7+ Cute Date Night In Ideas – Get Cozy & Romantic At Home

I know it’s getting warmer (in most places) and Covid/lockdown is ending soon(hopefully) so there will probably be fewer date nights in. But I still want to share the list of my essentials for a cozy date night at home for those who are searching for new ideas.

If you are looking for a cute romantic date night in or you need some relaxation with your boyfriend/husband/spouse, these cozy ideas might help you.

Change to soft slippers and socks. 

Most of the time I don’t care for socks. I am very warm-natured so I don’t like to have shoes and socks on unless I absolutely have to. But on cozy nights, after a shower or bath, I like to take my time and put lotion on my feet and slip on some socks to lock in the moisture and feel some comfort.

Most men never pampered their feet before. One of the most heartwarming, comfortable, loving date night experiences can be having a foot spa with him together. Take care of those dead dry skin, rotting smell, ugly toenails for him – then apply lotions and change to a soft sock with a plushie slipper.

OMG, I feel so comfortable, loved, and taken care of just by imagining the feeling and light fragrance.

Set up romantic Candles. 

When I’m at home, candles really help me relax. I love so many scents from Bath and Body Works. I love the sweet-smelling candles. They really help bring a peaceful nature where I can relax and just enjoy my time. Again this is something men seldom offer themselves, but candles are a must for Valentine’s day or any self-pampering night.

Enjoy desserts. 

Having some yummy treats is another great thing to have on hand for a cozy night. You can pick something up or have some fun baking with your lover. Either way, there is nothing better than having some treats on your date night at home.

You can make the experience more romantic by adding some simple cute love words on top of the dessert, or as a secret message in the cake.

Enjoy face masks. 

Face masks are relaxing because they remove toxins and impurities from your skin. I love exfoliating face masks because they help me feel like a whole new person. I have really dull, dead skin, so exfoliating is a really satisfying experience.

I try to make it an effort to do this on my nights in with my spouse, he refused it the first time, but now it is part of the essential routine for our cheap indoor date nights.

I found men LOVE to try my feminine self-pampering routine and cute kawaii things as long as it is not 2 hours every night. The experience is new and relaxing for them.

Watch what is new on Netflix. 

Whether it’s a great TV show or my favorite movie, watching Netflix allows you and your spouse to unwind and really relax. You can take your mind off of everything that is going on and just enjoy some entertainment.

Oh, and my lady friends love to watch Netflix together too when we have Covid girls’ nights at home. Each person chooses a show, then all girls vote together for which show to start with.

Share a cozy Blanket.

Blankets just bring a cozy and comfortable nature no matter where you are and who you are with. You two can sit on them, curl up with them, or cover up with them. Then you are ready for some loverly cute conversations, a small massage, or something more romantic.

There is nothing having a nice, soft blanket can’t fix.

Change to comfy clothes. 

If you are going to be cozy and relaxing you need to be wearing clothes that help you feel comfortable. Instead of everyday sweatpants and a T-shirt, I like to make the night special by wearing a cozy soft bath gown. You can buy him a matching one for after shower/bath.

Share hot chocolate. 

I love hot chocolate at all times of the year. It’s a very comforting drink to me. I love having it to enjoy while I’m reading or watching TV. Along with desserts, it’s always good to have on hand for those cozy date nights in.

Do you like my cheap/free date night ideas at home? I think they can be romantic, relaxing, and fun for even married couples.