Light Academia Room Aesthetic Guide (17+ Ways To Decorate)

My favorite thing about the light academia aesthetic room is the feeling it gives off, a relaxing and calming atmosphere which is just what you need, especially in your study room, living room and bedroom.

Choosing a light academic style for your room will require some planning. You need to take into account the space you have available and the type of home you live in before going shopping for furniture and accessories.

While this guide tells you the main elements of light academia, it’s important to remember that decorating your space should reflect your personality and lifestyle. In interior design, it’s important to create a space that is functional and practical but also expresses who you are and what you love.

What is a light academia aesthetic room?

Light academia is a more modern version of the traditional academic style. It combines classic shapes, patterns and materials with a lighter color palette. The aesthetic also focuses on minimalism, understated elegance and functionality. The most distinctive feature of this aesthetic is the use of cream, white and beige color palettes.

What is the light academia room color scheme?

A light academia room should be cozy, timeless, thoughtful and refined. The color palette of the room should consist of neutral and light tones, such as cream, light brown, light gray, beige, white and pastels. After the overall light academia color theme is set, you can add pops of dark color into the neutral scheme contrast.

How to make your room light academia?

Choose light neutrals and earth tones for color scheme.

Light colors keep the room simple, modern, neat and easy to maintain. The light academia color scheme is the go-to color scheme for someone decorating a small space lacking natural light. It is easy to dress it up further to achieve any aesthetic or theme. You can also use a smooth white wall with special paint for gaming/movie projection. The light colors also reflect LED lighting ambient colors nicely.

Forget about the paint cans. Instead, buy some wallpaper of classy patterns.

The walls can be decorated with light color wood paneling or wallpaper with vintage floral designs for a more classy look. Similarly, the floors should be wooden or patterned to look elegant. If your existing flooring is of dark color, throw a light brown rug or carpet of soft aesthetic to soften the room atmosphere.

Incorporate more light color leather and brass accents in your light academia living room.

The light academia aesthetic is a perfect interior decorating style for small dorm rooms, study rooms or office rooms because of the academic-focused vibe preference. You should use lots of furniture of soft textures and neutral colors.

Use scholar style furniture to be the cornerstones of your light academy room.

You should use antique wood furniture everywhere in your styling for the academic theme. A light academia room should be built around your study area. You can include a fireplace, but it is optional. Other essential light academia style furniture pieces include:

  • A chaise longue
  • An old wooden study desk
  • A well-made bookshelves with a ladder
  • A comfortable armchair with a footrest
  • A tall, wingback chair with a good lamp next to it
  • A good mirror and a vanity table
  • A vintage dresser
  • Vintage side tables for couch or bed

Build floor to ceiling bookshelves to display books elegantly in your light academia library, not in an overflowing mess.

A light academia room is a combination of books, plants, antiques, paintings, other collectibles and natural lighting. Investing in good elegant bookcases is a must. You need bookshelves as pretty as your collectibles to complete the display corner.

Replace your light academia dining room curtains with drapes that reach all the way to the floor.

You can also hang heavy red velvet curtains with window scarves from the ceiling to the floor to add elegance to your light academia room. This is a good trick for aesthetic houses and small apartments, as the design will help to make your tiny room look bigger with a higher ceiling.

Invest in a faux fireplace.

Both light academia and dark academia aesthetics are more popular for fall and winters, a faux fireplace is perfect for a modern light academia room in cold weather.

Make your bed a focal point of your light academia bedroom.

Light academia decor is a cool style to have in your bedroom. Follow these tips to achieve a dreamy scholar looking bedroom aesthetic:

  • Choose light neutral color for bedding set and bed sheets.
  • Get a floral duvet cover.
  • Design the ceiling so to see decor when you lay in bed. Fairy light string in curtain is a romantic idea matching the aesthetic.
  • Get a canopy bed for the extra touch of elegance.
  • Indulge in layers of linens of different textures.
  • Have layers of plush pillows and blankets to add depth.
  • Let vines and ivy climb on your bed frame.
  • Throw an area rug at the side of the bed.
  • Get consistent color theme and decorating style for the bed and the room.

Add vintage (or vintage-inspired) accents in your light academia bathroom.

When it comes to interior accents, everyone has their own style, whether it’s modern, chic, sophisticated or bohemian with a crossover of the light academic genre. Even small changes can make your room more aesthetic.

Setup a dedictated study nook.

Mixing different textures and colors in your room can help to create visual interest. Your room will feel like a reading nook in a cozy library.

Add lamps with white lampshades or hang a chandelier/lantern lights.

The ambiance is everything for an academia aesthetic room mood setting. Use vintage-looking lighting sources such as chandeliers, candles, lantern lights, table lamps with lampshades, ceiling lamps with three lightbulbs and fans, or oil lamps that provide a warm glow to make your light academia room cozier.

Layer vintage or antique rugs upon rugs instead of having only one.

Your room will look so good in the light academia aesthetic, old vintage or antique rugs are some simple additions you can add to your room for an aesthetic touch.

Decorate your light academia library with a bust of old books from famous writers.

Light academia decor doesn’t have to be expensive, you can start with collecting some old classic books from thrift stores, such as the complete works of Shakespeare, classic Penguin books and Sherlock Holmes books.

Get a statue of an ancient Greek philsopher for light academia desk setup.

Light academia is not all about books, it doesn’t have to be just reading room-related items on the mood board. Make sure to add pops of soft colors using room decor and fabrics. You can add these light academia essentials to the interior for decoration:

  • Antique oil lamps, or candles and candle holders
  • Statues and figurines
  • Light academia posters and wall art
  • Books, books and more classics books
  • Record player
  • An old-school typewriter
  • Lace curtains, room partition, tablecloth or door screen
  • Multiple vintage reading lamps with light color lampshades (desk and/or floor)
  • A globe for the centerpiece of the room
  • A fireplace with a mantle clock above it
  • Vintage Persian rugs and carpets for the cold floor
  • Dry flowers with careful staging can look nice
  • Light academia journals and notebooks of vintage paper
  • Light academia photo collage wall decor
  • A large, open window (looking out onto a body of water or forest helps)

Decorate your light academia study room with quotes and pictures of famous thinkers, scientists or philosophers.

Make sure to get some vintage-looking brass frames to display your old paper, book page, collection of butterflies or quotes from famous writers/scholars. Even small changes can help you make your room feel like a light academia haven.

Take your time when choosing indoor plants for your light academia kitchen.

Don’t forget to add some plants. Indoor herbs and mushrooms taste wonderful in your light academia kitchen. They also look great when you prepare your tea or coffee. You should also place plants throughout your room to add life and color. The dried flowers and branches can also be used as bookmarks.

Make sure your light academia dorm room smells good.

You will spend a lot of time in the beautiful light academia aesthetic dorm room, so you need to keep the room smelling good for excellent study performance. Make sure to do the following tasks regularly on top of getting a special candle that smells like nice old books, and use room deodorizers.

  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Open your windows.
  • Wash your sheets and laundry.
  • Clean all upholstery.
  • Turn on a dehumidifier.
  • Spray room refreshers.
  • Grow beautiful indoor plants such as jasmine or lavender for natural fragrance.

What is light academia decor?

Light Academia aesthetic room is based on classical architecture and the design of old castles, universities and library interiors, so expect to see a lot of vintage wood furniture, preferably with intricate details and carvings. The decoration style is characterized by neutral and muted colors, rich textures, and a vintage-inspired collection. Dimly lit rooms with flickering candles, mysterious alcoves, and an eclectic collection of knick-knacks are all perfectly acceptable.

Where to buy light academia decor?

You can find a lot of light academia accessory websites. In fact, most items can be purchased at a cheaper price on Amazon or eBay. If you want to buy light academia decorations at the lowest sale price (and do not care about copyright issues) then you can even explore sources like AliExpress or Wish.

Another good idea to support small businesses is to shop from your local game shop, home decor stores, flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales and Craigslist. You can even go treasure hunt in your grandparents’ home. Delivery time is usually the fastest when ordering from Amazon or local stores.

If you are into ethnic light academia decor, handmade crafting and indie products, you can spend some hours in our DIY session or shop from Etsy to get project inspiration such as handwritten poetry books or handmade leather journals.

How to get light academia bedroom without money?

A lot of the light academia aesthetic bedroom makeover ideas were done without much money. Here are several ways to copy

  • Paint your furniture light or pastel. This will also help to make your small room looks bigger.
  • Write you favourite book quote or poem to the trims, cabinet doors and doors.
  • DIY decorations using old books then display them.
  • Put old clothes of matching pattern (such as plaid, stripes, harringbone, houndstooth, floral, paisley, twill, polka dots, madras and checkered etc) and color to use for a couch/chair cover, cushion, rug, curtain, or tablecloth.
  • Display old books in your living space.
  • Display your old book page, magazine prints, art pieces and collections as wall decor.
  • Hang your academic looking tapestry, T-shirt, tote bags on the wall as a visual focus.
  • Put light academia stickers on your laptop, phone case and headphone.
  • Setup a light academia background for your computer, phone and laptop.
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales and Craigslist.
  • Get goodies from friends or neighbours by exchanging of stuffs you do not want anymore.

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