Fall College Essentials 2024 – 11 Kawaii & Cute Things For Girls ヅ

I am Fall obsessed over here. It finally started to feel like Fall here and I am hoping it sticks around. Because I love Fall so much, today I am going to share the super cute kawaii version of Fall College Essentials I believe we all need this season.

Of course, everyone is different and I am just sharing mine with you. But these are the things I know I like to have when Fall weather rolls around.


When it finally gets to the right temperature, I enjoy wearing sweaters. It screams Fall and I have a ton of basic, casual-looking sweaters and some nice sweaters. I just love Fall fashion. I think it’s better than any other season.

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Travel Mug.

This is great to put coffee or hot chocolate in when you are on your way to class. It’s classic and you can find a ton of really cute ones. They are environment friendly and won’t break the bank.

Plush Blanket.

I mean who doesn’t want a super cozy blanket to curl up in bed with? It’s perfect when you are watching a movie or need some extra warmth while studying. Honestly, there isn’t a reason not to have one. They are the best things to dress up the room or the bed too.


Booties are so cute and perfect to wear with those sweaters you have. You can dress them up or dress them down. They are a staple item to have in your closet. They will keep your feet warm on those chilly nights out.

Coffee Maker.

It’s great to have a coffee maker so you aren’t spending a ton of money on Starbucks. Plus, it’s better to be able to have coffee in the dorm room whenever you want without having to leave if you don’t want to.

Fun, Cozy Socks.

Socks are great to have on hand, especially in the Fall. They will help keep you warm and there are some cute and fun ones all over the place. They can help you create the perfect Fall look.


Scarves are great for helping keep you warm, but also they are super cute and in style. It is a must-have when heading into cooler months. It’s also the perfect travel accessory because it is so much you can do with them.

Fall Scents.

From your hand soap to your air freshener, I believe we all need those warm, Fall scents. Pumpkin and cinnamon and all the good smells. It’s a refreshing feeling when I get to transition the smells to Fall.

Fall Nail Polish.

Technically this is a beauty thing, but I forgot to mention it. So here it is. We all need some nice dark, bold, and fun nails to rock in our daily lives (there we go). I like to put them on a wall shelf, the spectrum of colors helps to add a vibe to my wall.

Hand Cream.

Because we get a little dry these next few months and hand cream is just always something to have with you.

Allergy Medicine.

It’s not a fun one, but it’s a necessary one.

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Those are my college essentials for Fall! If you are looking for a general College Essentials For Girls, read this blog. Let me know if you get any of these for your dorm.

It’s technically Fall, although it doesn’t quite feel that way at the moment. At least not where I am. Does it feel like Fall where you are? Let me know in the comments. I am impatiently patiently waiting. I do enjoy these warm days though.