Aesthetic Purple Room: 15+ Kawaii Things For The Cute Home

Thinking of a purple kawaii room?

These aesthetic decorations give your room a much more high-end look, similar to a fancy hotel or those you see on Tiktok, Tumblr, or VSCO.

Purple Gaming Setup & Accessories

Need more inspiration for your purple kawaii gaming room? Make sure to check out this guide. The most popular color theme for the purple gaming room is pastel purple, followed by a green and purple gaming setup.

Pastel Purple Gaming Chair

As psychologists suggest, the purple color is often associated with luxury, elegance, and magic. The radiance and vibe that this color emits can make up for the lack of frills you put into a room. You can learn to choose the best pastel aesthetic gaming chairs in this guide.

Purple Color House

Improve the energy of your house and make it cute by painting the exterior facade and the front door purple, or get the pastel colors from flowers such as lavender, coneflowers, pansy, Italian aster, lilac, verbena, etc. They smell good and give you a good mood every day! Here you can find many more aesthetic ideas to steal for kawaii house outside/exterior design.

Purple Pillow

Find your ideal purple pillow for your sophisticated master suites, romantic retreats, modern minimalist style bedroom, and even younger members of the family. 

Purple Bedding

Choosing the purple color for your bedroom upgrade depends on the aesthetic that you want. The lighter shades of lavender and lilac can be regarded as the perfect choice if you want a more feminine touch to your bed. Deciding on getting dark purple bedding can possibly lead to a more classic vibe.

Kawaii Anime Decor

Learn how to master the design of your anime-themed room by reading this blog.

Purple Curtains & Drapes

When remodeling a room becomes too costly, homeowners usually just cut the expenses by letting go of the furniture that they find less important. This might sound like the most practical approach to resolve the issue but you can still have that option for a luxurious room if you just change the color palette of your curtains. Getting a purple aesthetic is a great idea that you should try at least once in your life.

Tiktok LED Lights & Neon Signs

A perfect purple room add-on with the lowest possible budget. The return on investment will be HUGE as the vibe projected by the room will be changed a lot.

Purple Furniture

You might have been toying with the idea of painting a feature wall for a while, or maybe a purple wallpaper has caught your eye; maybe you’re thinking about investing in a colorful bed, bedroom accent chair or purple ottoman but are hesitating on a final decision. Whatever idea you’ve been sleeping on, this set of inspiration will wake you up to the wonders of purple.

Purple Room Paint

Purple paintwork can run around the selected room, and closet doors should be selected in a matching hue to keep continuity.

Purple Christmas Tree

Being welcomed by the warmth of a unique purple Xmas tree will be a dream come true for anyone. The homey and relaxing feeling you feel upon walking into such a holiday room will surely feel great.

Purple Wrapping Paper

Adding a bit of purple to your gift wrap, gift bow, or gift basket this holiday can bring out the much-needed air of elegance. This is a sure way to leave a strong impression on the special occasion.

Cute Purple Things

Cut yourself a slice of purple-themed decor. Purple room decors can strike a balance in your room when you want to impress without adding too much furniture and other fixtures. Creating a space of elegance and functionality is an easy feat if you play your cards to your advantage.

Purple Colour Objects

If you have plans to remodel a room in your house to make it more homey or classic, you are just in time for more purple room aesthetic design ideas.

Art With Purple Color In It

The purple wall art softens the room’s interior but still gives off the classy vibe that needs to be present. The elaborate patterns serve as a good contrast to the room’s simplicity.

What Does A Purple Room Mean?

The color purple is often associated with creativity, pride, mystery, independence, magic, royalty, nobility, luxury, power, rebel, and ambition. It is a great paint color for your bedroom, craft room, and cute home office. With the right design, the color can also look great for other rooms such as the living room and bathroom.

Choosing the right purple color scheme is the most important thing while designing your room. It is a decision to be made based on the size and lighting condition of your room. The 3 most popular purple room color schemes include:

  • Lavender
  • Light purple
  • Dark purple

What Is The Best Room Color To Go With Purple?

A room of ONLY purple color can look stunning and magical, but it is often too INTENSE for everyday functions. If you want a secondary color to complement your purple room, start your brainstorming with these 6 common options.

Purple + BlackThis color combination is often associated with Kawaii Gothic style, it is creepy cute and mysterious. Perfect for a streaming or gaming room.
Purple + GrayThis color combination is healing and calm.
Both light gray and dark gray rooms look saturated and stable. They are the best for living room or home office.
Purple + WhiteThis white base color combo will make rooms look bigger and brighter.
This is the best color scheme for cute small homes and tiny apartments.
Purple + PinkThis room color combo will make rooms look more girly and kawaii.
It is also the most popular color combination for gamer girls.
Purple + BlueThis color combo aesthetic will make rooms look more unusual.
The result is more gender-neutral hence it is best for the cute kitchen, bathroom, and living room if you are living with other people.
Purple + PastelThis color combo will make rooms look cute, soft, relaxing, and comforting.
It is the best for kids’ rooms. It is also great for kawaii bedrooms or home offices.
Purple + SilverThis color combination gives a luxury and glam look. It is the best for the bathroom, living room and bedroom.
Purple + TealThis color combination is uncommon. The result is a revitalizing and rejuvenating room that encourages open communication and clarity of thought. It is a good choice for living room inspo, meeting room or home office.

What Is The Best Decoration Style For Purple Rooms?

Here are the 9 trending decor styles for a purple home.

Purple Pastel GothTo get the purple room pastel goth, you can upgrade the rooms with black drapes, dark color furniture trims, skulls, etc while using pastel purple as the base. The result will be indie, creepy cute, and empowering.
Purple Japanese AnimeYou can get your desired viral Tiktok purple rooms by decorating the space with neon signs, ceiling, and wall light designs. Remember to fill the wall and desk with anime decor to get the vibe right.
Purple Sailor MoonPurple Sailor Moon-themed rooms are loved by fans. If you want to go for a subtle approach, then look for anime pieces with small details that give it a bit more interest without taking over the room.
Purple ModernModern purple rooms include the mix & match use of natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing in interior staging.
Purple EmptyThe decoration style is predominantly decorated with a pale purple palette. Kim Kardashian is the famous owner of an ’empty’ luxury cute home. Interior designer actually spends a lot of time, money, design talent, and effort to hide all the mess to make the house ’empty’ and truly minimal.
Purple RebelRebel style in home design is for indie or an independent person who is looking for a unique voice to express the self. The spirit matches well with the color meaning of purple.
Purple LuxuryLuxury purple rooms have a lot to copy from high-end hotel rooms. This type of decoration style focuses on top-of-the-line products such as expensive furniture, glamorous antiques, chandelier lighting, crystal beads, and opulent artwork.
Purple KawaiiKawaii is the culture of cuteness, innocence & being harmless in Japan. Being cute is NOT the same as being kawaii. While both cute and kawaii decoration styles are feminine and soft, purple kawaii style is more associated with a Tokyo Harajuku Girl vibe and anime culture. It is a Japanese cuteness (think Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon) instead of a Disney or Pixar princess cuteness (think Cinderella or Frozen).
Purple CutePurple cute decoration style in interiors is all about creating a space that gives us good feelings of relaxation, happiness, and lightness. Purple cute decor includes anything pastel color, soft, and comforting.
Yami Kawaii Purple“Yami” means sick or alluding to the hospital in Japanese. “Yami kawaii” is a “sick-cute” aesthetic that has been bubbling out of Tokyo’s streets and manifests through accessories such as fake guns, syringes, gas masks, pills, bandages, and plasters. The aesthetic is popular for outfits, room, and graphic design. Purple is a popular color choice for this indie style.

How Can You Make Your Small Purple Home Looks Big?

Here are 9 tricks to make any small aesthetic room appears to be more spacious.

  • Place mirrors and shiny reflective objects strategically to give the illusion of space. For example you can position a mirror across from a window to reflect light into the space. Then use a series of small reflective items instead of one large mirror to bring to light furthur to every corner of the room.
  • Use of soft and light colors can refresh any room.
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling can help to create the illusion of taller and large windows.
  • Anchor the purple room with several visual focus, so the room look more organised and themed.
  • Allow more open space and let in plenty of natural light.
  • Simplify the room by maximizing your furniture layout.
  • Declutter and hide the mess.
  • Keep consistent aesthetic and choice of style.
  • Opt for smooth walls, floating shelves, clean lines, simple geometric decoration patterns with little linear details.

How Do You Do A Cheap Purple Room Makeover?

A lot of the purple home improvement projects can be really cheap and done in DIY style.

  • Paint those old furniture purple.
  • DIY purple decor then display them.
  • Put old purple fabric swatches to use for sofa cover, rug, curtain, table cloth…
  • Pull the layer of purple linens to be on top.
  • Display your purple cartoon, magazine, art pieces and collections.
  • Mask your monitor, desk, electronic with purple tapes.
  • Hang your old purple tapestry, poster, T shirt on the wall as visual focus
  • Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales & Craigslist.
  • Get purple goodies from friends through exchanging of stuffs you do not want any more.

How Do You Decide Your Purple Home Color Scheme?

You should either start by collecting ideas you like or eliminating all the ideas you hate.

  • Read this blog again.
  • Browse magazines.
  • Browse Pinterest.
  • Take an online personalities quiz.
  • Look to your wardrobe to see which shade of purple is your top preference.
  • Take an inventory of your current decor.
  • Pay attention to the exterior of homes.

Make a collage of all the inspo to visualize the space. Then keep making adjustments from there.

Where Do You Start To Decorate Your Purple Room?

  • Start with ceiling paint, as the paint may drip to the wall or floor.
  • Then do the wall painting. Remember to have a plan for your windows, doors and skirting board in advance.
  • Now rearrange the locations of the bulky furniture such as sofa, bed, desk etc.
  • Bring in the lighting fixtures, electronics, curtains and fabrics.
  • After the layout of the room is confirmed, you can start to decorate the furniture and show off your displays.
  • Fine tune the angle of the lighting, position of the rug and throw pillows to get everything perfect.

How Do You Decorate A Purple Wall?

  • Dsiplay your favourite posters, map or art pieces.
  • Display photos of the family
  • Showcase a fabric, lace or quilt.
  • Hang up mirrors.
  • Paint a mural of the sky or the ocean.
  • Install shelving.
  • Hang plates.
  • Hang some plants.
  • Highlight it with spotlights, light panels or neon signs

How To Create A Purple Bedroom?

  • Dress your walls in purple paint, decor, posters or tapestry.
  • Change to purple wallpaper and accent wall
  • Choose a purple headboard.
  • Feature purple neon lighting and signs.
  • Add stylish purple seating.
  • Compliment your existing room with purple decoration and furniture.
  • Paint your bed frame and cabinet doors purple.
  • Pile on the purple pillows.
  • Throw on a purple plush blanket.
  • Add a purple rug as visual focus.
  • Fill the bedroom with purple flowers.
  • Change to purple bedding and linen.
  • Change the old curtain to purple fabric.
  • Add a purple lightshade.
  • Cover your existing furniture with a purple cloth.
  • Paint the ceiling purple.
  • Fill the room with books of purple covers.
  • Draw purple patterns to the window frame and skirting board

How Do You Make A Purple Room Kawaii & Cute?

Read this blog and you’ll learn to curate a one-of-a-kind space that nails the kawaii cute style.

  • Change to an anime bedding
  • Add Tiktok neon lighting & signs
  • Setup a kawaii anime wall
  • Wear headphone with cat ears
  • Decorate your gaming desk
  • Change to a gamer girl chair
  • Show off your manga & figurines
  • Fill the room with kawaii soft plushies
  • Let indoor plants highlight the ceiling and shelves

The purple color plays well with a lot of other decor elements so it’s a great way to mix and match styles in the same space. Don’t be shy when it comes to picking fabrics and furniture in your aesthetic room. Go for kawaii, bold, oversized, and embellished choices for an unapologetic interior.

Make sure to experiment and have fun!