Where Is the Cheapest Place to Thrift Online? – 2024 Guide

If you are considering saving some money and want to start purchasing some secondhand clothes, you are in luck because today, we are going to talk about places where you can do so. We will also answer the question of where is the cheapest place to thrift online and check what options are currently available.

Thanks to advanced technology and, of course, the internet, you do not have to travel long distances to do your shopping anymore. Purchasing thrift clothing and furniture shopping was never easier, and it is possible to do it through online consignment shops. In this article, we will assist you in finding these shops and provide you with some extra information about them. We have a lot to cover, so without further redo, let us get started.

How to Find the Cheapest Place for Thrift Items?

best places to sell online

The fact of the matter is the prices will vary between each resale shop, and the best course of action is to explore and then some. It would be a great idea to check multiple shops before finally opting for your purchase. Consignment stores usually have pretty good prices, and the clothes you can get there are almost new.

We will list various shops, so there will certainly be something for everyone. As we mentioned earlier, the main trick is to explore as many options as you can, and you can definitely find plenty of choices in these stores. So, let us start with the list.

1. Swap

Swap thrift online

Swap is a pretty original store, and as they state, it is “premium and designer finds, $15 or less,” which really stands out when it comes to online thrift shops. Although that price does not apply to everything, you can find a wide variety of secondhand women’s, men’s, plus-size, kids’, and babies’ clothes.

In fact, Swap offers more than 2 million unique items, and thousands of new items are added on a daily basis. The store has offices in the United States and Europe and often has promotions when they accept quality items for resale in most of their warehouses.

2. Thredup

Thredup thrift online shop

Thredup is an online consignment store where you can find huge collections of women’s and kids’ secondhand clothing. Moreover, this is one of the biggest online thrift clothing stores, as they currently boast more than 52 million sellers and millions of items spread across 35.000 brands of all sorts.

Aside from that, Thredup is also one of the more affordable options to go for online, and you can find plenty of cheap yet quality clothes and items here. In case you are not looking to shop and just want to clean up your closet, you can also become one of the sellers. Overall it is a fantastic place to shop and sell, and if you are on the hunt for thrifting, check their website out.

3. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro thrift online shop

Beyond Retro is a UK-based shop where you can find very rich collections for both women and men. This store is a boho fashionista’s dream, as it boasts collections with everything from the 60s to 90s, and they add thousands of new items every week and sell over 90 million items each year.

Since the store is looking to make these numbers even bigger and expand its customer numbers as well, it also has a Reworked Vintage range for upcycled clothing. Although there is no option for reselling old clothes, the store provides a discount for students.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark thrift online shop

Poshmark is definitely one of the most popular thrift online stores you can find nowadays. It is a peer-to-peer thrifting website that also has highly popular android and ios apps that make it possible to buy and sell super easy and super fast.

Overall, the store is geared toward the more modern side, but it does have some retro gems worth considering in your purchases. Currently, Poshmark features over 200 million items spread across more than 5.000 brands. The collections are vast, and they cater to women, men, kids, pets, and online thrift store home decor.

6. Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale thrift online

This designer online thrift store is based in Chicago, and it offers a wide variety of affordable clothes and accessories. Here you will find luxury secondhand clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry coming from the top brands around the world, and all of that up to 80% off regular prices.

It is one of the best online thrift stores based in the United States, as it also offers complimentary stylists to ensure that each item is carefully inspected and verified to be authentic. Sellers use a consignment model and offer pre-paid shipping labels and pickup services in some cities.

7. eBay

ebay online shopping

eBay has been around for a very long time, ever since 1995, and pretty much everyone has heard of it by now. It is a California-based multinational company that changed the whole e-commerce game by being one of the biggest influences in encouraging the secondhand economy.

In fact, it is a general opinion that if it were not for eBay, making this list probably would not be possible, and it remains one of the most popular thrift online stores to this day. With eBay, you will have access to a wide variety of secondhand clothing and accessories from many eras and cultures around the world, so it is a shop where you can find pretty much anything.

8. Depop

Depop thrift online shop

Depop is a London-based operation, and they love to call themselves “the creative community’s mobile marketplace.” It is a highly popular thrift online store and very accessible for everyone that looks for quality pieces of secondhand clothing.

Their website and store are unique and function like a weird combination of a Poshmark-like online thrifting app that looks similar to the Instagram feed. Much like social media, their site is as much about buying and selling as it is about broadcasting and displaying everything you bought and sold. Although this store is not for everyone, it will be a blast for anyone that wants to express themselves and buy something unique.

9. Flyp

Flyp thrift online shop

Flyp is a San Francisco-based platform that connects people who have secondhand clothes to sell with ones that want to buy them. It all started as the resale entrepreneur James Kawas realized that more and more people would be encouraged to sell their old clothes if the selling process was easier and more accessible.

The store accepts good-condition clothes, shoes, and handbags from all sorts of known fashion labels and designer brands. The items you want to sell need to be rip, smell, and stain-free in order to qualify for selling. They also do not accept non-branded or fast fashion labels similar to Forever 21 and H&M.

10. Goodfair

goodfair online thrift shop

Goodfair is a store that offers various items for men and women, and they take everything secondhand, perform quality checks, then send them for sale. There are also individual garments available, but most generally come in bundles.

The store releases new items daily, but if you want to purchase a bundle, you should follow everything closely as they go very fast. The best way to approach this is to subscribe to the email list so that you can snag whatever you like as soon as it goes live on the site.

Final Words

The fact is that thrifting online is a cool activity that might, in the future, give the fashion industry a makeover and remind everyone that clothes do not need to be new to be beautiful. You can find everything in these stores, from retro pieces of clothing to cool vintage furniture for your home.

Moreover, keeping used clothes in circulation for a long time is a step in the right direction when it comes to conscious consumerism. So do not waste time and check some of the stores we have listed, and we guarantee you will find something special and give some old clothes a breath of fresh air.