look for when purchasing a handmade rug include ensuring that it is not machine-made, that it has been well-cared for with no exposure to light or pet odors, and that it has not been washed with harsh chemicals. This will help to ensure the longevity of your vintage rug.

Vintage rugs come in a wide variety of colors and techniques and are generally a more affordable option than contemporary rugs. Although they may have stains or wear, as long as you are aware of where you are using them and what furniture will be covering them, this is usually an easy issue to workaround.

Minimalist Vintage Aesthetic Anime Room

Mid-Century modern tables and chairs can help to add some vintage style into minimalist rooms. Their sleek design will help to create clean lines while also keeping your space simple and open.

To design a vintage anime room, it is important to keep in mind the era the room is intended for. For example, a room designed for an 80s anime fan would be decorated with neon signs and bright blue and yellow wallpaper, while a room designed for a 90s anime fan would feature darker muted colors like brown and beige, and more intricate designs.

Kawaii Vintage Style House

When choosing the style of your vintage house, it’s important to consider the elements that are typically associated with that style. For example, shingle roofs typically have wide eaves and pitched roofs, while Tudor homes are often built with red brick walls and turrets. Colonial homes are typically built with white walls and blue door and window frames. 

Industrial Vintage Laundry Room

This style is often associated with old-fashioned values, such as simplicity and efficiency. It can be a good option for a laundry room that wants to maintain a clean and organized appearance.

Dark Vintage Gamer Room

Vintage floor gaming chairs are a great option if you’re looking for something that will feel comfortable and retro. Consider using vintage posters or photos, vintage game room signs, retro gaming consoles, old-fashioned controllers or headsets, or even a vintage computer monitor to display your preferred vintage style.

Artsy Vintage Garden Room Decor Ideas

Antique garden room furniture is special because it is old and has a lot of history behind it. It is also different from other furniture because it is made with high-quality materials. Having a few pieces of vintage furniture in your garden room can add personality to the space and help to start conversations.

The London plant room of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is decorated with antique furniture, exotic plant, vinyl, pots of great details, and outdoor with objets d’art. It provides a lot of vintage inspo for you to copy.

Grunge Vintage Dorm Room

The grunge vintage vibe looks quite Y2K instead of the traditional antique aesthetic. So how should you shop for vintage grunge furniture? Well, the simple answer is to have fun with it. Free from the conformity of current fashions, you can acquire pieces just because you like them and because they inspire you.

Adding texture to a room can add warmth and make it feel cozier. You can do this by mixing antique and vintage decor textures, layering neutral rugs on top of large Persian rugs, placing silk pillows on a leather couch, or storing knitted blankets in an old woven basket under a Mid-Century Modern table.

Boho Vintage Office & Study Room

The 19th Century also brought us the ability to mass-produce furniture, which allowed more people to own well-made furniture in their homes.

We were able to employ new materials in the mid-20th century to reimagine our old classics into new forms. Today, we remain fascinated with the mid-century look, but when searching for old furniture, you have over 400 years of amazing choice in front of you.

Rustic Vintage Gun Room

If you are a fan of vintage items, there are many ways to add them to your gun room, whether you choose a few carefully selected accessories or go all out with a mid-century style. Vintage hunting and gun-inspired treasures can be found at antique shops, flea markets, or stylish relatives.

Small Vintage Powder Room

We’ve gathered together some of our favorite examples of decorating with vintage pieces, from artfully placing pictures, antique vanity or sets of glassware to the eclectic style that looks like you might actually be about to set up an antique shop.

Girly Vintage Room Ideas For Teenage

Vintage rooms for teens can be fun and stylish. You could go for a more classic look and use items that are popular from decades ago, mix current items of a modern look, then include some fun and unique soft aesthetic accessories such as rose decor, a poster of Paris and plushies to help make the room stand out.

Hipster Vintage Aesthetic Theater Room

A few questions to ask yourself before purchasing vintage furniture for your theatre room: 1. Will this add character to your space? 2. Are you only getting it because it seems more affordable than contemporary pieces? 3. Will it last a long time?

White Vintage Tea Room

The furniture design in the 17th and 18th centuries was very innovative, and many of the designs from that time are still classics today. It is also the time when people started to explore new exotic types of wood, like mahogany, satinwood, and rosewood in their tea room furniture or interior design in general. Many of these species are endangered, so they can only be enjoyed through antique furniture.

Glam Vintage Grand Room

If you want to add glamour and sophistication to your grand room makeover, consider buying an Art Deco chest of drawers. If you want to feel like a Victorian detective, buy a deep-buttoned armchair. Or if you want to feel like you’re living in the 17th century, place a coffer at the end of your couch.

Art Hoe Vintage Sewing & Craft Room

Do you have any unused vintage suitcases? If so, you can use them as a side table in your craft room. You can also store any extra knick-knacks in them.

Art hoe aesthetic vintage craft room evokes a feeling of nostalgia by incorporating traditional and sentimental artistic elements into your home. If you’re interested in giving your interior a vintage makeover, here are some ideas to copy!

Unique Vintage Front Room

When decorating a front room in a vintage style, you first need to choose an era to use as a template. Your budget will depend on the era that you choose, as some eras have more expensive furniture than others. Here are some tips on how to create a vintage room decor look on the cheap.

Green Vintage Operating Room

If you want to have a vintage-themed operating room, you can go to antique stores to find treasures. You can also look for items at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. You can also find old lampshades to replicate the style of a particular era.

Casual Vintage Guest Room

If you want to add a vintage feel to your guest room, you can try looking for bedding and decorative items with a vintage style. You could also create your own bedding or cushions if you can find some vintage linens. To create a 1950s American theme, find colorful fabrics for bed linen and pillows, and hang large prints of pop-cultural icons from the era on the wall. For a 1920s theme, incorporate art deco and modernism into the bedroom, or use fake animal skins which were popular at the time.

Yellow Vintage Nursery For Baby

You should use light or pastel shades for your vintage nursery, and maybe white as the basic color. You can add textures and patterns, and should use neutrals and pastels to create a more eye-catching look. Don’t forget about using vintage metals like brass for more elegance.

Blue Vintage Utility Room

Adding blue shades to your vintage-style home can be easy by mixing pieces that are within the same color palette. To save money, you can make furniture out of suitcases, use an old workbench as a kitchen island, and try adding a dark leather trunk as a coffee table and a neutral Persian rug to tie together mismatched wood frames for an antique farmhouse style! Popular blue color themes include beach, ocean and sky.

Vintage Style Music Room

You can create a vintage-themed music room in your house to show off your antique collectibles. For example, you could have a 1950s tin sign-themed music room, with a funky chair and a jukebox. Or you could have a retro-themed music room with old records, band posters, and a phonograph.

Farmhouse Vintage TV Room

When decorating with antique and vintage items for a TV room, it is not necessary to use big pieces right away. Start small by choosing one corner to craft the design around. It could be as simple as starting with a decorative armchair and then slowly adding pieces around it.

Hippie Vintage Vape Room

One way to add personality to a vape room is to mix vintage furniture with your unique hippie vibe antique collectibles. Create a cohesive look with a bright puffy chair and a compilation of black-and-white photos on the wall, or display a variety of vape gear as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Antique Vintage Waiting Room

Add a touch of retro style to a waiting room, entryway, or dining room with a credenza. Use it to store fine china, as a TV stand, or as a minibar. You can also pair a credenza with a round vintage mirror on the wall or milk jug vase to add contrast to the sleek design and get some warmth.

Chic Vintage Dressing Room

If you’re looking for a chic rustic look in your dressing room, say goodbye to modern partitions and hello to worn vintage doors! Painting old doors the same color as your furniture will help you get the look you desire while tying everything together with extra vintage decors like a hutch for storing blankets or an antique chandelier.

Mid Century Vintage Lounge Room

Do you have a lot of old books that you’ve collected over the years? Why not use them as antique wall decor in your vintage lounge room instead of just putting them on a bookshelf or coffee table? You can use nails to fasten the books to the wall for a statement piece, or make a collage with torn-out pages and put decorative vintage frames around them.

A bar cart is a versatile vintage decor item that can be used to add a touch of chic to any room while also providing extra storage for knick-knacks, crystal decanters, or heirloom cocktail shakers.

Gold Vintage Bath & Shower Room

If you’re looking for some interesting pieces to decorate your bathroom with, be sure to check out your local antique shops! They usually have a great selection of black-and-white photos, decorative frames, vintage mirrors, and old business signs. You can create a cool gallery wall with these items to really give your the corridor and the bathroom some personality.

Vintage Inspired Room For Guys

Wooden crates can be used as an antique decor item in every guy’s room! They are not only great for storing small plants on a windowsill or holding documents in a home office, but they can also act as the perfect coffee table in your men’s cave or on your patio! Popular vintage-inspired themes for men include motorcycle, race car, baseball, beach, route 66 etc.

OriginThe trend for “vintage” products gained popularity in the 1960s, it is a direct response against fast fashion. Prior to this, the trading and wearing of old clothing had different connotations.
What is a vintage aesthetic?Vintage aesthetic means styles that evoke a certain period (or a mixture of periods) from the past. The aesthetic was formed from the modern recreation of the 70s-90s style and can be illustrated through many different mediums such as fashion, photography and even furniture. It’s also an aesthetic with the purpose of showing individuality and uniqueness.

What colors are vintage?
– Red
– Pink
– Orange
– Green
– Blue
– Yellow
Key Motifs– Polka dot
– Porcelain plates
– Floral sewing pattern
– Classic vintage watches
Personality Match– Classic
– Old fashioned
– Unique personality
Clothes Style– Floral swimsuits
– Pencil skirt
– Circle skirt
– Peter pan collar blouse
– Shirtwaist dress
– Pull-over sweater
– Skirts with blouse
– Faux fur pillbox hat
– Vintage Burberry coat
– Chunky bracelets and spikey necklaces
– Spiky heels
– Bellbottom jeans
– Crop tops
– Dior
– Prada
– Versace
– Relaxed denim
Hairstyle– Gold hairpieces
– Silk scarf hair accessories
– Diamond accessories
– Curly bobs, angular bobs, long bobs, sleek bobs, spiky bobs
– Lacquer wig
– Finger waves
– French braids
– Victory curls, tight barrel curls, beach curls
– Braided buns
– Pixie style with dainty bangs, curly bangs, feathered bangs
– The comb-over bouffant
– The pixie
– Side ponytails, sideburns,
– Pigtails
– Bowl cuts
– Full volume, feathered mullets, voluminous chignons
– Punk spikes
Room Decor Style– Retro art
– Headboard
– Rustic wooden furniture
– Classic vanity
– Industrial vintage iron bed frame
Makeup Look– Black painted nails
– Thick lined eyes
– Clear lip glosses
– Dark mascara
Associated Music– Chiptune
– Pop
– Rock
– Jack Jhonson
Associated Activities– Retro games and home decor
– Watch movies and chill
What are the different types of vintage aesthetics?– Vintage chic aesthetic
– Vintage glamorous aesthetic
– London vintage aesthetic
– Vintage academia aesthetic
– Vintage core aesthetic
– Vintage fairy aesthetic
– Vintage girl aesthetic
– Vintage Parisian aesthetic
– Vintage retro aesthetic
– Vintage skater girl aesthetic
– 50s vintage coquette aesthetic
– 60s vintage coquette aesthetic
– 70s vintage coquette aesthetic
– 80s vintage coquette aesthetic
– 90s vintage coquette aesthetic
– Cute kawaii vintage aesthetic
– Pastel vintage purple aesthetic
– Simple vintage aesthetic
– Pastel vintage yellow aesthetic
– Vintage 00s aesthetic
– White aesthetic vintage
– Indie aesthetic vintage
– Vintage Tumblr aesthetic
– Yellow vintage aesthetic
– Pink vintage aesthetic
– Pastel vintage aesthetic
– Retro vintage aesthetic
– Flower vintage aesthetic
– Fairy lights vintage aesthetic
– Bicycle vintage aesthetic
– Vintage angel aesthetic
– Vintage anime aesthetic
– Black vintage aesthetic
– Cottagecore vintage aesthetic
– Dark vintage aesthetic
– Hello kitty 80s vintage
– Modern vintage aesthetic
– Vintage paper aesthetic
– Pastel goth vintage
– Red aesthetic vintage
– Romantic vintage
– Vintage art hoe aesthetic
– Vintage butterfly aesthetic
– Vintage dark academia
– Vintage glasses aesthetic
– Vintage goth aesthetic
– Vintage grunge aesthetic
– Vintage peach aesthetic
– Vintage princess aesthetic
– Vintage rainbow aesthetic
– Vintage stickers aesthetic
– Vintage summer aesthetic
– Vintage sweater aesthetic
– Webcore vintage aesthetic
  • Retro,
  • Mid century modern,
  • Danish modern,
  • Vintage modern,
  • MCM,
  • Arts & crafts,
  • Art deco,
  • DECO,
  • Religious,
  • Chinese,
  • Japanese
  • Asian,
  • Italian,
  • Hollywood Regency,
  • Antique,
  • Victorian,
  • Eastlake,
  • Shabby chic,
  • Industrial,
  • Rococo,
  • Minimalist,
  • Abstract,
  • Space age,
  • Madmen, 
  • Modernica,
  • Mid century transitional,
  • Denmark,
  • Scandinavian design, 
  • Swedish Scandinavian,
  • Contemporary,
  • 1930’s,
  • 1940’s,
  • 1950’s,
  • 1960’s,
  • 1970’s,
  • 1980’s.
  • 1990’s.
  • 2000’s.

Who are the famous vintage furniture brands?

  • Eames,
  • Herman Miller,
  • Milo Baughman,
  • Knoll,
  • Bertoia,
  • Paul McCobb,
  • Hans Wagner,
  • Mobler,
  • Adrian Pearsall,
  • Heywood Wakfield,
  • Stickley,
  • Greta Grossman,
  • Dunbar,
  • Drexel,
  • Dux,
  • Barcelona,
  • Brown Saltman,
  • Saarinen,
  • Paul Frankl, 
  • George Nelson,
  • Arne Jacobsen,
  • Verner Panton,
  • Borg Mogensen,
  • Finn Juhl,
  • Wormley,
  • Thayer Coggin,
  • Poul Kjaerholm,
  • Poul Henningsen,
  • Knut Hesterberg,
  • Eichler,
  • Noguchi,
  • Le Corbusier,
  • Florence Knoll,
  • Ray Eames,
  • Charles Eames,
  • Edward Wormley,
  • Gustav Stickley,
  • Stickley Brothers

To name just a few.