8 Best Landing Page Testing Tools to Increase Conversions

Landing pages are pivotal components of marketing campaigns designed to enhance conversions by converting visitors into paying customers. They may target diverse goals like bolstering conversions, capturing premium leads, or boosting sign-ups for courses and webinars.

While crafting well-optimized landing pages can be time-intensive, they are crucial in propelling your digital marketing efforts. Fortunately, dedicated landing page tools exist to expedite the process, enabling the swift creation of highly effective pages. Here are some of the best landing page tools are discussed in details.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

What Is Landing Page Optimization?
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Landing page optimization involves refining page elements to achieve optimal conversion rates. As suggested by Nogentech, implementing best practices ensures maximum returns on marketing investments. Yet, optimization is an ongoing strategy; consistent conversion testing is vital for campaign success.

If the workload seems overwhelming, landing page optimization services can manage optimization and testing on your behalf. These skilled professionals excel in employing top-notch strategies and leveraging optimization tools for effective landing page conversion enhancement.

How To Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

An inadequately designed landing page harms sales and detrimentally impacts your site’s SEO. Thus, a vital landing page optimization practice is to monitor conversion rates to ensure effective performance.

Databox reveals that 23 percent of digital marketers consider a favorable conversion rate falls within 21-50 percent. To secure conversions within this range, enlisting skilled experts to create high-converting landing pages for your business is a prudent step.

8 Best Landing Page Tools to Increase Conversion

For business owners grappling with the question “What is landing page optimization?” and lacking technical expertise, opting for a digital marketing firm with landing page optimization services is ideal. Fortunately, user-friendly landing page tools are available to create impactful and aesthetically pleasing pages that drive conversions swiftly.

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg
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Crazy Egg’s primary claim to fame lies in its heatmap tracking reports, revealing visitors’ clicks on your web pages. It precisely pinpoints attention-grabbing sections, often yielding unexpected revelations. Offering heatmap, scroll maps, confetti reports, and more, Crazy Egg delivers invaluable insights into user experience at an affordable rate.

Installation is hassle-free, with no complex hardware requirements and a swift setup process. Crazy Egg often uncovers visitor clicks on non-link elements, prompting the resolution of such design oversights to enhance landing page engagement and conversion rates significantly. Pricing commences at $9/month, with higher tiers permitting greater page testing and visitor traffic analysis.

2. Unbounce

Unbounce is a prominent web-based landing page tool that empowers you to create and experiment with diverse landing pages sans IT assistance. Featuring an extensive template library and the option to customize and compare your designs, Unbounce simplifies the process.

Seamless integration with popular marketing tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, and Marketo further enhances its utility. Unbounce provides comprehensive A/B testing capabilities to assess and refine your most effective landing pages. Starting at $49/month (with a 5,000 unique views limit), Unbounce offers higher-tier alternatives for advanced features and increased traffic capacity.

3. Optimizely

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Optimizely offers a comparable service to Unbounce – crafting and testing landing pages through an intuitive visual editor, eliminating the need for coding. Notably, Optimizely was co-founded by Dan Siroker, who played a key role as Director of Analytics in Obama’s 2008 campaign, instilling confidence in data management.

Unlike Unbounce, Optimizely lacks pre-designed templates. It presents a free version with fundamental features for one website, while enterprise plans are customizable based on requirements – direct communication for a tailored quote.

4. Ion Interactive Landing Page Assessment

The ion Interactive Landing Page Assessment comprises 13 multiple-choice questions about your landing page, encompassing key aspects like relevance, above-the-fold content, trust elements, and more.

Upon completion, you receive an overall score along with improvement suggestions. While based on self-reporting, the assessment offers a useful entry point into landing page optimization. It is a reasonable free tool, especially for those new to the field.

5. Landing Page Analyzer

Landing Page Analyzer
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Visual Website Optimizer offers a complimentary Landing Page Analyzer tool that assesses and rates your landing page based on 21 targeted questions. Inquiring about factors like offer count, product screenshots, and page length, you provide input on your landing page’s attributes.

While the tool prompts your URL input, your responses to the 21 yes-or-no queries guide much of the evaluation. Once answered, you receive an all-encompassing grade and specific scores about different facets of landing page excellence. The Landing Page Analyzer offers thorough feedback and improvement suggestions. It heavily depends on honest self-assessment.

6. Usability Hub Tests

Usability Hub offers the creation and rapid testing of experiments. Testers can compare button colors or indicate where they’d naturally click to add an item to a cart. With four mini-test options, you analyze outcomes to inform significant landing page design decisions.

Tests can be paid for or undertaken to earn karma for future trials. These compact tests from Usability Hub are insightful and enjoyable for testers, making the process engaging. I find them clever and would gladly spend time testing and accumulating karma throughout the day.

7. Google Optimize

Google Optimize
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Google Optimize, integrated seamlessly with Google Analytics, streamlines website improvement insights. It enables easy testing to determine optimal strategies for visitor engagement. Options include A/B or A/B/n testing, multivariate testing, split URL testing, server-side experiments, and more.

Crafting new landing page variants is effortless with its Visual Editor, offering a user-friendly WYSIWYG experience. Enhanced by visual editor diagnostics, potential issues in edits are highlighted before implementation, ensuring a smooth process. This amalgamation of tools facilitates efficient landing page optimization, aligning with Google’s holistic approach to website enhancement.

8. The Landing Page Grader from WordStream

WordStream’s Landing Page Grader is a no-cost tool for analyzing, benchmarking, and addressing issues with your AdWords landing pages. It identifies errors that may impact visitor responses and provides valuable performance insights compared to industry standards.

Beyond highlighting problems, it offers personalized solutions for optimization, enhancing conversions and ROI. The platform ensures data security and confidentiality, guaranteeing a trustworthy environment for your assessment and enhancement endeavors.


Optimizing Landing Pages
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Optimizing landing pages in the dynamic digital marketing realm is paramount for converting visitors into customers. A plethora of tools, from Crazy Egg’s insightful heatmap tracking to Google Optimize’s seamless integration, empowers businesses to refine and enhance their landing pages.

Unbounce and Optimizely offer user-friendly options, while Usability Hub’s engaging tests add a playful twist. Leveraging these tools, combined with the strategic guidance of experts and self-assessment tools like the Landing Page Grader, paves the way for higher conversion rates, improved user experiences, and, ultimately, greater business success.