Witchy Bedroom Makeover – 9 Best Tips To Begin With

Witchcore is an aesthetic centered on themes of witchcraft, spells, magic, and the metaphysical world’s mystery. If you believe in supernatural creations and want to tap your own witchy energy into your bedroom, a makeover of your most intimate place is much needed. Certain elements to be considered in making your bedroom a magical and sacred place, while you’re free to fill up the rest with your creativity. Here are some tips to help you start to create your witchy bedroom.

Color Scheme

When it comes to colors for your space, the witchcore aesthetic has two major motifs that may symbolize both the “Dark” and “Light”. If you want your room to resemble more of your emo and mythical style, try to paint one wall dark to avoid the overly suffocating feeling. Check our guide for a black aesthetic room for more ideas. Or you can go for a softer and earthier tone to create a more boho vibe. Try colors like beige, lavender, or dusty pink to create a warm and natural ambiance.

Wall Aesthetics

For witchy wall decor, choose those art pieces that can represent your spiritual inner self. Some elements that frequently appear on witchy themes can be incorporated as well, for example, the moon, stars, or zodiacs. You can choose to frame them either in woody frames that align with the natural style of your room or leave them unframed and simply just stick them onto your wall, check our poster wall decor for more inspiration. For a more distinguished witchy theme for your space, it is also smart to hang up some vintage tarot cards.

Furniture Ideas

To make your furniture fits perfectly the witchy tone of your room, you may not want to take those pieces with distinguished modern or futuristic design. Choosing those simple designs featuring dark woody styles will be a good idea. You can also hunt for old vintage cabinets or rusty timber shelves on flea markets, as those would add an extra boho touch to your room. For making sure you have the right energy in your most intimate space, take those love-at-first-sight pieces!


You can not be a big fan of crystals’ disputed magical wellness abilities, but something is astonishing about the fact that crystals emerge organically from the earth. And there’s something about that fact that gives it one of the most representative features when it comes to witchy home decor. Perhaps the fact that these minerals and stones have been there for millennia, and their raw, unpolished appearance makes us feel linked to something wild and free, to have one in your bedroom may contribute unexpected effect to the ambiance. 

Apothecary Vases

Another amazing way to infuse the witch vibe into your space is using vases that resemble potion bottles found in an antique apothecary. Appear for vases that look like they may be used to make a potion. These vases are elegant while triggering a feeling that you concocted a magical elixir that cast a spell. You can choose to fill them with dried flowers that give an extra vintage vibe.


Using large amounts of candles is another incredibly simple method to incorporate the witch aesthetic into your abode. Let your imagination run wild with candles. If you decide to go all out and light a bunch of candles all at once, it’s recommended to have some unscented candles available. Or you can pick those scented candles that have your favorite flavors, maybe woody tones, to make the scent linger in your room and trigger the deepest inner feelings.

Nature Plants

Plants are powerful, and these lives may bring a special energy to your space, which comes as no surprise to plant lovers. It is claimed that nature plants have magical abilities in addition to cleaning the air and adding visual interest. Tropical plants, such as the rubber plant, promote warmth, whilst the cactus is excellent for defining boundaries. If you’re aiming for growth, then pick ivy or pothos and place them next to the window or your bedside. We also more plant decor ideas here.

Lighting Theme

As an important element in determining the vibe of your room, the lighting theme is crucial to creating the right witchy vibe of a space. To complete your witchy aesthetic space, make sure it’s well-lit with warm colors and avoid bright white lights, which will completely detract from the atmosphere. LED candles or warm-colored string lights work well to create a quiet and melancholy atmosphere in your room.

Witchy Decor

Connection to nature and spiritual ritual is the essence of the witchy aesthetic. So when it comes to finishing your room with small stylish items, try picking decor that resembles your witchy motif. Such as dream catchers, spell books, incense holders, and glass balls, which can spark a truly magical feel of your space. For vintage items to elevate the vibe, don’t forget to check out our guide!

Bedding Design

As the centerpiece of your bedroom, the bedding textile design should as well aligns with the witchy theme. Duvets and comforters with black and white,  star or moon motifs or neutral warm beige tones are brilliant in bringing your bed a witchy vibe. You may also put a soft throw blanket with matching colors at the end of your bed to give a cozier feeling.

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