71+ Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend In A Text

With Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would put together a love-themed post of all the romantic words and cute things to say to your boyfriend in a text for your enjoyment! 

While some will choose to focus on romance this time of the year, I truly believe that soulmates are much more than romantic lovers. I think that there are people in our lives who we are drawn to people who will play an important role in our story. These can be romantic partners, best friends, family members. These are our soulmates. Love for these people should be expressed every single day of the year. These two holidays is a great time to show even more love for your friends and your partners though. 

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If you are wanting to express your love but not overuse one phrase, here are 70+ cute things to say to your boyfriend. These can be applied to a variety of people depending on your connection, you can also send them in text.

Cute things to say to your boyfriend to make his heart melt ==> Here we go!

  1. Ai shiteru (As seen in your favourite anime, this is the kawaii Japanese way to say I LOVE YOU)
  2. I adore you.
  3. You’re my favorite person.
  4. I’m happy you’re in my life.
  5. I want you around.
  6. You make this world a better place to be.
  7. Want to cuddle and watch a movie?
  8. You deserve happiness.
  9. I’m crazy about you.
  10. I’ve fallen for your charms.
  11. I’m yours.
  12. You give me butterflies.
  13. I want you by my side.
  14. I’m smitten.
  15. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  16. You mean everything to me.
  17. My heart skips a beat when I look at you.
  18. You’re my light in the darkness.
  19. You’re the bees’ knees.
  20. You’re my rock.
  21. I value our friendship.
  22. Our bond is undeniable.
  23. You have a place in my heart.
  24. You fill me with joy.
  25. I’m under your spell.
  26. I cherish you.
  27. I am excited whenever I see your face.
  28. You are amazing.
  29. “I’ve got you under my skin.” -Cole Porter
  30. You float my boat.
  31. You are my home.
  32. “You were my new dream.” -Tangled
  33. I want to wake up in your arms.
  34. I’m grateful for your light.
  35. I want you.
  36. I made you tacos.
  37. You captivate me.
  38. You are a beautiful person inside and out.
  39. We fit together like puzzle pieces.
  40. My heart sings with you around.
  41. You take my breath away.
  42. Let’s take a road trip together.
  43. I’m your partner in crime.
  44. I plan to grow old with you.
  45. “God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.” -The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  46. I treasure you.
  47. You are the crayons to my coloring book.
  48. We should look at the stars together.
  49. You’re like bacon but better.
  50. I hope someday you can see yourself the way that I see you.
  51. Text me when you get home safely.
  52. Don’t forget to eat.
  53. Can I do anything to help?
  54. I love annoying you.
  55. Kiss me.
  56. You make me smile even on my worst days.
  57. I’m here for you.
  58. You’re perfectly imperfect.
  59. I need you in my life.
  60. You complete me.
  61. “You had me at hello.” -Jerry Maguire
  62. You make me want to be a better person.
  63. You inspire me.
  64. You sweeten my sour days.
  65. “Thank you for being a friend.” -Andrew Gold
  66. You’re one in a million.
  67. Can we sit together in silence for a bit?
  68. I appreciate you.
  69. You’re my rainbow; you bring color to my world.
  70. Let’s get it on.
  71. I love you.

That’s 70+ super kawaii cute things to say to your boyfriend over text or face to face! I hope you enjoyed these eclectic and fun ways of saying “I love you.”

There are probably a billion ways you can say and show your affection for a person. Make sure that you tell someone you love them today, tomorrow, and every day. You never know when the last time is going to be.

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So, what do you think are the cutest things to say to your boyfriend? Share your secret word below in the comment session :3