Cute Travel Accessories (10 Unique Kawaii Ideas)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today I wanted to talk to you about my essentials when I am planning to travel. Now, I don’t travel a ton these days, but when I do I like to be prepared with my cute travel accessories. So I wanted to share with you the things I need and the things I do when planning a trip anywhere.

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How To Plan Your Weekend Trip?

  • Make a list. 

I always make a list of everything I know I am going to want or need on my trip. The longer I am going to be gone, obviously, the more things I am going to need. Making a list just gives me a visual and ensures that I don’t forget anything.

  • Pack the essentials. 

I always start with packing the things I am going to need the most. This also ensures that I don’t forget those things and that I have enough room for them. It minimizes the amount of luggage I have and gives me a visual of how much else I can pack.

  • Check the weather. 

I always like to check the weather at my destination so I know what kind of clothes I need to pack. The weather always changes, but at least I can have some kind of idea of what I need.

  • Have or make an itinerary. 

Knowing what activities I will be doing while I am there will help me know what to prepare for. If I need tennis shoes or nice clothes, I need to know these things in advance. It’s also nice to just have a game plan ready.

  • If you are going with others or meeting them, contact them. 

Contact the people you are traveling with or meeting with on your trip so you can assure that they will be where they need to be. I always like to call a couple of days in advance so I can make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Double-check your backpack. 

I always like to pack a book, some headphones, snacks, water, and anything else I might need on the trip. It helps pass the time and limits stopping on the road to pick something up.

Those are my travel planning essentials! I know it’s not much, but as I said, this is for a weekend trip, not a backpacker-style long journey. 

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