7+ Kawaii Cozy Studio Apartment Designs (Best Ideas For Small Space 2024)

There are a lot of reasons to get a kawaii apartment. Yes, space is limited, but kawaii style does not mean an overload of decoration items or messiness.

In fact, going for a light soft aesthetic for your cute kawaii home can make the interior appears to be brighter and bigger through visual illusion.

The style is also always associated with coziness and relaxation, if you live with your spouse, the light soft color scheme can be calming and romantic.

If you are running an Airbnb business, having a kawaii apartment will help your listing stands out. It is great for expressing unique personalities and for sure not common for everyone every day.

Several popular cozy studio apartment ideas to get you started:

Pink Dream Apartment Style

The pink interior will help to energize and invigorate everyone, leaving them feeling blissful and content.

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Modern & Simple Apartment Style

Cozy studio apartment designs have a lot to learn from the hotel room, living room, or bedroom design.

With a little space planning and the right décor, you can maximize every square inch of your home to create the grown-up home you deserve—no remodeling required!

⭐⭐⭐ Make sure to double-check your home storage, furniture dimension and calculate your space before any purchase. ✅✅✅

Kawaii Japanese Apartment Style

Consider what would make you happier at home. If you love anime and Japanese manga for your room, GO FOR IT!

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Pastel Color Apartment Style

Using kawaii pastel colors can help to fake a bigger and brighter interior. It is a soft aesthetic that helps relax.

Just because your home studio is less than 600 square feet, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. In fact, there is a multitude of creative ways for utilizing the interior you have and making it feel more open and ample.  

Beautiful Colorful Apartment Style

If you’re not allowed to paint the walls of the rented unit, here’s another idea to steal from this apartment — add colors to your studio apartment with art pieces and colorful fabric. It’s easy to install, and it will dress up dull walls without jeopardizing the security deposit.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Apartment Style

When it comes to studio apartment decorating, nothing beats the magical powers of indoor plants. Bring that Cottagecore vibe you want indoor with a bold choice of colors and a cottage taste of decor.

How Do You Do A Cheap Kawaii Studio Apartment Makeover?

A lot of the small space improvement projects can be really cheap and done in DIY style.

  • Paint those old furniture, or draw patterns or details to the trims and doors.
  • DIY kawaii decor then display them in your rooms.
  • Put old fabric swatches to use for couch cover, rug, curtain, table cloth.
  • Display your cartoon, magazine prints, art pieces and collections.
  • Hang your old tapestry, poster, T shirt on the wall as visual focus
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales & Craigslist.
  • Get goodies from friends through exchanging of stuffs you do not want any more.

Where Do You Start To Decorate Your Kawaii Studio Apartment?

  • Start with ceiling paint, as the paint may drip to the wall or floor.
  • Then do the wall painting. Remember to have a plan for your windows, doors and skirting board in advance.
  • Now rearrange the locations of the bulky furniture such as sofa, bed, home office desk etc.
  • Bring in the lighting fixtures, electronics, curtains and fabrics.
  • After the layout of the room is confirmed, you can start to decorate the furniture and show off your displays.
  • Fine tune the angle of the lighting, position of the rug and throw pillows to get everything perfect.
  • Some indoor plants will always help to improve ‘greatness’ to ‘perfection’.

How Do You Decorate Your Kawaii Apartment Wall?

  • Handmade some cute wall decorations.
  • Dsiplay your favourite posters, map or art pieces.
  • Display photos of the family
  • Showcase a fabric, lace or quilt.
  • Hang up mirrors.
  • Paint a mural of the sky or the ocean.
  • Install shelving.
  • Hang metallic plates.
  • Hang some plants or dry flowers.
  • Highlight it with spotlights, light panels or neon signs

How To Make A Kawaii Studio Apartment?

  • Fill the room with cozy kawaii soft plushies
  • Add pastel color blankets and soft aesthetic pillows
  • Change to a cute kawaii aesthetic bedding
  • Add Tiktok neon lighting & signs
  • Dress the wall with LED light strings
  • Setup a kawaii anime wall
  • Wear headphones with cat ears
  • Decorate your desk
  • Change to a kawaii gamer chair
  • Show off your manga & figurines collection
  • Let indoor plants, vines and ivy highlight the ceiling and shelves

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger?

Tiny studios need to incorporate functional furniture that can double as storage for space-saving. The key to managing a small space is decluttering. You can also open up the room by using mirrors and more neutral colors that make the room feel bigger.

Here are some popular tricks to make any small interior appear to be more spacious.

  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. For example you can position a mirror across from a window to reflect light into the space. Then use a series of small reflective items instead of one large mirror to bring to light furthur to every corner of the room.
  • Use of soft and light colors can refresh any room.
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling can help to create the illusion of taller and large windows.
  • Anchor the studio with several visual focus, so the room look more organised and themed.
  • Allow more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep consistent aesthetic and choice of style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines, simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.
  • Have plenty of storage under the bed.
  • Create ambiance with lighting that will give depth and organise visual focus.

Bonus: Make sure to set up proper acoustic and lighting zoning if you are not living alone. You can use shelves, a thick room dividing curtain, or room panels. That will reduce friction in your relationship.

How To Have A Nice Smelling Studio Apartment?

  • Identify the odor.
  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Open your windows.
  • Bathe your animal friends.
  • Wash your sheets and laundry.
  • Clean all upholstery.
  • Turn on a dehumidifier.
  • Spray room refreshers.
  • Use room deodorizers
  • Grow beautiful indoor plants such as jasmine or lavender for natural fragrance.

I know that we all have bad days. Sometimes we even have bad weeks. It is important to have some cozy comfort things that can help us get through those days. That is how I want every kawaii apartment to be decorated – sweet, welcoming, personal, cozy, soft, and hug me tight every time I am home.