How To Choose An Office Chair? Tips

The chair should be chosen for the individual. The main expectation is that you and your back will not get tired, despite the hours or days spent at the computer.

What do you need a chair for?

There are many options: for work, play, status, relaxation or interior design. In the latter case, of course, be guided only by visual impressions. In other cases, the purpose depends on the characteristics you need. By the way, it is important to pay attention to the chair casters. It is important to choose high-quality rollers, not only to ensure free rolling, but also to preserve the parquet. Let’s understand what types of office chairs there are, and what needs they meet.

The broadest category of chairs, which is divided into specialized types. They are designed to stay comfortably at your desk for several hours without getting up from it. How to choose a chair for working at the computer? Depending on how much time you spend at it:

  • For 1 to 2 hours a day, an adjustable backrest is sufficient.
  • From 3 to 5 hours you need more functionality of the chair. Focus on models with adjustable height, back tilt and seat depth.
  • For 5 hours and more we recommend chairs with orthopedic backrests. They reduce the load on the spine and distribute the pressure evenly.

Gamers chairs


Allows you not to be distracted from the gameplay for hours or even 24 hours. Thanks to a large set of adjustments in the gaming chair you can even take a nap. Just recline the backrest at 170 ° and take a horizontal position to rest. The armrests are also adjustable in height, forward and backward tilt and angle of rotation to keep the gamer as comfortable as possible.

Gaming chairs have a powerful and stylish look reminiscent of the seat design in racing cars. The protrusions fix your back and sides, so you can play for hours on end without compromising your posture. The backrest reclines at the touch of a lever mechanism.

Special lumbar support maintains the correct shape of the spine and relieves muscle tension. Many models are also equipped with neck and head cushions. They can be fixed in any position or remove completely.

Typically, game chairs have a steel frame and a solid frame that can withstand loads up to 250 kg. Their weight is greater than that of classic computer chairs, but at the expense of higher durability.

Orthopedic chairs

High-quality, high-tech and useful for the back. Developed in collaboration with designers and orthopedists. Correct the posture and distribute the load evenly between the vertebrae.

Choosing a computer chair for home, pay attention to the orthopedic bandage for the back. It relieves the axial load and helps maintain the correct posture. Thanks to the adjustable headrests reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae, changing the height.

With orthopedic chairs you get rid of stress on the lumbar spine, discomfort and pain in the cervical spine, lower back and shoulders.


For work

Multifunctional office chairs are designed for prolonged work at the computer – from 5 hours. They have swivel mechanisms and adjustments of the back, armrests and seat.

These are ergonomic models that are made specifically to reduce employee fatigue, increase their comfort and motivation.

Chairs for staff are equipped with:

  • comfortable wheels that allow you to quickly move between work areas;
  • Lift mechanisms that can be adapted to the height of the employee;
  • Backrests with back support.

Consider chrome frames for modern interiors and wood finishes for classic ones. In upholstery, it is better to give preference to natural leather or mesh – these are the most durable materials.

Many chairs are universal – suitable for people of different height and weight. However, some models are gaining popularity, designed specifically for tall people or low, for a heavy load and vice versa. So, our advice – be sure to check the characteristics of these chairs. This is a guarantee of comfort, health and productivity.