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It feels good to cope with the struggles of life and work hard to make your name among known people. Of course, it’s the fact that hard-working people get motivated by their inspiring personalities. People with dreams, hope, and aspirations do big things and become famous and inspirational to people. Well, if we talk about famous and known people then there will be a long list.

In today’s article, I will be telling you about Yeev Thoj, the famous mother with big dreams and ambitions who has obviously inspired many people. Yeev Thoj from the United States is an inspiration to millions of people because of its unimaginable history of resilience. To know the biography, you need to follow the article.

Yeev Thoj Biography

yeev thoj and daughter sunisa lee

Yeev Thoj is a famous and best-known mother in the United States because of her professional and notable daughter Sunisa Lee. Sunisa Lee is a distinguished gymnast who can easily challenge the American Women’s National Team because of her proficient talents.

The best thing is that Yeev Thoj never left her girl during hard and rough times but always supported her to complete her dreams and aspirations. She always stands with her daughter and convinces her to accomplish her yearnings and reverie, which really became her strength to pursue her dreams.


Sunisa Lee Family

I know many of you have been searching for the life of inspired mother Yeev Thoj so that you can know her family and background. I hope that this article will provide you with much information regarding the life of Yeev Thoj. Well, her family is unknown as there is no information about her parents and siblings.

She is married to John Lee. She gave birth to six children i-e three daughters and three sons. The names of her daughters are Sunisa, Sheyyen, and Even, while the names of her sons are still unknown. She is known because of her celebrity daughter Sunisa, which is the oldest.

Birthday, Age, And Education

Yeev Thoj belongs to the United States and some close people call her by her nickname i-e Yeev. There are no such certified details and information about her date of birth, age, zodiac sign, and some other personal data. She has an American Nationality and was born in a Christian family and pursued Christianity. Her family was quite rich and wealthy so she lived a lavish life.

There is no information regarding her siblings, education life like school and college. She migrated to the United States in her childhood and became famous because of her superstar daughter. And it’s her unstoppable love and support that allows her daughter to achieve all her goals in life fearlessly.

Height, Weight, And Looks

yeev thoj

Yeev Thoj has a normal height of about 5 feet and 2 inches. And her body weight was approximately about 65 kg, which gives her a little chubby look. Well, her eyelids are dark and her hair is smooth, silky, and shiny, which gives a brownish shade.

Yeev Thoj Professional Career And Net Worth

She works in a clinic as a medical care laborer. She provides medical services and works as an employee at UCare Minnesota. Yeev Thoj handles things very smoothly and gives great attention to people. Yeev Thoj has been working in UCare Minnesota for about 22 years and supported Hmong members there quite efficiently.

She provides care services, arranges approvals, and handles many cases at a time. She is considered a good wife and a good mother of course. The best thing about her is that she interacts with other people nicely, especially elders. Listen to people carefully and with full concentration. She listens to other people’s stories and encourages them to live a good life.

She also refers disturbed people to good therapists for their betterment. Her professional career is successful but most importantly she is famous because of her artistic gymnast daughter Sunisa. Sunisa earned a bronze medal in the 2019 World Championship and 2020 Olympic all-around champion. Her daughter’s achievements are quite fascinating for many people around the world and it’s all because of Yeev Thoj’s unbeatable support and love for her daughter.


sunisa lee family medal

Who are Suni Lee’s parents?

Sunisa Lee is a famous celebrity, who is known because of her super skills and talents in gymnastics and athletes. She did a record-breaking performance in the Olympics and received a medal. She is the daughter of John Lee and Yeev Thoj who are proud parents because of her daughter’s skill.

Who is Yeev Thoj?

Yeev Thoj is a proud mother of Sunisa because of her unbeatable performance as a gymnast. Sunisa is very talented and creative and it’s because of her constant mother’s support and encouragement Yeev Thoj.

When is the birthday of Yeev Thoj?

Regarding her birthday, there is no detail, and it’s not known yet.

What is Yeev Thoj’s nationality?

Yeev Thoj was born in Laos but migrated from there in childhood to the United States and according to that, she has an American Nationality.


I hope that you have got some good information related to Yeev Thoj. Yeev Thoj is basically known because of her celebrity daughter and she cherishes her life by enjoying every bit of it. She likes Chinese, Indian and Italian food and also enjoys cooking food for her kids too. She is a supportive and understanding mother who lets her daughter achieve all her dreams in life.


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